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  1. They don't brainstorm anything they pay their shabbos servants to figure it out for them
  2. ADL also partnered with Paypal to ban "white advocacy" in a leaked document Link going deeper: https://dailyarchives.org/index.php/news/3224-leaked-images-from-paypal-seminar-reveals-explicit-racial-bias-against-white-customers
  3. Love that this is in the city, have said before that there is no point doing speakers corner really. Way better to go right up to the shitbag's front door... I understand people's criticisms of the marches though, there isn't enough rhetoric calling out the boys at the top of the pyramid (of a certain ethnic origin) like lord rothschild etc People should be screaming the families' names, printing their face on T-shirts, signs etc Not just that though, people need to know that Israel sold the west out to Russia and the CCP, if say 50 people carried a sign like that with 1 bullhorn then shit would get done. Make sure you wave it around for the nearby press... I fear that the rhetoric of "wake up" is like waving a feather in the eye of a rabid pitbull with rabies, doesn't work for the most part. Israel, Lord Rothschild, banking cartels. That needs to be the rhetoric if anything is ever going to change. Just a couple thoughts, I wish you lot the best of luck, city of london coppers are bound to be such happy chappies at your arrival i'm sure
  4. The filthy unvaccinated goyim cannot be seen to enjoying themselves of course...
  5. American Jew does what retarded Americans can't - lobby politically Also more exposing of the political dialectic
  6. Yeah, I call them the real shapeshifters (jokingly obviously) When they want to manipulate and brainwash white people into bowing down to their agendas they say they're white people When they are called out for this and are criticised for having sinister plots against ethnicities they don't like, they're jewish Also the "dual" citizenship that Israelis are given is completely one sided None of this even matters however since the ADL has been censoring the internet and the cops have been locking up people for believing certain things, they have people shook. Saw this on crimebodge and it is shocking mate 5 years in jail! Paedophiles get wayyyyy less time for way worse. Unreal
  7. Can anyone who is familiar to the JQ explain this? Don't champion those who lie, especially those who lie when hundreds of thousands of people are listening. Bad whitey again... *yawn* It's 10x worse when you realise he already knows who's behind it and knows they are not white lmao
  8. Obligatory "fact" check by reuters lmao https://www.google.com/amp/s/mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSL2N2OK1CG Fact Check-Photo does not show Biden kneeling before Israeli President ‘pledging support’ They can't deny photographic evidence of him kneeling so their excuse is 'he did it a joke because she has shat out 12 kids' The US president kneels to an Israeli PM and still people debate jewish power like the claims of the so-called "antisemites" are unfounded nonsense What a shit show, no wonder the Rothschilds and their thinktanks stomp on our heads... it's way too easy
  9. Shades of grey mate, human beings tend to not be so black and white in morality. There are muslims who go around in groups raping children, there are also muslims who just want to live life in peace with their families. Doesn't mean I agree with muslims religious practices, just as I don't agree with any other religion's practices because, in my opinion, it's just more control structures to keep people trapped and docile to power. I don't have a fucking tier list of scumbaggery but i'm pretty sure that muslims aren't trying to take over the planet by 2240 lmao
  10. Found this Indian article about the Rothschilds and the East India Trading company and I have to say that it is based as fuck. Hats off to whoever wrote it, definitely worth a read https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.jagran.com/blogs/rakeshmishra/why-countries-like-india-are-so-poor-vs-the-rothschild-colonization-of-india/amp/
  11. Literally the future of humanity in the "UN habitat" smart city gulags Nikki Rapaana does a good dive into how the individuals building these places (Israel, Russia, China, Jish controlled central banks etc) want it to be run. It's called "community policing" or "communitarianism" and it's nauseating to listen to, but it is the future essentially. Amitai Etzioni is professor of International Affairs and director of the Institute for Communitarian Policy Studies at George Washington University, US. He served as the president of the American Sociological Association in 1994–95, and in 1989–90 was the founding president of the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics. In 1990 he founded the Communitarian Network, a not-for-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to shoring up the moral, social and political foundations of society. He is a German born Israeli and american dual citizen. Definitely someone worth keeping an eye on.
  12. Thanks for this, didn't have the energy to reply to the hasbara nonsense being spewed but you articulated it fucking perfectly. When I hear the "antisemite" label now it is literally just a fucking eye roll at this point. Imagine being called a racist for exposing racial and religious supremacy that has been going on for thousands of years already, before racism and xenophobia were even concepts...
  13. A History Lesson from the Last Jewish Gangster: Organised religion is a cult/mafia/cartel. Organised world jewry pulls the strings of all of them. The talmudic matrix is so over the top and in your face that it's nauseating.
  14. I think I already have an inkling
  15. If I could choose who to cull and infect with a deadly pathogen, Goldman Sachs is definitely up there. Vanguard and Blackrock are my top two choices personally
  16. They have lowkey had this policy for ages, I posted a few vids about judaism and the JWO ages ago and I got shadowbanned in my own country (UK) I can log into my account and watch the vids on there but if I try to watch them whilst logged out then it doesn't work as it is now classed as "inciting hatred" Funny how bitchute was invented by a Brit but I have been censored in Britain I wonder who's behind it all...
  17. I don't think you're the person to talk about narratives fitting considering you were suckling on the Qanon hopium tit a few months ago. Then when you were given contradicting evidence you threw your toys out of the pram and refused to hear anything out of your echochamber, so yeah, you're one to talk Netanyahu being replaced is an eye roll at best, the man he is being replaced by is another jewish supremacist who openly talks about conquering the arab world and building greater israel. So nothing new then... Can't even tell what your argument is because you don't have one lmao
  18. Imagine my shock https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20210524-investigation-finds-33-of-uk-cabinet-members-funded-by-pro-israel-groups/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Investigation finds 33% of UK cabinet members funded by pro-Israel groups
  19. Posting this got me a strike and a week ban for 'medical misinformation' or some bollocks lmao I thought it was pretty tame but apparently not, grassroots political action is illegal now apparently
  20. Chris Shitty gets ambushed on the street and hauls arse... Big up Philosophers-stone.info on bitchute for posting
  21. 'When i'm not bombing Palestine or bring about the new world order, I like to peruse the aisles of Salvation Army'
  22. Jews basically built china up through the Sassoon family aka 'the Rothschilds of the east' and the opium wars which gave way to HSBC's creation. Henry Kissinger also has built up the CCP from the get go and he famously said "there is a war going on between jews and non jews".
  23. Nobody NEEDS the bible that's the point i'm trying to make. You also completely gloss over the main points I made. Christianity has the same god as judaism who is completely immoral and a psychopathic lunatic. Christianity has a jewish messiah who will "return" dripping in the blood of the people he will slaughter. Christianity was invented by the jews and the pharisees who, in the exact same text, warns of the teachings of the pharisees lmao... As I said before people should make their own decisions but I smell controlled opposition. It fits way too perfectly, it is the complete antithesis to judaism and is the perfect way to control the west without ever invading the beaches or firing a shot. I don't hate the religious framework of christianity per say, I think a lot of the core teachings are good (love thy neighbour etc) but this idea that you have to bend your knee in subserviance to a god that hates anyone who isn't jewish is absurd. 'Bless thee and you will be blessed, curse thee and you will be cursed' Just be free for fuck sake, it's blatant trauma based mind control to keep the goy at bay. Don't do what yahweh says? Then you burn in a lake of fire forever. Don't love the children of Israel? Then you will burn forever. It's obvious with eyes to see
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