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  1. Spot on!! I thought a few times that this was the one MSM that may be pushing truth... even Julie who takes the morning weekday slot says great things for pushback but then peddles the absolutely amazing vaccine... fake opposition
  2. I can’t stand this man and can’t watch him. It’s hilarious how he says it’s the home of free speech but then goes on to say not to call in if you’re a tin foil hat type.
  3. I think possibly a slight relaxing in summer but ultimately it will never be gone. There will be a constant lockdown to some degree which gets worse and worse as time passes.
  4. Anyone who believes they vaxxed the queen with rushed, untested experimental technology has garbage for brains. They said they would use celebs and the queen to push the vaccine propaganda and boy, have they!
  5. To my understanding the Viral vector vaccine is used for the Ebola vaccine but not any other I know of. Tradition flu vaccines work in a different way to viral vectors, I know it’s not brand new like the RNA which I agree is not a vaccine but the viral vector hardly looks trustworthy either. To be honest no so called vaccine looks trustworthy to me anymore lol, not since I’ve been researching into the harm they cause and looking at terrain theory. I’ve decided to avoid all of them from now on. Looks like the RNA one is causing massive amounts of harm and death...
  6. What do you mean it’s what they want us to think? It is a viral vector which is not traditional? my brother in law had the Oxford vaccine and it made him shake, thankfully he is ok but I’ve never heard of shaking as a classic flu jab side effect. I’d be interested to know the full extent of Oxford jab side effects in the short term actually, sadly it will be hard to find out since they don’t like to report anything negative... I’m quite sure all these jabs for this so called virus will all be negative on the body in one way or another since they are funded by a psychopath for a psychotic agenda.
  7. It’s the same as in the sense it goes into the cells, and is definitely not traditional. Their own websites describe them as working in a very similar way to one another in that aspect.
  8. They are not conventional vaccines, they are viral vector vaccines and very similar to mRNA.
  9. Zombies He wrote: “Few young people: half−dead to give a start. Dead through spite, he will cause the others to shine, And in an exalted place some great evils to occur: Sad concepts will come to harm each one, Temporal dignified, the Mass to succeed. Fathers and mothers dead of infinite sorrows, Women in mourning, the pestilent she−monster: The Great One to be no more, all the world to end." This stuck in my head as in Max Igans video he said how if you damage that blood brain barrier you can get encephelotis. This is a brain inflammation, then with those possible nano-bots perhaps it will make a zombie-like state in the ill person.
  10. it was only from the main stream media articles that I heard this about him, and if I recall, also a Max Igan video recently. Of course with his predictions they are all down to how you interpret it. Here is one of the articles https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/seven-nostradamus-predictions-2021-zombies-19523435.amp
  11. Thank you. I absolutely love listening to this lady speak she is amazing.
  12. They sure will try all the can to make it mandatory or coerce people into taking it. They’ve already set up Covid passports - but that will change depending on our reaction to it. If there is not proper pushback like the French have been doing, then it will happen.
  13. Agree we may not be 100% right, BUT so many educated and varied people now (not only David) have come to the exact same conclusion about this, and all the evidence supports it. Something definitely isn’t right and the MSM version of events are probable lies...
  14. You are right with your comparison! I suppose it did take me years to wake up and that was with a mind that was already partially willing to listen and a feel and sense that something in this world was not right. I often become ill trying to help others and I think that needs to stop for good too... take care! Sounds like you made the right choice. People can only be helped if they want help.
  15. I’ve never even heard of a vector vaccine - people seem to think this Oxford one is like their flu shot and it’s totally not I agree with you it seems like they are trying different approaches for the same outcome...
  16. I’ve just noticed that the Oxford vaccine enters cells and I thought only the mRNA vaccine did that... as far as I can see, other vaccines such as flu ones do not enter your cells like this. Can anyone verify if this is true or not please that others do not and that this is working like the mRNA vaccine invading cells?
  17. I would definitely agree about my sister, she is very sensitive and often can listen to anything even a bit upsetting because it’s too much for her. It’s easier to believe your government care because that’s easy and makes you feel safe. My brother in law I’m not sure sure about, I think he’s just so nice and trusting and a product of the government being a doctor, his whole livelihood depends on believing. Are you going to stop trying now then? I don’t think I have the energy anymore but a big part of me is screaming never give up...
  18. Whatever the truth, the test swabs are obviously different to a normal cotton bud. And if they are different, WHY. If Covid is so infectious, WHY do we need to scrape our blood-brain barrier when a cheek swab would be more than enough? And WHY are we using these tests when it’s not a test for infectious disease? Obviously something is not right here so I won’t discard the video as silly.
  19. I could have written this myself. Today I am SO done. As a doctor, my brother in law got his COVID-19 jab today. He opted for the Oxford vaccine after turning down the Pfizer one, and I can only pray that this vaccine is less destructive because it’s not an mRNA one. I have spent months now trying to talk to my sister who he is married too, sending her real statistics and links to look at that challenge the propaganda she’s been brainwashed with. A few things she called me a conspiracy theorist about have been proven true, so I thought that would activate a part of her mind that would make her want to ask questions or think about things beyond what the TV tells her. Everything she has said the government said, I’ve provided her with evidence against that she can look at herself and not think I’m making it up. I’ve urged her to research and provided her so many times now with evidence but she hasn’t looked. It’s like she just isn’t willing since I’m not the government TV telling her to look. I have been laughed at by them both too for my ‘silly ideas’ about a Bill Gates. I attempted to show her evidence of vaccine harm and how you don’t need to instantly drop dead to mean that you’re fine after a vaccine. Seems that didn’t register either. She thinks her husband is fine after his jab and hasn’t suffered with any side effects because it’s not happened instantly. I’m quite certain she will be taking the jab when it’s available for the healthy younger population. I feel so bad but I now feel like I just don’t have the energy to care anymore and if people want to choose to be so ignorant then they deserve their fate. I’ll regret saying that but I’m so frustrated and sad, as well as exhausted from trying in vain to help her think for herself.
  20. Any other option apart from take the vaccine. I worry what this ‘vaccine’ may do to our consciousness. I’ve read numerous things including it shuts down the ‘spiritual’ part of you rendering an empty shell, and when we are eventually chipped and connected to a main computer what will that do to our consciousness - will it trap it for ever in an endless cycle of rebirth in the beast system of slavery and misery? I’d rather not take the risk. I’m not religious but it’s amazing how scarily accurate the book of revelations is and it says how having the mark of the beast means you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. Maybe that means your consciousness will be forever trapped in the beast system. No thanks. It’s really a choice, if things get really bad, of a normal death or a really bad death in which you can never really die and will always be a slave.
  21. So I’ve noticed even some sceptics I know praise the Oxford vaccine, it’s now becoming more about which vaccine they will take rather than a question of taking it all together. Their reasoning is that the Oxford vaccine is not the dRNA type so more trusted. Since the RNA danger isn’t there, what sort of danger do we need to expect specifically from this vaccine from Oxford? Personally I won’t be taking any at all but for those who think it’s a good idea I’d like to know what dangers to expect from it so I can try inform them. I thought they needed specifically to get the RNA vaccine into us.
  22. As far as I’m aware, the plague was bacterial, not viral. I don’t think they would be able to control a real bio weapon - they would have chose that already surely if it was the best and easiest option rather than to have to work so hard to lie about one. Still, I wouldn’t put it past them. We will see soon enough! Luckily I don’t fear death.
  23. I can’t stand her, or the way she speaks. She’s a dangerous person like the rest of them.
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