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  1. It is horrific how people are so easily herded .. twas ever thus. Even in the face of logic and sense . I feel like I am the only person I know with a set of balls to say "no" to thsi lunacy but even I had a real fear of how my lack of mask would be tackled - I wish we had local marches and demonstrations in my sleepy part of the world .. may only be me at one though !
  2. I just went to my local waitrose and pulled my scarf up as i went in then took it off in the store - everyone stared but I just bowled out ! Also at a garage in Hereford where I walked in and told a guy dithering as he had no mask to come with me .. felt literally like the antichrist
  3. Hi Everyone I am new to the site but been kind of feeling that this is the place for me after watching David on London Real. went shopping without a mask and was treated like a pariah today so have come to the forum to meet some sensible folk. Read most of DI books and avid supporter of London Real et al - please just reassure me that I am actually normal and all the other's aren't. Good to be here
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