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  1. Maybe send an email threatening legal action because of harassment if they don’t stop. You have already contacted them, the email will be proof and you can use this against them should they continue harassment. Medical harassment going down on record may not be a bad idea actually.
  2. I don’t think anyone here thinks that would suggest it. The vaccine wrecks your immune system so that would never ever be the answer, even with viral shedding. It would put you in an even worse position.
  3. I feel like I could have written this myself! I would say it’s never a good idea to pretend you believe something you don’t, with the neighbours you can say your views and then politely agree to disagree and move on. I feel I important for COVID believers to see that we are perfectly normal and sane people, and who knows - maybe the conversation may even plant a seed of doubt in their mind and they may learn something. I understand your feelings about it though, it is exhausting. I have had issues with family, also lost friends. It had left me feeling ever more isolated and alone. A good few family members also mostly agree with me though so it’s not all a nightmare for me. I saw this on my walk to my village centre, It’s a reminder that although we feel alone and like we are surrounded by COVID believes, there are others close by that we don’t know about and we are not so alone
  4. If the germ theory is correct, then viral shedding could be an issue yes. I lean towards the terrain theory, but I think all avenues should be explored and discussed. It’s possible any of us are wrong and I’m sure none here are fully 100% correct with anything we believe. Something about staying away from people and being afraid just doesn’t sit right with me though. I think eat right, boost your immune system, think healthily and act like a normal human being is the way forward.
  5. If he was worried about catching COVID because you don’t have a mask, why on earth logically would be be trying to fight you, which would mean by his own logic he is risking death by COVID by coming close to you and panting as you fight!? I swear there is no logic or even a brain cell between the ears of people like this!
  6. No me personally but my mum has. Each time it has been an elderly man and each one was extremely vile to her, she has a short fuse so just tells them to fuck off and asks if they’re so terrified of dying because she is maskless then why are they putting themselves in danger by coming right up to her? They walk off still spewing vile shit and don’t shut up. It’s shocking. I’m usually really timid and hate confrontation but I think I would lose my temper hugely if it happened to me.
  7. I think I could just die of disappointment and/or vomiting right now. Browsing journaling on Reddit as it’s an interest of mine and was looking for inspiration. I can not believe how many ‘I got my COVID 19 vaccine!’ sticker posts I came across of people gushing and exited to stick them in their journals What was worse was the amount of comments of people who were SO jealous and couldn’t wait to get their sticker for their journal too and how elevated and excited those who did get it felt. These are grown arse adults. What f*cking chance have we got when all it takes is f*cking sticker to get the retards to hold out their arm
  8. It’s so tough isn’t it - I completely understand that feeling of watching those you love walk to their own doom and that helpless feeling of trying in vain to stop it when all it seems you can do is watch. I think most of us here have a similar story. In many cases however I don’t think there is anything we can do or say once someone has made up their mind, especially if they are so brainwashed and/or choosing to stay asleep. With your girlfriend, I see you say that she thinks life will return to normal if she accepts this jab. We know that’s not the case (other than being allowed to work etc) does she know that’s not only against basic human rights and Nuremberg code etc so can be won in court? Also does she know about this future not being normal in any way for those who have the jab, as there is plenty of evidence out there which if she sees may change her mind since she is already partially open. In the UK, those who have had the jab have the exact same life as an unvaccinated person. There is no ‘normal’ either way.
  9. I know they don’t care, but it needs clearly documenting down and they still need to clearly be told. If you don’t make your wishes known then that’s implied you don’t mind, it’s worth doing regardless.
  10. Give them a piece of your mind! https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/covid-status-certification-review-call-for-evidence/covid-status-certification-review-call-for-evidence
  11. People have an odd way of thinking! Your child’s LIFE and health is more important than a government institutional education - which like you said they have wrecked the last year of and probably more to come. Any Thinking parent who actually loves their child would do the same.
  12. There is no clear answer sadly! It depends on if the germ theory is correct - in which case yes technically it is possible and this idea is supported but Geert Vanden Bossche, Del Bigtree and Vernon Coleman. If the terrain theory is correct, then no it is not possible, and this idea is supported by Andrew Kaufman and David Icke etc. What I take away from this is that it is a possibility.
