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  1. Probably, strangely enough I don’t feel that afraid of it.
  2. Hi all I have been a member a couple of years and been a frequent visitor on here for many years but haven’t posted much. i just wanted to share and get some other views on how I have felt of late. For the past couple of years I have been finding existing more and more meaningless and hollow, I don’t really see the point in pursuing whatever it is I’m pursuing, I mean on the surface I have an ok life, reasonable job, nice partner, house with mortgage, no I’ll health etc etc. But I just don’t feel connected to any of it and like I should be elsewhere or just not around at all. As I approach 40 I just think “is this it?” And think well it must all be downhill from here! I continually question why I’m rushing about for my job and stressing, thinking why?! is it odd to feel this way? I’m not just going to put it down to labels like depression. Anyone share similar feelings and what can be done to help? Cheers guys, M.
  3. Hi all have not posted on these forums for quite some time but thought I would with this topic! Because I thought there have to be lots of ‘awake’ people on here. Anyway, I was on the antidepressant Sertraline for some time but woke up one day 8 weeks ago and stopped, decided there and then to quit. i had experienced negative effects from the medication, bad dreams almost every night, lack of interest in a lot of things, horrendously bad ‘sweet tooth’, low attention span etc. The first two weeks I didn’t see much difference, the three weeks after I felt pretty low and miserable and almost considered taking them again. But I persevered and now the past 3 weeks I have felt the best I have in several years and almost feel a clarity of thinking about the world and about my own self. what are your thoughts on these type of meds? I now feel very untrusting of them. Now I’ve switched to a vegetarian diet, am more aware of myself and things, or am least moving in that direction.
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