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  1. Would it be a silly idea to board up your windows and hunker down??
  2. Sure it doesn't go out of date, you're always going to need it, and it's a store of value
  3. Hi, I am just reading your post now and find it very interesting. One of the things that I cannot grasp, is how the Nhs doctors and nurses are able to keep going along with this nonsense. I genuinely do not understand - they are intelligent, educated people so surely they can see that they have simply cooked the statistics, and moreover, I now fear they are doing more harm than good, because patients are suffering due to not being seen etc. I work in a shop, and two customers wearing masks said to myself and my colleague "are you not wearing masks?" As they walked off, one said she worked in a dentist and the other was a nurse! Any healthcare professionals I have seen think I'm the crazy one because I always tell them I don't believe it. I am so frustrated as I struggle to to reason with people.
  4. I just went into my local hardware shop and asked will you still be letting people in with no masks from Monday. He said he didn't know what was going to happen and he said he cannot afford to turn away trade. He is also aware that there are so many possible exemptions/loopholes. Another thing was, I overheard him talking to a lady about the "cluster" of cases in Newcastle and how come - when Newcastle has only had one-third the number of visitors flocking here, we should be riddled with it. And as you said, I also noticed that brainwashing BBC articles are not telling people about all the medical exemptions. I just hope people are a bit more stubborn here, because really how are they going to enforce it if enough of us refuse?
  5. Two ladies came into the small shop I work in today, they asked did they have to wear a mask and we said no (It hasn't become mandatory here yet). Then one of them said she had come out in a red rash after wearing her mask - I told her she didn't have to wear one and she would be medically exempt. Someone else came in saying how some schools will be having a 2 day week whilst others every other week - he could see it was ludicrous and senseless. Primary school children won' t be allowed a schoolbag or lunchbox - they must take a disposable lunch instead. People see it's crazy but they just comply anyway.
  6. I have a homemade mask made out of cardboard painted red and squashed up cans of coke on either side like a gas mask - so I get your point about showing how ridiculous this all is, but for now at least I still won't wear any mask!
  7. I don't intend to wear mask. I had thought of just asking a staff member first if it was okay for me to shop without one. If anyone challenges me, they will get a mouthful; they can call the cops if they want.
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