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  1. very interesting.... I wonder if you will have to apply / be reviewed for the fertility app.
  2. From Daily Mail; ”UK terror threat level is being raised to SEVERE - meaning an attack is highly likely after terrorists struck in France and Austria ” How many people will see this, become paralysed with fear, and not even allow themselves to the supermarket, their one lockdown “liberty”? so contrived.
  3. I'm between a rock and a hard place with all of this, due to bloody social anxiety. When I wear a mask I get panic attacks - I was bullied as a kid and used to be suffocated, as you can imagine this brings back memories. And I don't want to explain this to people when out and about! When I don't wear a mask I see the inhuman eyes staring and judging and this in turn brings about a panic attack - again, going back to my youth and reminds me of bullying and being ganged up on. So either way I get panic attacks - I don't know how some of you are able to ignor
  4. interesting stuff on the daily mail article... "The Government's Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) has presented the PM with projections which suggest the peak of the second wave will be lower than it was in the first wave. However, the peak is expected to last for longer, with high numbers of daily deaths likely to continue for months, resulting in a 'lampshade' second wave." Ah, like seasonal flu then......
  5. So I’m part of a 5 a side football group on what’s app. a lower division game got called off this weekend due to players testing positive, and someone chimes in with this out of nowhere ; ”Apparently the common cold shows up as COVID for a lot of people in there DNA so yeah I think it will be a big breakout as we go into the winter months. My dads friend is a doctor and they were told a while back that if they discuss COVID with anyone that they could be struck off so you won’t hear them commenting on it” Given the group is mainly full of “lads” i cer
  6. Not a mod but I endorse this brainwashing
  7. I’m now putting that down to people playing the system. People who I had previously respected and suspected some intelligence are only that in the MSM paradigm. They will play by whatever rules they have to in order to succeed in life, now for all of these people, wearing a mask is second nature no more than having to watch that tv series or film to keep up with the crowd. Must do what the majority do to fit in. I have always done my own thing and found conformity mainly a shallow exercise, I’m sure I’m not alone in that thinking here. I think for many they never explored their
  8. How cheeky. (I say cheeky, my internal monologue is a bit stronger than that...) I’ve been trying to play about with archive.org to see if they have a snapshot pre-edit but no luck so far, maybe one of you guys will be luckier (and more proficient) than me.
  9. So bbc news right now, it’s now “man wanted for questioning” so they are already downplaying it, despite all the major incident stuff throughout the day. this was a few mins into the hour news slot on the news channel, normally they would be right on the scene wanting it in our faces? no mention about the 23 year old that has died or that he’s still out there, but keep the Covid banter going it’s been so blatantly downplayed now, you would think others would notice.....
  10. Excuse the ignorant question guys, but has a vaccine ever previously been made mandatory in the uk? I was never pumped with a Spanish flu vaccine, which was a similar pandemic? so I just don’t understand the logic, and if I’m thinking that , then I hope more people do take some thought to it if it does become “as mandatory as can be”. i refer to the Spanish flu as MSM essentially are saying covid will never ever go away.....well Spanish flu did?
  11. It won't - because it again highlights another glaring hypocrisy I'm seeing with these attacks. I do not understand the logic of the more violent natured individuals..... "hey, this person isn't wearing a mask!" "What are they doing?! Don't they realise they're going to infect everyone and kill all the OAPs" " I know the best plan of action....I'm going to start a fight with them and smother my body and exposed limbs into this person as much as possible, it's okay.....masks prevent bacteria and viruses from being *anywhere* on my body... "
  12. Spoke to local cafe today, managed to get the last slice of cake to be told that could be it for a while as they are struggling to buy sugar and dairy products. They were essentially suggesting the panic buying has started again. Bloody brilliant.
  13. Dropped my kid off at the nursery this morning, saw a lady walk past (in the wide open outside, no-one around ) and was masked, and had also got her 4 year old kid wearing one, who understandably wouldn't stop fiddling with it. Words fail me seeing this with my own eyes, I couldn't do it to my daughter. Outside, wide open space.....still masked. Failing to see the logic, it's obviously in the air and coming to attack us all!
  14. https://www.facebook.com/796085293847699/posts/2992013750921498/?vh=e well the above video and associated comments depressed me. seems we are entering the classic “if I shout the loudest then I am correct” territory
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