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  1. I think you're getting confused mate. The people only do such things for football.
  2. Spot on . It reminded me of a conversation debatey thing I was having with someone I know a few months ago who's fell for it all. I said something like it's all about control and his response was ' how the fuck are we being controlled then ' . My response was ' shall we discuss this over a pint '. It took him awhile for that one to seep in.
  3. There's some classic humour on here this morning. Is right. Iam going to have log off to finish my coffee though .
  4. There's that pilot event bollocks in the park so I got a busy last night. The plan was graffiti but it never came off but I felt I still had to do something. Here's some more.
  5. I've got some footage from our protest today but I can't seem to post it . Something about it being too big . Me and technology are not the best of friends .
  6. Ps. My earlier post and semi rant at the end about the telly is from this observation . The testing stations in the park have not been busy when they are there . I reckon the whole India thing has ramped up the fear in the divvies hence them queing up today.
  7. I don't know what the have to is in my post. It must've been a pre coffee post . I got rid of my telly in 2006 and do not regret it at all. In the years before that it lived in my kitchen cupboard and I'd only get it out every now and then. When it lived in the cupboard I took the plug off to make them spontaneous viewings liss likely as I hate putting plugs on . It's then I had to have a word with myself and give it away.
  8. I've just cycled through my local park and the test centre is out again . The sign says it's for no symptoms and there's people queing up this time . Turn of ya' telly ya' soft twats !
  9. I use the oral spray mate . It goes straight into your system not like the tablets . Your local health food shop will have it or you can buy it online.
  10. After getting a few texts last week about the thingy from my doctors I recieved an NHS letter yesterday too. Today I got a phone call from my doctors but ignored it. The voicemail confirmed it was about the thingy and I should book on the link they sent me or phone them to decline . Surely not booking it is my answer. I really don't know whether to ignore them or phone up and ask a few simple questions . The first one maybe something like if you can list the ingredients for me and tell me how it works once inside me I will give you my answer. Sometimes I get bored and do like a bit of fun you
  11. That is beautiful ♡ The Falmouth one got me a tad emotional as it took me to all the nice little festivals , gatherings and dances of universal peace camps I've been to over the years. I really miss that connection with people.
  12. And quite possibly at some point these people in denial may start feeling pissed off and may seek retribution. I have a feeling it won't be against the men in white coats or suits they'll be going after either.
  13. Some lad I see now and then had it at his first oppurtunity. He's 50 and self employed so no pressure from bosses etc. Last year he said he's going to wait for a couple of years before getting it and see how other people fair. I asked why he got it so soon and his response was I want to go on holiday. The penny must be dropping as a few weeks ago he was speaking of buying a camper van and going around Scotland this summer as it's something he's always wanted to do. So there you have it. I reckon he knows he's been had but he can't admit it to himself or others.
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