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  1. I don’t really know a single person who got sick in 2019, and mine and other peoples worst flu of their life was in other years. People always have their own ‘worst flu ever’ at some point, and many by chance will be the same year. When people get told their are specific symptoms to ‘watch out for’ on a psychological level that’s what sometimes develops of its on their mind too. I can’t remember the specific name for this phenomena but I suspect this is the case. I could be wrong though, just my personal thoughts on it. 

    Something noteworthy though that happened in 2020 was a friend of a friend (so I don’t know this person) got ‘Covid’ and to be honest he symptoms described to me sounded exactly like radiation poisoning. I think something else was going on but not a virus. Especially after studying terrain theory, German new medicine and psychology in more depth.

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  2. I’m looking for a simple video that’s not too long that could help someone I know to be convinced not to take the covid jab that he’s booked in for himself. He’s quite young and naive so needs to be simple but one that will get enough of the message across without bombarding too much information at him and putting him off wanting to listen or take in the information.


    I watched a really good one about a year ago but just can’t seem to find anything now with the censorship and with BitChute search functions being terrible.


  3. 2 hours ago, greatdayforfreedom said:


    LOL. I wasn't talking about Vernon Coleman,  I was talking about Carl Vernon!


    Vernon Coleman  is one of the good guys.

    Lol sorry, my bad. I skimmed that and just saw the word Vernon and since that was in the title for the Dr I assumed he was the subject. 

    Would say the same for Carl Vernon though to be fair. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, greatdayforfreedom said:

    I definitely don't trust Belfield, also I suspect that he is a freemason like his mate Jim Davidson.  I watch Carl Vernon, and post some of his videos.  I don't know what to make of him, what's his background? He has written books on anxiety, and how to deal with arseholes, and he sells T-shirts, all Convid related.  Apparently he's had the jabs, a friend of his posted saying this but the comment was removed. Could he also be a freemason? His wife posted saying he was not, she could be lying of course.

    Dr Vernon Coleman gets trolled and attacked a lot for speaking out, I wouldn’t believe for a second he had the jabs and random comments can’t really be taken seriously. He passionately speaks out about the dangers of jabs and has even cried on his videos about the death they have caused.  

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  5. Belfield is ok but can be a huge dick and has a massive ego which puts me off. He’s also not as awakened as others and dare not say too much or go too far. He does his job though for people at the start of their awakening journey I guess.


    Vernon Coleman is amazing, he speaks what he believes and has integrity. He’s done a lot in terms of awakening some of my friends and is a valuable asset. He’s never said anything that sits uncomfortable with me.


    Hugo talks also is fantastic in my opinion. He’s also never said anything that sits uncomfortable with me and also dives deep into things I’ve never even thought to think deeply about and picked up on things before any other person has. No reason not to trust him unless he says certain things that certainly wouldn’t sit right.

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  6. Well, I do think death will definitely come to many of them and over the next few years or so. Mixed in there will be manufactured famines and more to ‘help’ things along and cover up a lot of it as the cause.


    Transhumanism is the end goal so those left will be mindless machine-like beings, no longer human or with human emotion or thought. 

  7. On 12/19/2021 at 2:56 PM, GregC said:

    Hey folks, I'm a newish member to the forum and this thread caught my eye! I'm an only child living with my parents, they have been completely brainwshed by the media into fearing the Moronic varient. To give you a better insight into what I mean, we get the shopping delivered and they get a table set up in the garage and wipe every single item down with a solution of warm water and bleach. They also use gloves to pick up post etc... I'm quite lucky in the sense that I can drive therefore theres always and escape route if it gets to much! I haven't got any close family who I interact with so my Mum and Dad are the main people in my life. Whenever I try to explain to them my concerns about not having the jab I always get given the guilt trip of "what if you died, that'd be me and your dad finsihed"! I thought I was getting somewhere when the Tory christmas party was leaked, but no, back to square one with "wear a mask" etc. I don't know how much more I can take of this pure insanity, I'd love to get talking to others in the same position as me and I bet there's loads out there who have it alot worse than me. So in that sense I should think myself lucky that I can get out whenever I can, but still....  


    Thats tough… thankfully you can at least get some breaths to yourself since you drive. 

    when they guilt trip you with ‘what of you died’ remind them of the official reporting systems showing how many have died because of the jab and remind them again ‘yes, what if I died!’ (Of the jab) maybe that might just stop them in their tracks for a moment. I remember my sister talking with me because she wanted our mum to have to have the jab and she tried that on me too ‘what if she caught covid and died’ and I replied ‘what if she had the jab and died’ and she didn’t have any reply to that 😁 she still loves jabs etc but at least for that moment I got some rest from guilt tripping.

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  8. I think it’s another Matt Hancock situation. The cult are aware that people hate Boris and have no faith in him, so he needs to be replaced with someone else to make people feel like they are being listened to which crushes some public anger. Many will be more likely to listen to a puppet who they ‘like.’ What we will get though is another puppet who will push the same agenda. 

