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  1. Hello, I am a student who goes to a medical university however I am not a medical student, From my observations at the university what scares me is that a lot of doctors and medical students are very good in the field of medicine, however they are very illiterate in the fields of Politics, Economics, Society, etc and they believe what ever the mass medias narrative says and panic and worry over petty concerns even before the pandemic. When learning about politics and economics in a medical university what shocked me is that every class is UN Global Guidelines or Sustainable Development Goals SDGs instead of learning about real economics and politics and medical students will believe whatever the U.N. says. SDGs is a UN global goals designed to be a blueprint to achieve a better future for all and this is where Bill Gates is connected, you would see him giving lectures about SDGs. Many governments around the world are following these SDGs goals and they state on their official website what they are doing to achieve the goals but they do not state the true intentions. However the official government website from Japan summarizes clearly and state how they are moving towards Society 5.0 to meet up with SDGs demands (I will post the English link) https://www8.cao.go.jp/cstp/english/society5_0/index.html to summarize it it is basically How AI will control and replace workers and IoT will be the future. I hate to say this but a lot of medical students and doctors do not know history, that is why they follow whatever the UN says, they do not understand what happens if you obey the U.N. you will end up like Rhodesia. I do not know how to explain it clearly but it is like a 1984 situation people around you will believe anything what they are told by Big Brother. The same people who are pushing Climate Change, supporting BLM and UNICEF are also the same people who are panicking over COVID. I think they went with the COVID this time because a lot of people are not medical experts so they can not question the narrative, for example 9.11 a non expert can tell WTC 7 was a controlled demolition and going to Iraq is unnecessary.
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