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  1. when I come 'home' to my parents house I cannot speek about these matters. My mom and dad blindfolded believe anything the msn says. With my collegues at work dito. With most of my friends dito. when I even dare to counter their believes I get the 'get out'. kind regards
  2. well for me its a first time I hear a vaccine changes your (mrna - dna) in public. should we not be a bit concerned about that? what ever the msn and msn 'doctors' say is ok. kind regards
  3. I don't know which pope it was in the WW2 but you can't call it love. All the same cabal / PTB what ever you want to call it. Pope Pius XII (after editing)
  4. Laurie Anderson - Oh Superman For a more danceable version check remix or a tune that fires my thoughts (certainly the original from Laurie Anderson) kind regards
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