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  1. Oh yes please . Destruction is Essential for Creation an ' all that .
  2. Thing that puzzles me is this. You / We voice our opinions and all of a sudden we are flat earthers , right wing , the queens a lizard ... It just shows you how brainwashed some people are as they throw everything you / we say into what I call the conspiracy pot . If you believe A then you must believe in B , C , D etc. Game , set and match mind control. Soft twats !
  3. It is. I went off on one a few weeks ago to my best mate for 40 years and his response was ' I've got my own shit to worry about '. He has as we all have but how can people but what gets me is what is going on IS everybodys shit . Its not on a personal level as in job , family issues etc but on a collective level this is everybodys shit and its going to get shittier.
  4. Wasn't it David who use the phrase ' the policed are the police '. How true is this ?
  5. The whole thing is going to go completely bonkers soon . The more people that realise that the whole thing is a blag the better as if people can't see through this one then we are all fooked .
  6. I havent had a TV since 2006 and the years before that it spent most of its time inside a cupboard. I havent read a news paper for even longer . Iam only exposed to it when Iam having a pint in my local or when I go to a shop and see the front pages of the papers .
  7. Namaste and Hiya an ' all that ♡ I've been lurking on this forum for moons . I read David's books from 2000 til 2004 or something in my Saturn Return years. What's going on at the minute is starting to grate me a little . Anyway. Paul from Liverpool. OM and Out ♡
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