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  1. But kundalini is just another name for sexual energy. Everybody has kundalini! And the more the better. are you saying Jesus had no kundalini - no sex energy . Nor Mary . why not? And What would be wrong if they were lovers? Why would that be a sin? as for peyote, it should be a sacred valuable sacrament for everybody. The world would not be so fucked up ....just look at the catholic religion - if people loosened up and properly prepared and enjoyed it!
  2. Come on. There is no evidence Magdalene was a prostitute. That was made up by the church centuries later. and you can’t say any of the above as fact....only conjecture. how do you know Jesus and Mary got up to in the silence and privacy of a bed room. no, I believe the more interesting question is why the PTB were obsessed with portraying Jesus as a completely asexual being ( along with his mother, ) and deleting any possibility of a sexual relationship with Mary Magdalene. It may take a while to see this post as my posts are being controlled
  3. Where on this thread has anybody said you are not entitled to your opinion? You are free to say my ideas are nonsense. and equally I am free to say I believe yours are nonsense.
  4. That post makes absolutely no sense. It’s all over the place.
  5. What can you say to that? this guy only wants icke ideas discussed on certain threads? So we can’t mention his ideas on race and immigration on a thread that is discussing this? Quite extraordinary!
  6. You are back to your victimhood mode. When i I give an opinion, you don’t like , you accuse me of wanting to censor you. How childish.
  7. So you think I’m going to give you a different answer? As for the cancel culture, give me a break. Its s just a new fancy word for censorship. it has been with us for centuries. From the church..to the fascists ..to the communists .....they all try to ban , and censor beliefs they don’t like. The right wing Murdoch media have being doing it for years here....cancelling and perverting information flow. The bbc , the guardian....everybody does it to influence minds. I said to icke he should take it as it as a great com
  8. london has fallen! Because a group of nobodies, ignorant idiots like their fellow travelers in the far right white militia....march like morons in a street in London. these idiots who probably represent less than 1% of the fast majority of decent black people hold a march ....that most people would never heard of, or couldn’t care about ...and this poster claims this is the collapse of London. can I ask you, mate ....why would you even consider giving these people ANY publicity? Ever heard of the law: what we focus on, give energy to ...we empow
  9. She is clearly a fascinating woman .....and more than likely involved in a sexual relationship with Jesus. but the more interesting question is why the PTB were obsessed with portraying Jesus as a completely asexual being ( along with his mother, ) and deleting any possibility of a sexual relationship with Mary Magdalene. The full transformation of the sexual force - the kundalini- is a power that they don’t want explored.
  10. No, I mean all the posters who had a genuine interest in what ickes talks about. And want to DEBATE those ideas not people like you who have been on this forum for ....how many years? ....and never asked a single question on ickes week. Just here to peddle some political agenda... Why don’t you and your friends stop attacking me so that I can get on with talking with the people here who are here for genuine reasons..and you and your friends can continue to patrol the political threads to enforce your rule .
  11. I just asked: “I may be wrong - prove me wrong and I will apologize - but I have never seen a post by you - and definitely never by any of the race trollers on ickes work. “ So that’s a no then. May any I ask how many years on David icke forum....and never posted a single post or question on ickes core work? And yet now, a whole gang of you, I count four are attacking me because I dare to question their political agenda. Or was it the picture of the new multi cultural Britain that set them off.
  12. Walk the streets of London any day....and 90% of ordinary people get on perfectly....all races...all colors....all creeds .... ....despite the attempts of certain groups to stir the shit ....
  13. It was destroyed by people who had absolutely no interest , knowledge or understanding of ickes main ideas or writings. They were trolling with their own narrow bitter political and race agenda. All the decent posters who had actually read ickes books ( not just watched a few videos) or attended his seminars couldn’t be bothered with the hate cesspit they created. Gareth has said the same thing about the forum on here just a week or two ago. Why did you think in the end they were forced to shut it down. Icke’s main work is exposing the illusionary nature of
  14. I don’t get that. I worked with lots of great decent Pakistani people in London ....they didn’t know. How the fuck would they know what a sick group of deprived Pakistani lowlifes were doing in the north of England? Im sure there are lots of white scumbags raping young kids now....should I as white man automatically know who they are and where they are doing it.? I really don’t follow your logic. But I get your point in the first part of your post.
  15. Lol! They are not MY words. I was quoting a certain David Icke. Didn't you recognize his work? on the other threads, most posters immediately recognize his quotes - but when you go on any threads dealing with race or immigrants- the guys who patrol those threads always seem totally clueless. Is there a message there? but thanks again for the compliment. You’re very kind.
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