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  1. I've never seen it in such detail before so nice one for that. When I seen the music shops window go in and seen that fella grab the guitar the first thing that popped up in my head was ... I wonder if that was still in tune by the time he got home .
  2. I live right opposite a huge park in South Liverpool and there's loads of students have a right old good time and I feel their lovely energy. I opened my curtains ( curtain twitcher :-) ) to see a bizzie van going up and down . Well in to the happy souls .
  3. My child was vaccinated behind my back too . I educated the Mother and she was astonished of what she learned but still snook off and got my daughter vaccinated. The school give her the flu jab every year ( shes six ) . I've raised my concerns to the school but they reckon if the ' custodial parent ' says it's fine then it's fine. What a load of bollocks.
  4. Just found out about this . Is right .
  5. They really don't like us do they ?
  6. Call me bonkers but as it crossed anyones mind that they've had the vaccine ready for years . All this it will be ready soon is all just a load of bollocks. Not saying it's true but it has crossed my mind.
  7. I got my new card in August and it expires in 2023 . My passport expired in June so thanks for letting us know it doesn't take moons .
  8. Cheers. Had a pint yesterday outside my local in the rain. My mate who brought me the pint out tells me that he'll put me on his table so theres no need to register. He tells me to wear a snoozle thing when going the toilet. My response was no . Iam an economical slave and Iam not becoming a spiritual one , also what is only seconds for my physical body its an eternity for my soul . So thanks for the info mate.
  9. I totally agree about pubs being souless these days . I do miss sitting with the arl fellas and hearing their stories and also the craic with my mates . One of the plusses about me not going in ( apart from one ) is going thecpub was my only exposure to TV and the daily drip , drip of brainwashing.
  10. Iam slowly running out of pubs to go to. I aint track and tracing or wearing a mask . Ive knocking on windows of local pubs or shouting through the door my order and will pay by cash outside. One pub lets me in not wearing a mask as Ive told them Iam exempt but yesterday she asked me to show my exemption card. With the weather getting shittier its going to be a long winter.
  11. Oh yes please . Destruction is Essential for Creation an ' all that .
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