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  1. Can you please point me to the part where I said any of these scenarios applied to me that were given as some of many examples that were not black and white as to why someone may choose an abortion? Not that it is any of your business at all, but I have 3 planned children with the same father whom I have been in a relationship with for 15 years, and I have never had an abortion. The only thing at all that I did say happened to me was that I almost died giving birth to one of my children, and that was as another example that childbirth is potentially deadly to women and yet another very important reason why she should never be forced into being an incubator against her will. You seem to be very judgemental as well as not even reading properly what is said to you. Call them excuses all you want but it is very valid reasons for women, and reasons that are nothing to do with you as it’s not your life that is being effected.
  2. It is entirely possible that they will do this in the future (if they haven’t already) it would actually be a very easy way to hit people with a bio weapon. Max Igan mentioned this as a possible way they could do it
  3. I never said forced into sex, you asked if the father is not important in the decision about a child and I said no he cannot force her to be an incubator against her will should a pregnancy occur. a morning after pill is not always an option, sometimes failed contraception like the pill for example is not known about until way after a pregnancy has been established. I wouldn’t know if my pill had failed until I got a positive pregnancy test so a morning after pill is completely useless there! Also, no the state won’t provide for any more than 2 kids, and even the first two kids it doesn’t help cover all costs too well. It’s not black and white. If I was to become pregnant again I would have NO state help which would plunge us all into poverty and result in my other children suffering. Not to mention what it would mean for my mental health and also physical health as giving birth to one of my children almost killed me. I could die next time, always a risk. Also not many children in care grow up happy and loved with a good mental health. None of the ones I know have done, they are severely depressed and not doing good as a result so they tell me. Let’s not forget to mention that some children in care easily end up in pedophile rings and trafficked, not a nice life to say the least. As I said it is not black and white. Numerous reasons for an abortion that not all of which have a get out clause. Sometimes abortion even saves a child being born into a situation where it would be neglected, abused and raped - think abusive families - horrible I know but also something to consider amongst it all. It’s the choice of who’s body it is. If we lose the right to our own body then our body belongs to someone else and I don’t think I even need to explain what can go wrong from that point onwards.
  4. No, as it’s not the fathers body it’s nothing to do with him in forcing the woman against her will to be an incubator and potentially die (giving birth almost resulted in my death and is dangerous for women which has to count) So with these reasons no, unfortunately for the man involved, not his body to force into a situation.
  5. As soon as the story came out I stated to my other half ‘look at this nonsense in the paper for distraction’ it’s so obvious it’s sickening.
  6. I think only go for pirates IF you can not afford to buy and would have no other way. If you can afford to support David, then do. He deserves it for everything N he has done and is doing.
  7. Maybe he isn’t going to use any excuse then and just state he doesn’t want to do it and doesn’t agree with the madness. It’s the right thing to do, and I agree massively there. I just don’t know what I’ll do in situations where I maybe NEED to use a shop and they refuse me with me stating I just don’t want to. That’s why I’m thinking just use the I’m exempt excuse?
  8. It’s up to the individual of who’s body it is and no one else in my opinion. Despite what people are led to believe, it’s extremely rare that it is performed for a reason other than something not very valid. It’s a last resort and not an easy choice, I don’t think anyone who is in that position needs judgement.
  9. Personally after the research I have done, my view of them is very negative. They are addictive and sometimes dangerous, with many undesired side effects. They never get to the root cause, and may natural foods, plants and herbs do a way better job with none of the danger. Glad you have ditched them and doing way better! Keep it up
  10. Not seen clouds like that before, interesting! Especially after your dream. Some days the skies above me are completely littered with chem trails.
  11. I was wondering how too, especially with his interview coming up with London Real again. It’s actually what got me thinking about this topic.
  12. So now that face masks are mandatory in shops, what will be your excuse for not wearing one should you visit? I’ve not decided the best way to go about it yet personally and wondering what everyone else is doing. For the sake of getting on with my day and being able to use shops if needed I’m u sure whether to just say I am exempt from wearing one (I am not) or just say I don’t want to and risk getting kicked out and people sending me to the slaughter shouting I am killing the world and rubbish along those lines.
  13. I only read main stream news papers mostly for a laugh, to see what rubbish is being force fed to us for comparison to the actual truth that I won’t find there.
  14. Hello everyone. I sadly was not informed properly on vaccinations so my 3 children are vaccinated, although my youngest is nearly 3 so he will at least not be taking others coming up now I am informed. I am wanting to take out some of the heavy metals from their bodies from vaccinations as I understand they build up in the body. Older children are 9 and 13. Anyone able to educate me on ways to do this? I’ve seen from a herbalist some ‘chelation therapy’ capsules containing chlorella that he says can help. Not sure of the best methods? Tia
  15. Hello everyone. Been visiting David Icke website for a long while now but didn’t realise there was a forum. Decided to sign up right away as I sadly don’t know many people who know what is happening to the world and who are able to think for themselves. I feel increasingly alone and isolated as everyone around me obeys like a mindless sheep and it gets to me. It’s nice to have somewhere now where everyone is like minded and able to hold intelligent conversation. Looking forward to speaking with you all! Samantha x
  16. Sorry you had to put up with vile abuse from sheep, I’m not looking forward to it. Not been out since the masks in shop rule was implemented but I won’t wear a mask, and do have to go out at some point. It’s sad how brainwashed they are. Not really decided how to deal with these sort of people yet... but you’re not alone.
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