  13. I have just watched Christians video and he made some great points... so now I’m not so sure what to think to be honest. Surely though if vaccines caused the problem, no one would trust even more vaccines to ‘fix’ the problem?
  14. I think whistleblower since the main message is do NOT take this vaccine.
  15. Well, that’s slightly unnerving! Same with all these DNR forms being given without consent or knowledge of family and the government needing someone to develop AI to process the high number of expected adverse reactions to the jabs - unbelievable. My friends husbands mother was pressuring her son very hard to get the jab, just like your son, but sadly he caved in and he really didn’t want to have it. They all think they are doing the right thing and i don’t understand how they can really not stop to think how a rushed experimental jab is needed for a mild virus. My mother listened to me and turned down her jab but she has family members every other day calling her pleading to get the jab, saying everything from ‘you’ll die if you don’t’ to ‘don’t listen to the bad stuff (about the jab) only listen to the good stuff’ I think the more silent you are though, the more he will push and hassle you to take it. I found the more I tried to tell my sister, the more she completely avoids the subject now with me lol. It’s so tough. I’m so annoyed how the government employ psychologists exactly to get people to behave this way in a fear based state so they can’t think.
  16. Personally I think it’s to create the illusion that there is a ‘safe’ Covid 19 vaccine rather then the truth that NONE are safe. So some people will suddenly want one type more rather then being sceptical, and maybe even to make brits be more patriotic about the AZ jab and be more likely to receive it in protest - which is sadly the additive I have seen with some people. I see some ‘shortages, have been created with the EU madness too and on a psychological level that makes people want something more if they feel it’s in short supply. I know how well that trick works too - when there was a shortage of loo roll and pasta in first lockdown for some reason I wanted those items more even though I knew I had enough!
  17. I’m so sorry you’re in this position! Must be even worse when it’s making things difficult between a child and parent. I’m glad you are sticking to your guns, sadly, your son is so way off the mark and in for a nasty shock if he things bowing to medical tyranny will give him his freedom. Personally if that were me, I would send him a link to the official VAERS webiste showing the death and harm the jab is causing, and another to Geert Vanden Bossche too vaccinology experts warning to the world about the dangers of the vaccine. He can not argue with official documented evidence and unlikely to question a top expert (who so far hasn’t been discredited for speaking out!) and then leave it there. I am having some of my own struggles with family. Thankfully my partner too is in agreement with me and My children are still school aged and homeschooled so not old enough to have been brainwashed with the narrative and listening to me. I’ve got a few family members to listen to me but others I know aren’t happy with my thoughts and I’m most upset about my sister and her family. I get brushed off as a conspiracy theorist and I don’t know how things are going to go in the future in terms of if they feel ‘safe’ being around the unvaccinated so will have to see how that unfolds as the madness does!
  18. I was actually just looking at this today. There does seem to be a correlation, yes. Also where there were caving trails, and countries close to those with a big vaccine program.
  19. I am so sorry to hear that, it’s no age to leave this world I hear this all too often and the problem is not being addressed by the MSM.
  20. I was just coming to post about this. It’s a chilling warning. What he doesn’t seem to clarify though is if us unvaccinated are at risk from these variants. If you watch Dr Vernon Coleman’s latest video, he seems to think we are all at risk of death. It’s something more to worry about.
  21. Absolutely disgusting demonising people who don’t want vaccines for a variety of reasons, demonising a section of people and considering them a ‘threat’ is on the 10 stages of genocide. Does hayfever class as an autoimmune disease? I never had an issue in my life with pollen then when I was 25 I received a flu vaccine because I was pregnant with my second child and since that year I suffer terribly with hayfever every year. It seems off to me that something like that could ‘just randomly develop’ so I always wonder if it was because of that vaccine…
  22. I didn’t pick up on it being a private company, that does make all the difference.
  23. I received this letter for my child. I am happy for general medical check ups although he seems perfectly fine, but it mentions here about a vaccination review. I have decided not to vaccinate anymore so he missed out on a few from the past year or so. I don’t want to be in a position where I am questioned about it or hassled, it’s my decision. I am best just passing full stop on this whole assessment?
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