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  1. And yeah judaism and the kabbalah is essentially a plagiarism of plato and greek mystery religions with its own unique blend of fuckery. Yashua doesn't mean pig you're right but they see him as a pig. The epitome of the unkosher unclean animal who was in hiding as the messiah of the European West but was actually the jewish savior. I could be wrong about all this obviously but I think it's not a stretch whatsoever considering just how much overbearing hints there are about this. Funny how I know all this about a guy who may or may not have existed and a god who I do not worship whatsoever lmao
  2. Also jesus is a descendant of king David through joseph. Not related by blood per say but it still fits. He checks most boxes when it comes to the jewish moshiach, all it took for the jews of old to reject him was the word of the top rabbinic authority. They said jump and everyone said how high. Makes too much sense to me anyway, a double agent serpent who saves Israel and the jews. Without Christianity they would be pissing in the wind trying to bring about a new world order but now? There has been very little pushback. Say what you like about the pagans but if they weren't exterminated they would not allow some shit like this to happen.
  3. The jewish messiah or moshiach ben joseph is actually jesus imo they are waiting to flip the script on the west Jesus had super powers Jesus started the jewish messianic age 2000 years ago Jesus is known as a pig or chazer, which is derived from the hebrew word chazarah or 'to return' etc That's off the top of my head, need to rewatch some shit first but I am convinced that the jews will end up accepting jesus in the end and when they do, we will be on the chopping block
  4. What gets me interested is to apply it to the grand chessboard, if you can understand how it works you can see where we are headed and why. Gift and a curse really, open your eyes too much and you become cynical in your day to day life.
  5. Could be but there are too many coincidences written in the bible which make a good case for it at least It does slot together nicely though
  6. I stand by what I said he is suspicious but fuck me this vid is foundation shattering Mental
  7. Yeah most people have an agenda online these days, obviously his deep dives into the kabbalah are good to learn for the grand chessboard big picture but CJB has some real nasty rhetoric, "the white race can control the other races" is a funny one. Adam Green is v suspicious imo, he goes on a trip to Israel to "visit the west bank" meanwhile leftist activists get turned around at the airport before they even get out the building. A white nationalist 'antisemite' can walk into the west bank just fine but a few leftist human rights advocates don't get the time of day. Something does not add up about him that's for sure
  8. Did a few google searches and all of the big 6 energy companies in the UK have vanguard as a their major institutional investor Might as well say Rothschild inc or the east india trading company lmao, stopthecrime.net has done a lot of work on the wildfires in california and the energy companies' connections to Rothschild over there. Of course there are other players too but vanguard owns the biggest share of all the biggest energy companies so if they are the only companies left standing then that's proof of a manufactured crisis.
  9. Yeah Germany was a very intelligent and forward thinking society, they were one of the first countries worldwide to implement animal protection laws I believe. But it's the vilification of everyday jewish people which makes me feel like it's controlled. Scare them from assimilation etc About the book, I haven't read it but the description sounds interesting. If there is anyone in history who should be completely loathed its the bolsheviks so anyone who stood up and fought against them are some brave souls. We can't seem to get that memo in 2021 lmao, goyim society has gone backwards
  10. I love that Rothschild vid had it saved for the longest, good fucking times... So open about it too its hilarious Nah not really, the Nazi regime is full of contradictions. Hitler bans freemasonry meanwhile his minister for economics Hjalmar Schacht was a high ranking mason. Also Hitler was funded by wall street and we all know who owns them from the top, his role no doubt was to bring in the united states of Europe and deport and scare European jews 'back' to Palestine (aka what the zionists wanted all along) Juden Raus (a nazi era board game) clearly shows this for all to see. A quick google search and you'll find it easily enough. Yeah don't buy into the Hitler bs, that's exactly what THEY want you to do so you can be labelled and categorised like the rest of the retards in that space.
  11. Hence the US withdrawal from eurasia and the build up of a cold war 2.0 or WW3 (aka the gog and magog war) all given to you by the banking house of Rothschild and the east india trading company etc etc Brexit was to cut off England from the belt & road initiative and make the commie/bolshevik, bank owned states in the EU a part of the trade bloc while the UK's banking cartels will move to Jerusalem as was told by David Ben Gurion and leave us a husk of our former selves. The US and UK will be left in UN smart gulags with our free abortions and VR goggles. Fun
  12. Yeah you got it https://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/nazi-germany/the-nazis-and-the-german-economy/@@ Unemployment peaked at 6 million during the final days of the Weimar Republic – near enough 33% of the nation's working population. Now Hitler decreed that all should work in Nazi Germany and he [email protected] played on the economic miracle Nazi Germany achieved. 33% eh?
  13. Damn reptillians are a touchy subject lol Personally I cannot believe that Queen lizzie transforms into a gecko on a full moon but to each their own I suppose
  14. Okay so Bill was also a bullshit artist but still I think his points on David are 100% valid Thanks for sharing that though, bullshit artists as far as the eye can see...
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