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  1. How cute of you to assume that i self indoctrinate myself with the Cinema Although my advice is relative to the reader, it's still valid regardless as to how theatrical you think it may or may not be. It's perhaps a yankee perspective, as I know little about population density anywhere else but in the US. I was fortunate enough to grow up in the actual middle of nowhere. May be a "city" dweller now, but i'll at least (hopefully) be 2 steps ahead in a SHTF scenario. + unless you live somewhere with absolutely no local wildlife, it is absolutely beneficial to get familiar with it. 'Scuse this, but we have been brought up to recognize and differentiate business logos, but a majority of us more than likely couldn't identify common trees by their leaves.
  2. Mmmm. Alfalfa Another few Suggestions: Keep maps handy (and learn how to read them)! Get familiar with the vegetation and wildlife of your region. Learn to use the Sun and stars for Navigation- It's embarrassing to not know where North is without a compass, isn't it?
  3. https://mobile.twitter.com/SVNewsAlerts/status/1290708413744394247 The port: https://www.google.com/maps/place/33°54'06.2"N+35°31'08.0"E/@33.9017133,35.5182347,625m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d33.9017124!4d35.5188873
  4. I've spotted individuals wearing Halloween-esque masks in shops on multiple occasions. Although the Governess has made mask wearing in public spaces "mandatory", most people don't seem to give a hoot about it in my city. Some larger stores have wimps posted at the entrances to "stop" people from going in without one, but nobody seems to fight. Then again, my state is in the top 5s for "COVID Irresponsibility". The best excuse, if ever confronted, would be "Your Mom" - it's my defualt deflection.
  5. Found this- More angles: Angle #1 https://streamable.com/xmmoa7 Angle #2 https://streamable.com/nscx9m Angle #3 https://streamable.com/zbjj5f Angle #4 https://streamable.com/saoafz Angle #5 https://streamable.com/4ga1vb Angle #6 https://streamable.com/lmivb2 Angle #7 https://streamable.com/mcy82f Angle #8 https://streamable.com/zg9oal Angle #9 https://streamable.com/zykkj6 Angle #10 https://streamable.com/22e152 https://mobile.twitter.com/borzou/status/1290675854767513600?s=20
  6. Another thing: Would bodies even be found near the blast cite? I'm no expert but this doesn't look like a standard firework explosion- those are typically pretty distinctive. Also doesn't look like a chemical explosion like the ones from China and Texas for example. Perhaps a Micro-Nuke? Too many questions, not enough answers per usual.
  7. Here is another link: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1DXGyALEjbPGM?t=55m18s&s=09&fbclid=IwAR1-P7UqyiHNSFoc4xekrDsFslupN2yo2NuDLBo00awnbRvSImzjFa1xTv4 Something must have initiated the first smoke plume.
  8. A few points: Historically, there has always been some sort of conflict in the Middle East. A few of the videos of the blast have been edited and broadcasted by the news to contain just the mushroom cloud, not the initial smoke cloud. It may be obvious to some, but why is the smoke red? Is it Rayleigh Scattering? Chemical composition? Was this an internal attack? Accident? Or is there something bigger at play? And can the Media be trusted to report the incident honestly, without propaganda and/or twisting a narritive? Stg this better not initiate WWIII
  9. The Capital of Lebanon, Beirut, experienced a large explosion (or two) today. Some sources are saying that the blast occurred at a port that contained fireworks. There aren't very many specific details being put out right now. Videos of the explosion are scattered across the media, links below: https://metro.co.uk/2020/08/04/multiple-explosions-seen-beirut-13083377/ Given the nature of this incident, there is much room for speculation. Thoughts?
  10. Salutations, and blessed be! Gen Z/Millennial cusp ('97), joining from the geographic center of US of A. Been monitoring this forum for quite a while, and have been intrigued by David Icke's works for aloooong time. I find it difficult to be understood by many due to educational indoctrination, non-stop propaganda, and severe lack of comprehensive thought and open-mindedness. After much contemplation, i'm looking foward to finally being able to "Join the Discussion"! Thoughts on- COVID: The timing is quite a coincidence. Still on the fence as to whether or not the "virus" exists. If so, it's man made(or atleast modified). If not, it's means of forcing mass amounts of people into submission with a scapegoat. Either way, this is a prime example of live action psychological warfare. 911: Don't call if it's a civil dispute Vaccines: Don't get me started. Not a fan, i don't trust like that.
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