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  1. I'm not saying anyone should be culled only we need to rethink reproductive ethics and introduce 'artificial selection' so society selects the most intelligent to procreate instead of the least intelligent which is what we currently have as natural selection no longer operates in human society for various reasons. This idea goes back to Plato and if it means some people can't breed then tough fucking luck not everyone is safe to drive a car.
  2. Fuck the mollycoddled little shits. The problem with modern children is no one has ever said 'no' to them and their parents indulge unruly behaviour. Children literally get away with murder!
  3. Which is why eugenics set out by Francis Galton is a good idea. It's simply a mechanism to refine natural selection. Women are still predominantly choosing which male genes are transmitted to the next generation, should something as important as this be left to the proclivity of female hormonal in balance? Especially given the female predilection for 'bad-boys' and thugs. Thugs, in between spells in gaol are more fertile than the law abiding male population whose fertility has fallen below replacement levels. If intelligence is primarily a heritable genetic component then the reproductive productivity of the most intelligent should be increased at the expense of the less intelligent. Reproduction should be a privilege and not a right. Teenage girls from working class backgrounds should be sterilized. This is why I'm a supporter of Israel because they have eugenics while the rest of the world is genetically deteriorating. All this hysteria about eugenics on conspiracy forums is unfounded. Eugenics is the only way to salvage humanity at this late point and our governments are corrupt precisely because they haven't imposed population planning and eugenics and instead appear to want to precipitate a Multhusian catastrophe where a luxuriant human population strips the planet of resources and living space.
  4. To answer the question 'how are people actually this stupid', in a nutshell, intelligence and fertility are negatively correlated. In plain terms, stupid humans tend to have the most offspring until eventually society is overrun with idiot's and their bastard feral offspring.
  5. All your planning in this world will be to no avail. The only thing you should be preparing for is death. Initiates into the mystery schools understood this (I feel defiled even telling this to the sort of thugs who frequent these fora). There is a reason why senescence in complex life forms such as humans is inevitable. We are only dipped in Matter for a short time. Those who are attached to objects and enterprises in this world will have a hard lesson to learn. The second death awaits many.
  6. Did you expect him to start rapping? There is a strong case for the dysgenic stagnation of the population in this country if they can't even concentrate on a thirty minute presentation of an erudite person calmly and clinically deconstructing every aspect of the pandemic scam.
  7. What rot. Just because he writes on a variety of subjects he is 'not to be trusted'? So everyone who dismantles this experiment in social engineering masquerading as a pandemic has to do so from an exclusively Christian perspective while espousing traditionalism?
  8. Warfare is now informational and as China is the latest perceived threat to British imperialism and its proxies, I'm not surprised media outlets have initiated a smear campaign aimed at China. Economic war has already begun with the Huawei 5g boycott and forecasted removal from UK mobile networks. British intelligence must have difficulty penetrating Huawei systems. If COVID-19 actually exists and isn't just a thinly disguised experiment in social engineering, I wouldn't be surprised if I learned this novel virus was engineered at Porton Down (the same place as HIV) and the pandemic was orchestrated to undermine Chinese economic interests.
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