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  1. Sorry to hear this! It must be completely frustrating for you. It’s important to be on the same level as your partner and some things are just too much to ignore. I have never heard about Vitamin D being harmful from taking it in a vitamin. Can you tell me anymore about it or provide sources?
  2. Something that has made me even more certain now that this whole show is nothing but a distraction and to make people have more support for the queen and her close royals is the amount of comments I’ve seen from the public that basically say it didn’t care for the royals before but now I love them’
  3. You can refuse despite what your parents have signed, as just got said - your body belongs to you and not your parents. There is no legal requirement that forces anyone to testing and they cannot physically force you.
  4. sadly that’s all the elderly and/or sick who won’t be around much longer so 17 million people won’t be there to support them soon enough.
  5. Everyone has already hit the nail on the head with their answers so I can’t really add anything more, but they’re all right.
  6. I do share your disgust! It’s been headlines in the daily mail all morning and I can’t believe anyone cares. I am interested in the comments though and sadly people just love the queen and her other close royals even more as a result which reinforces my belief that it’s all for show.
  7. Yes! I think they need the attention. I don’t really read any articles on them anyway and switch off if I hear anything about them.
  8. I changed my mind on this completely now I stopped to think better. I think they are nothing nothing but a distraction with the intention of making the other royals look ‘better’ so in people’s minds they support the monarchy more. Distraction from the pedo Prince friend of Epstein too. So much to distract really. You cannot be a surviving member of the royal family without fully being initiated and knowing what’s going on.
  9. I say this because I have a friend who made the mistake of returning a vaccination form to her daughters school saying she does NOT consent, and as a result they hounded her more and more and ringing to constantly ask why not and try change her mind. She found they left her alone better with no reply.
  10. There is no way to detox from this type of gene therapy. Once it’s done, it’s done, and you can meditate and change your diet all you want but ultimately taking it you are realistically going to have to accept your death because of it. Sorry to put that bluntly but that’s the brutal truth of it. It’s not to help you or make you better, or something that you can ignore and hope will go away.
  11. I am won over by this theory, since there is some actual evidence to support it unlike the germ theory. I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently actually. I thought how without it the germ theory, big pharma would be finished. Gone. No more. Like a multi on billion dollar corporation would allow this and it’s also helping them with the global takeover. Explains why they ridicule any challenge to the germ theory.
  12. Just type in spars pandemic 2025 into google and all the links to the document come up easy, I think it’s a John Hopkins University scenario document.
  13. This document has only come to my attention recently, does anyone know much about it? It’s unclear whether this is a plan for another ‘pandemic’ or referring to this Covid pandemic with a random close year just picked. Any info appreciated!
  14. Really sad... the fear of death can really make the mind be so irrational to the point of madness It doesn’t even prevent transmission, they are clear on this, but they have been made to be so afraid that they completely ignore that fact and still demand others are jabbed to ‘protect them’
  15. These are the exact words of a family member to my mum who is trying to convince her to have the Covid vaccine I cannot comprehend the gravity of what is going on in a brain who says that... complete la la land. I believe this is the ultimate case of cognitive dissonance that I have heard personally in my life right now. Thank fully she is listening to my warnings about this vaccine. Other family members are calling her too to urge her to get the jab telling her she will ‘definitely’ die if she gets Covid. What is this mental misconception that it is a death sentence?? I am so sad members of my family are so brainwashed. My personal observation has been that the older generation are the ones who have completely bought into this fear and lie, whether in real life or on forums it’s those majority that are hopelessly lost to indoctrination. Sad...
  16. I really do fear about the part where you said they will remove children if they are not jabbed on safety grounds. I’ve been thinking about that for months now and worrying, as I can completely believe they would go that far. What are parents supposed to do about that First they would have to push a big lie about children being effected by Covid and ramp up the fear to get away with that. I completely expect them to do that to push the jab.
  17. Excellent. Just using this video in homeschool right now to teach my boys another way of thinking.
  18. Shocking!! It’s something we knew to expect but it’s still unbelievable at the same time. If people don’t draw the line at their children then nothing else in this world will work. See how this year develops to make people think their children need this jab!!
  19. I’m thinking it will help wake people up, even many of those who love vaccines and want one don’t seem to agree that children should have one. Sadly there will be this parents that line their poor children up though yes, shocked by those sorts of people like the lady in that link too
  20. Judging from the comments almost everyone is outraged enough that if they do try make it mandatory which I don’t doubt is the plan, I think they will have too much resistance. I’m already homeschooling because I don’t want them washing their hands 20 times a day and all the other nonsense so I certainly would rather them be home then be jabbed.
  21. Sickened to read this article https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9245901/UK-coronavirus-vaccines-children-end-year.html#comments Looks like in the UK we can expect jabs for our children by the end of the year. They can count mine out.
  22. I agree, Dr Kaufman won this easily. I like Judy but boy, she’s way off the mark here.
  23. Spot on!! I thought a few times that this was the one MSM that may be pushing truth... even Julie who takes the morning weekday slot says great things for pushback but then peddles the absolutely amazing vaccine... fake opposition
  24. I can’t stand this man and can’t watch him. It’s hilarious how he says it’s the home of free speech but then goes on to say not to call in if you’re a tin foil hat type.
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