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  1. I agree that he should get props for talking about it but I tread so carefully when it comes to MSM figures speaking the truth. They don't mention Israel in a negative light hardly ever so when they do I am on guard more so than when they just lie through their teeth and control minds on an industrial scale since that is their entire purpose. Why now? Like I said I give the guy props but it could be a case of FOX stirring shit and 'throwing us a bone' so to speak. But every word he said is 100% facts.
  2. Ramping up of the tikkun olam bullshit propaganda
  3. Lmao imagine The Sun being based for once... what a fucking clown world That's an "antisemitic conspiracy theory" Sun so if you can talk about jewish "prophecy" so can I. Pricks https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/14585501/russia-ukraine-war-messiah-prophecy/amp/?__twitter_impression=true WAR YOU BELIEVE IT? War between Russia and Ukraine would lead to the ‘coming of the Messiah’ says 300-year-old Jewish prophecy
  4. Yeah thats the texas scumfuck pushing the absolute bs IHRA definition, only seen Adam Green talk about it which is a crying shame considering the absolute tyranny currently being pushed through it.
  5. I actually did some due dilligence and looked into his background since I haven't heard any analysis so far by literally anyone https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1994641/ A lot of this article is sucking his dick but some parts are so crucial Tony was tops in his class at Our Lady of Guadalupe elementary school. He always excelled academically, but he was not a nerd. In the 1950s Bensonhurst was a working-class Brooklyn neighborhood for Italians and Jews. In 1958, he entered Regis High School, a free school on the Upper East Side of M
  6. Facts, i've noticed that gutter scum such as ourselves tend to be less susceptible to the matrix of horseshit the gov has been spewing Then again I know people who are/were dealers and criminals who buy into this shit hook line and sinker. You would think that a disregard of the law would make them less brainwashed but nah. Obviously doesn't apply to everyone though since a large amount of people on my estate see this shit for what it is... full blown tyranny
  7. Didn't you get the memo? There cannot be any clever goys in olam ha-ba Even though you don't have to be a genius to understand the fucking tyranny being imposed Or maybe you do who knows, the sheer amount of people who know absolutely nothing about it makes me feel like a genius
  8. Yeah its through violence and manipulation, I meant it in the context of the jewish perspective where they believe they're just naturally smarter, more powerful and righteous because "god said so"
  9. I feel you mate, if anything the vid just gives you more insight into just how fucked we are and how diabolical this whole fucking thing is
  10. Completely forgot but David also creates the Aliens, further insinuating that he has become a god/creator
  11. Fancied rambling about symbology at half 3 in the morning because fuck it, the world's ending and I don't give a shit anymore. I'm referencing alien covenant and prometheus, these two movies created confusion when released as it was nothing like the original source material of the Alien films, people found them confusing and disjointed but with an understanding of the jewish agenda and the kabbalistic agenda it makes complete sense. Remember: Hollywood is owned and controlled by jews, these movies are predictive programming at it's most sinister. This scene
  12. Still can't believe that this is actually coming to fruition Tikkun olam go fuck yourself No one is buying what Israel is selling you fucking cretins, stop acting like they're a beacon of light when they are just garbage human beings As a side note I swear they just shove a strip of valium down these reporters' throats. They talk to the viewer as if they are trying to teach a chimpanzee the english language... Wrongens
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