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  1. Apparently I heard, I think on Max Igan’s channel, that Mexican scientists are currently working on putting something in our food that will basically get the DRNA into us. It’s been mentioned also about the water supply being a good way to get things into us too. I would not rule anything out or put anything past them to be honest.
  2. It’s sickening how it’s being pushed as patriotic and heroic.
  3. Only brainwashed idiots who would probably get the vaccine anyway would listen to celebrities, anyone with a working brain cell doesn’t give a damn what celebrities are paid to say.
  4. Me too, I’m just going to totally brush all my massive and valid safety concerns and rights to my own body under the rug because Kim K and her massive behind were paid to say the vaccine is all good Jesus.
  5. A lot of people will die and others become desperate and worn down further, as well as the whole thing creating another distraction. something else to consider is, if they do this at the start of next year when vaccines are available to the wider public, they perhaps they will have aid centres where you pick up food & water etc that is needed for your family but you can’t enter if you’re not vaccinated. Food for thought. Desperate people do desperate things.
  6. Has anyone else got one of these yet? They are starting to freak me out. I have had a few letters now requesting one of my children to be tested (randomly selected apparently) which I have ignored, and now I just have a text message about him from ‘Ipsos MORI’ which I know means ‘they die’ in Latin. It feels like they are desperate for his DNA The letter states it’s for finding out how many people in the UK currently have Covid 19. Since all tests for people are staggered, and not everyone are tested, how on Earth are they supposed to find out how many people have the virus at one time? Doesn’t make sense, not that any of it has. After watching David Ickes video yesterday speaking with Celeste about the tests and vaccines, this is feeling even more scary that they seem desperate for me to swab one of my children.
  7. So as I’ve now read that Glaxo now have a miracle vaccine almost ready, and more companies also close to having a miracle vaccine, it’s making me wonder if it’s specifically for each vaccine to have a different job - one to sterilise, one to make you more likely to die of flu, one to kill etc so it’s harder to pinpoint a general blanket effect of the vaccine that would be obvious? What are peoples thoughts on this?
  8. When we have ‘National debt’ it’s us tax payers who are liable to pay even when it’s not our spending and lending that did it So when the government are currently throwing money around on purpose on a monumental scale it will bankrupt them and it’s you, and all of us, who suffer the debt.
  9. I am so sorry! When it’s your child that is the worst of all I hope that her friends pick up on some of the filtered news through that raises safety concerns and your daughter hears that through them and that plants the seed of doubt in her mind.
  10. Sorry my sister is also the same. Told her things would happen which she brushed off as conspiracy theory. They happened and still no acknowledgement or anything, or a wake up call just more burying her head in the sand.
  11. You are so right. Time is running out now though with this vaccine being pushed upon us. I feel like shaking them and begging them not to take it but I know it won’t work
  12. Pretty much agree with all your predictions. My only fear is this Covid 21, will it be lies again or this time a real bio weapon to truly scare the masses because even vaccine lovers have issues with this vaccine and don’t want it. I honestly can’t see much of a take up on it willingly. They need a big event...
  13. That’s great to hear and very encouraging. For those who still retain even the tiniest potential to use their brain, I guess truth will stick with them as a quiet voice that over time begins to shout.
  14. How on Earth are you supposed to wake up family members who are so hopelessly brainwashed that they will be taking this poison vaccine at the earliest possible moment? Has anyone else got family they haven’t fell out with who will have to suffer knowing their fate because of their willingness to believe authority no matter how mental the narrative? It’s feels like I’ll be watching them march to the slaughterhouse. It’s easy to switch off when it’s people you don’t know and just think ‘well they deserve it if they’re that stupid!’ But a different story when it’s a loved one.
  15. For the il effects from WiFi on the human body. Although they never stated why I would receive compensation, my email to them them outlines the evidence of ill effects on human health so can only assume that’s what it covered.
  16. I can imagine so I’ve never known any company fork out money unless they absolutely have to.
  17. unfortunately I already agreed to accept as I didn’t expect anything so was happy and didn’t think until I came off the phone what it actually meant. He called it a ‘good will gesture of compensation’ I don’t think I can I accept once accepted?
  18. Some time ago now I emailed my energy company providing evidence of the damage smart meters do to human health and informing them legally they need to remove my smart meters as I have the right to ask they do so. I have had many calls, all been very helpful and they said they couldn’t remove them but they can turn them off, to which I was happy with. Today I got a call back from someone from the company who offered me compensation. He also stated he didn’t know about the damage and he too will be turning off his smart meters. Am I right in thinking compensation from a company is a legal admittance of their wrongdoings? So they essentially, by providing me with compensation, admitted I was a victim and the smart meters were causing me harm?
  19. At the moment, it’s only encouraged and not enforced. Legally, they cannot force it anyway... yet lol I honestly think now the majority of people will choose not too. There are still brainwashed masses but not equally as many sane people snapping out their daze.
  20. That’s mental. My sons secondary school were going a bit mental too wanting to conduct their own track and trace as well as use the government one and had to have a Covid test to prove no infection otherwise you were not allowed back to school. Told them to shove it and now I home educate both my school aged children.
  21. Seems to be a game player, but it’s hard to really judge.
  22. This is terrifying. 5g culling, tsunamis, asteroids - (where is this supposed to hit?) Who thinks that realistically this is actually going to happen and this soon?
  23. it explains why all those comments on there are pro lockdown, pro mask and pro madness at least...
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