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  1. My Dad who's 72 was in 3 Para and sees through the whole bollocks so the Regiment are not speaking on his behalf.
  2. There's a grab a jab ' event ' in my local park this weekend . I've seen a big marquee there this week so now I know what it's for . I feel a bit pissed off with it but Iam really not sure what to do.
  3. How about a bullet to the head love whilst ya ' at it.
  4. That reminds me of something that happened to me in junior school. The teacher told us all to paint the countryside as a group on a massive piece of paper . I was put on sky duty and when I started to paint the white paper blue from the top to meet the grassy hills I got a bollocking . Hang on . Is that what it's like in reality ?
  5. He looks like a fuckin fraggle with all those masks on.
  6. I ain't getting into that mate but what Iam saying is for 23 years we knew the lie when ( let's be honest ) a lot of people thought we were shifting the blame . That's what I mean by it's similar to now as we are telling the truth and people simply don't want to hear it. Subsitute the words ' conspiracy theorists ' to ' drunken scousers shifting the blame '. You get me drift .
  7. Thanks mate. What's going on now is pretty similar in my eyes but on a different scale. A total lie and the Government , media etc hoodwinking people to believe in their version of the truth . We didn't get justice but we turned over every stone and exposed the corrupt British system for what it is . I hope to God that the truth comes out on this one. WE Told You They Lied. Thanks again mate.
  8. I don't open any links from them. JFT 96 ♡
  9. Quoting my' elf . It was the Belgian squad on the 2nd of June.
  10. Iam not sure if I seen it on here last week but half of one of the squads refused it . Possibly Belgium but I honestly can't remember .
  11. Your birth charts will be vastly different though.
  12. I haven't had one for a week or so. Slighty on topic today I got a text from my GP asking if I smoke and what kind of diet I follow and if I exercise etc... What the fuck is that about ?
  13. It's not a concern it's an observation .
  14. It is but something is missing . Look at it again .
  15. Totally. I had a conversation with a friend about it recently and the weirdos are loving it. We both agreed that if the Government said it's all been a big wind up and as from midnight tonight go back to the way you were some of them would crumble and still wear masks. Weirdos !
  16. Dim cunts ain't a bad one mate .
  17. Did we get any translation on this ?
  18. That's the vibe I got when I seen it today . Usually the goons are out in the front smiling at people and trying to get them to stop I'd say a bit like those charity people trying to get people to stop in town of a weekend. Today's vibe and set up was different though . I came back to ours to get some stickers but on my return about an hour later they had packed up and gone in true circus stylee .
  19. The goons are out in the local park testing again. They've changed there set up though as on every other occasion they left the doors on the gazebo tents open and today they are closed and the vans they have are at the side of the gazebos and not at the back as per. I seen a few divvies go in them earlier on.
  20. I've put a few up on bus stops and outside me local and yes .. people have done the same . If we asked them they'd most probably say something like ' I don't like being told what to do or how to think ' . Irony on a base level .
  21. Fuckin ell. She needs to be shot in the head. I thought that ' song ' promoting junk ' food ' years ago was off the scale . You know the one ... Mcdonalds Mcdonalds , KFC and and a fuckin doughnut or whatever it was. Jeez. I've only been out of bed for 20 minutes and I feel like going back already.
  22. He's a proper old school gentlemen mate .
  23. My Da who's 72 phoned me on Monday from town and said that when tried to enter a pub he was asked whether he'd been tested or had the ' vaccine ' ( not sure ) . His response was ' what the fucks it got to do with you ' . The girl then asked if he had the app and his response was ' what the fucks one of them ' . He was then asked if he had a smart phone to which his response was ' ah fuck this ' and walked off. There's still a few pubs were you can write down a jarg name and pay with cash so that's were he went.
  24. Good footage . At the Liverpool one two weeks ago bus drivers and cabbies were beeping in support and a few were sticking the hands out the window at high fiving ( something which I usually don't like I may add ).
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