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  1. Well I've just received the following reply from the CEO: Dear Mr XXXX We do not stock David Icke’s books, except by mistake, for no other reason than that they are self-published. The books removed numbered a small handful that became part of our stock in error. We stock only a small percentage of the books in print – across all the shops about 300,000 titles from amongst the many millions in print. We take this curation seriously and removed the small number of copies when their presence in one of our shops was brought to our attention because of Mr Icke’s association with anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. David Icke’s anti-Semitic comments have been widely publicised and have been cause for him to be denied entry to Australia, amongst other actions taken by responsible bodies. In short, we will not be stocking David Icke’s books because they do not meet our criteria for selection. I am sorry that we lose your custom in consequence. I respect your views on the need for free-speech and to guard against censorship. The actions of a bookshop to curate a small, considered selection of stock do not run counter to these principles. Regards James
  2. Hi everyone, I understand David Icke's books have been removed from Waterstones on the accusation of David being anti-semetic (which he has always denied). Instead of just accepting this, i've decided to contact the CEO of Waterstones to ask him reconsider the decision. Please contact Waterstone to do the same and feel free to amend my e-mail to personalise it (but please be polite, no abuse, stay off the NWO/conspiracy arguments and keep it straight to the point) Here's my e-mail: [email protected] Dear James Daunt I am contacting you in regards to the news that the author David Icke’s books have been removed from your bookstores and online due to the unproven allegations of the author being anti-semetic (by an organisation called ‘Campaigning Against Anti-semetism’). This campaign group are a political organisation (very much like BLM) that is smears it’s opponents with spurious claims of being anti-semetic which is definitely not the case for David Icke, who has clearly opposed and continuously stated that he believes, anti-semetism, sexism, racism etc is ridiculous. CCA are a tool of the ever increasing cancel culture. Why haven’t the CCA campaigned your store to remove Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kamf if they are against anti-semetism? I would please urge you to reconsider the decision to remove David Icke’s books from your stores and website, otherwise this will embolden these activist groups to expand their campaign and demand banning authors of ‘hate’ such as the Harry Potter author JK Rowling, who is now accused of being ‘transphobic’. As a free speech/anti-censorship advocate, I will unfortunately be boycotting your stores & website until the decision to remove David Icke’s books has been reversed I hope you are able to review and reverse this decision and oppose the various activist groups who are the modern day censors and book burners going forward. Yours sincerely Mr XXXXXXX I'll keep you updated with any replies!
  3. I'm not sure if there's already about discussing that Waterstone's/Barnes & Noble pulling David Icke's books off the shelf? I am planning to write an e-mail to the CEO (I may post a template here), maybe we can all send the CEO an e-mail complaining!
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