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  1. My Dad went to Milan to watch Liverpool last month ( unjabbed ) and I had a pint with him the day after he got back. Not sure if he was meant to isolate or not though.
  2. The Women' s hospital is closer though mate and the Royal is pretty difficult to get to with all the one way systems that side of town. I agree on the cameras and no footage though. From Rutland to the Womens is onto Smithdown and straight up to Upper Parliament Street and take a right at Kingsley Road and there is the hospital. Or up Ullet Road then onto Princess Avenue and then take a right onto Upper Parliament . I'd hazard a guess by saying both routes lots of cameras . Also two closest police stations are Admiral Street in Toxteth and Wavertree which is in Edge Hill . The route from Wavertree is going past the pub I was at and the route from Toxteth is down Ullet Road. Iam not sure if they would put the sirens on for something like that , but still I didn't see any police cars , vans etc.
  3. Nothing. Rutland was cordoned off and so was by the hospital as I cycled past there too. There was rumours about there beig an explosion in Sefton Park which is not true as my flat faces the park. Like I said I didn't even know what at happened until a friend texted me in the evening. The police helicopter was out but I didnt see that until about 1.00pm which was two hours after the incident . I was actually sitting outside my local having a pint on Sundau afternoon which is just aroundcthe corner from Rutland and there was no sirens and didn't see any police cars or vans . I can't seem to post pics on here but search for the Willow Bank Tavern ( pub ) and then Rutland Avenue and see how close they are .
  4. It was the first thing that popped up in my head and that I felt when I heard about it last night. My daughter was born there and like I said it was the first thing that popped up and I felt I don't live that far from it and did wonder why the police helicopter was out . I literally live just around the corner from Rutland Avenue and cycled past it wondering why it was taped off .
  5. I'm quite surprised none of youse have mentioned the mother and child statue yet.
  6. My Dad who's 72 was in 3 Para and sees through the whole bollocks so the Regiment are not speaking on his behalf.
  7. There's a grab a jab ' event ' in my local park this weekend . I've seen a big marquee there this week so now I know what it's for . I feel a bit pissed off with it but Iam really not sure what to do.
  8. How about a bullet to the head love whilst ya ' at it.
  9. That reminds me of something that happened to me in junior school. The teacher told us all to paint the countryside as a group on a massive piece of paper . I was put on sky duty and when I started to paint the white paper blue from the top to meet the grassy hills I got a bollocking . Hang on . Is that what it's like in reality ?
  10. He looks like a fuckin fraggle with all those masks on.
  11. I ain't getting into that mate but what Iam saying is for 23 years we knew the lie when ( let's be honest ) a lot of people thought we were shifting the blame . That's what I mean by it's similar to now as we are telling the truth and people simply don't want to hear it. Subsitute the words ' conspiracy theorists ' to ' drunken scousers shifting the blame '. You get me drift .
  12. Thanks mate. What's going on now is pretty similar in my eyes but on a different scale. A total lie and the Government , media etc hoodwinking people to believe in their version of the truth . We didn't get justice but we turned over every stone and exposed the corrupt British system for what it is . I hope to God that the truth comes out on this one. WE Told You They Lied. Thanks again mate.
  13. I don't open any links from them. JFT 96 ♡
  14. Quoting my' elf . It was the Belgian squad on the 2nd of June.
  15. Iam not sure if I seen it on here last week but half of one of the squads refused it . Possibly Belgium but I honestly can't remember .
  16. Your birth charts will be vastly different though.
  17. I haven't had one for a week or so. Slighty on topic today I got a text from my GP asking if I smoke and what kind of diet I follow and if I exercise etc... What the fuck is that about ?
  18. It's not a concern it's an observation .
  19. It is but something is missing . Look at it again .
  20. Totally. I had a conversation with a friend about it recently and the weirdos are loving it. We both agreed that if the Government said it's all been a big wind up and as from midnight tonight go back to the way you were some of them would crumble and still wear masks. Weirdos !
  21. Dim cunts ain't a bad one mate .
  22. Did we get any translation on this ?
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