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  1. Nah I think it’s the opposite really, pure ignorance If a bunch of fucking idiots like us on the internet can figure out what’s going on then so can everyone else, plenty of reading material and open source information on this It’s easier to just have some lady on the telly tell you what’s happening instead of actually investigating yourself
  2. BOC making too much sense as per usual Feel bad for every day Ukrainians but still, this pantomime/theatrical display has way too many holes in the narrative for it to be told like they do on the MSM. And to those funny fuckers who claim to wanna fight the Russians, shut your trap please for the love of yahweh These same people will quite happily shoot a Russian soldier yet the judaic power behind the throne lives on with more power than ever. Where is this energy when it comes to fighting ZOG? Exactly…
  3. Meanwhile in the PSY-OP department of the cabinet office
  4. I haven’t been keeping up with this whole bullshit war in the Ukraine but i just hope that the people in the know aren’t falling for this Kissinger real politik That man is purely an agent of Lord Rothschild and the banking cartels and he completely built up the soviet union from way back in the day. Steve Pieczenik literally admits on infowars that he and Henry Kissinger put Putin in power The extremely misleading, old or straight up fake videos coming out of there is enough for me to know that they are pulling a Vladislav Surkov yet again ”Use the conflict to create a destabilised perception, so no one knows what is true or fake”
  5. Whilst the covid narrative distracts normies and “truthers” alike, demons do deals under tables…
  6. Alex was funded and propped up by Dr Steve Pieczenik, right hand man to Henry Kissinger and involved in “regime change” and psychological operations for the CIA. Also infowars is set up by Dynology, a private military contractor with close ties to retired marine corps general Jim Jones and general Al Grey. He is pure COINTELPRO and the writing has been on the wall for a while now, these are retired military personnel working for private contractors controlling the narrative for the zionist bankers. Shadowgate and Patrick Bergy exposed this with “interactive internet activities” (IIA) which is the new incarnation of the CIA culture war except that it is privatised. Military contractors working on behalf of the banks to manipulate and herd the internet, hence January 6th and that kosher set up. Have a watch if you care but I basically summed it up for you It’s in 3 parts but definitely worth a watch
  7. I know he is kosher but Mark Dolan’s comedic timing is hilarious
  8. When labour inevitably gets in during the next election then we will see the unleashing I reckon. They have had this card to play for a while now, I’ve noticed shabbos Starmer being propped up as the ‘sensible’ voice ever since covid started. If we are truly following a script then just look at the US, I think that’s their focus at the moment. The last free bastion of society thanks to the constitution. Bankers don’t like human rights, freedom or an armed populace so I think that is their main priority if I had to guess. Next election a left wing government enters downing street then we see a bolshevik revolution type of scenario with advanced technology in the mix. They all go pray to the wall but Keir Starmer is such a cretin…
  9. History of the East India Trading Company aka ‘the global corporation’ Old money? Nah bro… Bezos is the richest man on Earth didn’t ya know? https://www.bitchute.com/video/loPXIOL2ZcFT/
  10. It’s called the school of hasbara and it’s the games they play. He could just be a fucking moron but when lunatics are using deceptive tactics they are either in the JIDF or they have an agenda at least. The moment he said time portals is when I stopped listening to be honest lmao
  11. There’s a name for what you’re talking about: the no true scotsman fallacy… Funny how someone with SS in their name is trying to paint people on here as racist when all anyone wants is freedom from a belief system that controls the planet and calls for the death of everyone who doesn’t go along with it. Shouldn’t have to explain anything to people in 2022, if they don’t get it then whatever, stay blind.
  12. Yeah not everyone is willing to go there unfortunately, good to see you’re still playing defence for a nonce president lmao
  13. Am I the only one who thinks the vernacular is hilarious Permission to speak freely not granted Altar of jabbo tickles me every time
  14. Have 45 mins of Al Bishai dunking and clowning on Q and your cult of personality Love how it’s 2022 and this is still a thing lmao
  15. If you notice little inflections like me then you’ll notice what Javid or whatever the fuck his name is admitted to in the vid. The doctor says “I don’t need the vax because I have natural immunity with antibodies” Javid “well yes but it will go away” Literally admits that natural immunity can and does occur without need of a jab, case closed… Edit: He doesn’t say that verbatim but you get the drift, they are struggling to keep all the lies in check and it’s hilarious
  16. Gonna steer the conversation back… Watched this and all I could think was “this is fucking lunacy” Preserve our legacy eh Boris? Fuck you What about your legacy you cretin? Do I really need to pull up the clip? Shout out skitz for showing me this
  17. Based on what? There’s not even proof that Christ and the crucifixion actually happened either lmao But if I have to debate the legitimacy of “time portals” with you then there is no point, have fun in narnia…
  18. Time portal? Second coming? Thanks for confirming my suspicion, you’re a nutcase…
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