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  1. Having Icke on gave Brian Rose a nice boost in donations anyway. He had no icke interview in July and only got $32k over the whole month. But now in the last 2 days he has gotten over $14k... Not bad. :)
  2. I find LBRY good too, especially if you want to download full HD versions of London Real stuff, No need for any external downloaders, all videos have a download button.
  3. Little thing to add to this before anyone goes off thinking Brian Rose is some great giver to charity. He only did that after he was getting called out for being massive scammer on his own platform, it was only like £5000 or something. He admitted on his now deleted instagram rant that he makes over $1 million per month from his business course in May.. At the same time his company records show he was in approx £300k of debt the last time he filed, AND at the same time he needs to get donations of $32k per month to run his platform? It all makes no sense IMO...so he has to be lying about something... Or he is making $1 million a month and still feels the need to scam another $32k per month on top so he never has to dip into his own pocket?
  4. I disagree here, let me explain why. If they wanted to use Rose/Icke 5 as an excuse to take London Real off Youtube they can do that now... they have already stated that actions on other platforms can lead to you getting banned off theirs.. So they do not need Rose/Icke 5 to be on Youtube to ban him off there due to it, if they really wanted to. So therefore it makes very little difference to Brian Rose if other channels upload it to YT or not, it adds no extra risk. At the end of the day Brian Rose spends a fortune on adverts for London Real and makes YT lots of money. David Icke did not make YT lots of money so they had no problem banning him.. Also as someone who has had 13 or 14 videos taken down by London Real, and have seen how they have used the copyright system over the last 5 months against others I know he is not doing this to avoid being banned himself. For example, Rose/Icke 1 was never banned from YT afaik, Remember back then David Icke was still saying the virus existed in Rose/Icke 1 and he was not linking it to 5G so much, then Brian took them all down after David Ickes own YT channel was banned. I have never had an Icke video taken down by YT, and have had about 8 of my icke videos taken down by LR.
  5. This is kind of hilarious would you agree? Brian Rose aka London Real Tv have blocked the version of Rose/Icke 5 that Richard Willett put up on David Icke dot com... Now do you believe me that Brian Rose is Suppressing Icke on YT to drive people to his site and harvest emails? I guess Brian Rose did not like the "no email version" eh? If David Icke was smart now he would ask Brian Rose to remove the copyright protection and see if Youtube will allow the interview to stay up.. https://davidicke.com/2020/08/03/rose-icke-v-the-answer/ Here is the YT link in case anyone tries to say I photoshopped the image. Now Richard has embedded it with no full screen option... LOL..So you can watch 2 hours of Rose/Icke 5 small screen while getting bombarded with David Ickes adverts for dodgy anti EMF stickers. :)
  6. Those were just examples, fill them in with some object in space that can not be seen with the eye, and some island you have not been to.
  7. If your bar is that it must be shown to you as existing, how do you know Australia is not fake for example unless you have been there? How do you know bacteria exists unless you have seen it yourself? What about history, did the titanic ever exist? You have not seen it. Where do you draw the line? There has to be a line.. and maybe yours in a different place to mine fair enough. This line is based on enough other people verifying something that it becomes too big to fake I guess. Depending how much you know about a certain subject will influence whether you think it is too big to fake.. For example flat earthers... understand very little about the things that prove its a globe, so assume its flat based on their own experiences.
  8. There is much more to this than flu like symptoms. Many doctors saying this is like nothing they have ever seen before on Xrays etc, including Dr Kyle Sidell that David Icke likes to (mis)quote.
  9. I pretty much agree with everything you said there up until where you mentioned Icke. The way I see it , the fact I believe that viruses exist means I do not agree with Icke. I firmly believe it was created in that lab too, Not as a weapon but was part of some research, Maybe it would have ended up in a weapon eventually or was just vaccine research...That's not really important now. I do not think it was released on purpose as IMO they would not released it so close to their own lab, Also they would not have shutdown the whole area surrounding the lab for weeks back in early October. https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/6884792-MACE-E-PAI-COVID-19-ANALYSIS-Redacted.html I know it's only circumstantial and I know that reports can be faked so who knows really, but faking all that anonymous phone data would have been quite a trick to even bother doing, especially considering the MSM view is still that the virus is natural.
  10. This is down to basic electronics, Listen to mark Steele talk about 450 volt capacitors, then open up any 230volt device you have and see how he has no idea what he is talking about. 450 volt capacitors are used in everything. you can buy a box of them for $5.. If he does not understand a basic component like a capacitor how can he really be an EMF weapons expert?
  11. If you have any understanding of basic electronics you will understand why Mark Steele is being called out as a conman/shill. If you do not believe me, Do a little research into capacitors, just a few hours. Than watch Mark Steele talk about them and see how he is making it up as he goes along. You can see here Mark can not even keep a straight face in this Ickonic interview with Amanda Chambers, he contradicts himself every few minutes. https://www.bitchute.com/video/st2PH4drmJAJ/
  12. I think Mark Steele completely undermines any real investigations into the dangers of 5G. He does not have a clue about electronics, for example he says that 450volt capacitors are only for killing people, in reality almost every 220 volt device will have 450volt capacitors, you can buy a box for under $10 etc.. They seem kind of cheap for weapons grade hardware? I am genuinely surprised the Ickes would have anything to do with Mark Steele. He contradicts himself every 2 minutes. The funniest interview I have seen so far was this one from Ickonic: https://www.bitchute.com/video/st2PH4drmJAJ/
  13. That's it, also the comments on londonreal.tv are censored. Brian Rose likes to call himself a free speech absolutist while censoring as much criticism as possible. He even claims to be taking a legal case against Vice over this article. https://www.vice.com/en_uk/article/bv8x5a/london-real-brian-rose-digital-freedom-coronavirus Also he has hit loads of channels with copyright take downs for criticizing him. Did anyone here see his post on youtube where he flipped out and started replying to everyone. Fairly funny.
  14. No, Not a fan and would be worried its not safe. But on the other hand I do not think it has nanobots in it and I do not think it is going to sterilize 97% etc etc. There is a big difference between thinking David Icke is wrong about the existence of viruses, and believing everything MSM or Bill Gates says. they are just two sides of the same coin .. TPTB have a story to suit every type of mind. Basket Case: For more clarification on what I am Implying.. I am saying David fabricated the quotes he attributed to Dr. Cameron Kyle Sidell about it not being infectious.. You could argue that Icke was paraphrasing.. But not once did the doctor even slightly hint that he did not think this is a virus.. This is very important point and I can show a pattern of this type of misleading.. For example Icke also implied that Dr. Andrew Kaufman showed a link between EMF/5G and exosomes... In reality Kaufman was very clear that he could find no research on a link between EMF/5G and exosomes, even though he said he really really tried to find some.
  15. I am implying that David Icke does not know the difference between the virus and the disease, or at least at the time of Rose/Icke 2 he did not understand the difference. I am implying the SARS-CoV2 virus is a real thing that exists. I am not "trying to suggest that everything the W.H.O. - Bill Gates - World Governments and MSM are telling us is totally correct and absolutely true ?"
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