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  1. Hi all have not posted on these forums for quite some time but thought I would with this topic! Because I thought there have to be lots of ‘awake’ people on here. Anyway, I was on the antidepressant Sertraline for some time but woke up one day 8 weeks ago and stopped, decided there and then to quit. i had experienced negative effects from the medication, bad dreams almost every night, lack of interest in a lot of things, horrendously bad ‘sweet tooth’, low attention span etc. The first two weeks I didn’t see much difference, the three weeks after I felt pretty low and miserable and almost considered taking them again. But I persevered and now the past 3 weeks I have felt the best I have in several years and almost feel a clarity of thinking about the world and about my own self. what are your thoughts on these type of meds? I now feel very untrusting of them. Now I’ve switched to a vegetarian diet, am more aware of myself and things, or am least moving in that direction.
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