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  1. Why were the fans booing him? From the accident 2 weeks prior with verstappen? Now that poor hero has an excuse for the rest of the season, plus fooling a lot af peeps again whith the covid bs. Gratz Ham a true hero
  2. Yip any pretence is gone, soon it ll be all inverted. And like WEF stated we ll be happy. Ill check out when all hope is gone. Soon...
  3. They all took the oath of Hypocrates. Are almost all of them just doing their profession for the money? I expected more of them. Ah well like most of them do it for the money is like most teachers do it for the hollidays.
  4. Fear Porn, poor bastards can't think objective no more, if they even could. All media and gov say is true. What I find very strange is the educated doctors and specialists. Why are almost all of them in this cull as they must know truth.
  5. Nice and wise words. Hope Ill get trough the anger and sadness soon.
  6. I know Im on a negative path but I cant see anything positive evolving. Think I should go for a trip to the woods soon and try to reset. Hatred anger and disgust are consuming my mind and I cant snap out of it.
  7. Im not a religious person but I sure hope El Capitan comes soon to wipe them cunts out. Even the sheep who jump in without thought dont deserve to take an other (masked) breath. But then again if El Capitan exists we r prolly in Hell and fooked.
  8. Micro dosing isnt 1g. More like 0.2. You can dry them, crush them and put them in capsules. I dont micro though, just when I feel like it a heavy dose. Last one was 3 years ago
  9. But they don't do it for themselves, they do it for us all. True heros, real troopers. We r flooped
  10. My parents are jelly aswell, cant get them to change their mind. Past 65 so I guess they dont give a fluck bout the safety. They just think they can travel again once they recieved the jab x2. Just told them its an IQ test. No reaction at all. News on their telli was on so I guess they were 'focussing' more on that then their son who was trying to convince them otherwise.
  11. Actually that frase is the way to go. But not the way the WEF basterd Schwab presents it.
  12. We think we are free. We think we are tech advanced. We eat whatever is presented and we love it.
  13. Man bacteria and virusses fly right throu those masks. Above under left and right there r gaps. R you just pokin a stick for reactions or really a mask believer. You sure are ready for the comming social score and everything that goes with it.
  14. Damnet DarianF, you make my killerinstinct rise yet again. Fakkin evil cunts, both parents and the puppetmasters.
  15. Hmm maybe so they can controle the whole proces. Put in chemicals and Billy Bayer shiat. Control whos buyin etc.. Ill grow my own thx.
  16. An other beauty from our beloved madia. In dutch though...
  17. If they sanitize it with EO there is no probby.
  18. I guess they didnt expect this grade of compliance, hence the acceleration. Hey even if they would go all in Im sure 90% plus will comply with full approval.
  19. With very sick clowns and puppet masters.
  20. And all those disposable pampers you see cluthered everywhere. What I find strange is there is a problem in the metal industry, try to order something... but plastics no problemmo.
  21. Putting a scwab EO sterylized against your blood brain barrier, my guess it can and will leak stuff.
  22. Hey its recycable healty plastics, nothing wrong with that.
  23. I wonder what those parents are thinking? Its all good? It was only for a sec or 5? All for a 'virus' thats assimptomatic airborn, ceep a couple of feet distance and weir a mask becouse its so contagious. Again humanity is done. They washed us succesfully. They deserve the credit, we the punnishment. Ffs
  24. Wanna smash things doesnt even come close. Applauso for them fuckheads. I really think we are done. Bye bye humanity, morale and standards, self thinking, common logic etc...
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