  9. 12 hours ago, CrowintheSnow said:

    My family (not much left of them now)always thought I was too peculiar because I always insisted on my own independent thought about most things. I was a "rum 'un" in the family (northern expression for a feckin' weirdo with no hope.) and often gently laughed at. Gently...but with an unmistakable dismay that I would never toe any official  line without asking myself first about the rightness of it. I remember that from childhood. I guess it was a sacrilege to be your own authentic self.

    Awful to be "ghosted" isn't it?

    Im northern so I know that saying well!  I know now that us ‘weird’ ones are actually the only normal people and capable of original thought. It’s never personal though, these sort of people who can ghost anyone or belittle them for thinking something so different are deeply mind controlled and damaged. There are millions of us thankfully and millions more joining.

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  10. 10 hours ago, JJ73 said:


    It's terrifying actually. They usually come to see me on my birthday and this year they all went off to a hotel for a gathering on that day. I only received 2 cards this time as well when I normally receive 10 or so. They are making a statement. I was hurt by it at the time however they have made the decision to cut me out of their lives. I hope nothing does happen to them health-wise down the line, however they may live to regret their inability to question the narrative.



    It is. I can remember being taken to the local theatre when I was 6. The person on the stage wanted all the children to dance like idiots and I flat out refused to do so which incensed them. The music was stopped and the spotlight fell upon me and everyone was notified that "there is a little boy who doesn't want to play along." It was very uncomfortable. My mum was bribing me to comply with the promise of an ice cream. Parents were tutting and the kids around me glared angrily in my direction. I stood my ground or rather I stayed seated but stated I wasn't going to do it because I didn't want to.


    When we left, parents were pointing at me and making unpleasant comments. My mother was saying she "couldn't take me anywhere." The point being that most of those kids were around my age and they hated the fact I thought differently to them, even then. By the age of 8, most kids I knew were mini versions of their parents, people whom were just aping what they had heard from their parents. Very few people have genuine independence of mind. Outside of forums such as this, I don't think I have met more than 10 people in my entire life who could truly think for themselves. It's tragic to be honest.



    Wow, that is really rough that they cut you like that… I’m so sorry you’re having to go through it through no fault of your own. I do think they will live to regret it and I hope you get the most sincere and heart felt apology ever. So many people are going through this and it’s not fair at all.

  11. Must be so tough for sure married to, or even living in the same house as someone who keeps taking these injections. I think I only get by  because I am mostly shielded from people who have had them and my partner doesn’t want the jabs either. My only runs-ins were with my much loved sister, who is terrified by the propaganda so injected herself twice and now will do the same because it omicron. I tried to tell her but she thinks I’m brainwashed so now we both avoid any mention of covid while otherwise getting along normally. 

    I am concerned what our relationships will be with these people when this shit show really takes off and we are demonised, dehumanised and can no longer enter supermarkets? Will they help us? Will they stand up for us? Fear is a powerful thing.

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  12. On 12/2/2021 at 3:44 AM, JJ73 said:

    Same for me. Every single member of my extended family (35 people) have been double-jabbed and some have now had the booster shot while others are waiting to have it. Not one has questioned the narrative at all. It's frightening to think I grew up with these people and not one of them has a single independent idea or thought. They all vote to the right because they say they hate collectivism. Kind of ironic really.

    Thats a lot of people to be amongst that are not thinking, it can’t be easy. As far as I know, most of my family are the same. No independent thought. 

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  13. On 12/3/2021 at 12:01 AM, CrowintheSnow said:

    Best thing you can do is just look after yourself, and let them do what they will. If Mr BJ told them what you're telling them, they would sit up and listen, but not from anyone else. Nothing you can do to alter that mindset, mate. They are the ones who are brainwashed, sadly.

    You’re so right. I really did think though that after this omicron nonsense and the jabbing like crazy round 3 that my sister would have a big revelation and realise that I might be right. Especially since she never believed me about jab passports etc and all that has been introduced too. But no. I’m still absolutely shocked that she is terrified because there is a ‘new virus’ omicron that we need jabbing for. I’m done.

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  14. Hmmm looks like the same person to me in this case. A persons nose shape from the front can widen with a big smile, and when posing for a photo (and wearing make up) a person can look totally different to a natural and unmade up shot of themselves. The right lighting and pose/make up and make a person look very flattering. Her face shape looks all the same with me so I wouldn’t say it’s different people. I’ve seen some photos of others such as Biden past & now and they have different eyes and ear shapes and that would definitely be something to grab ones attention…

  15. The kill has to be slow as to not raise obvious suspicion and anger. If everyone who took the jab died fast, those left would see and be so angry they would rise up and kill all those responsible. They obviously don’t want that. They need everyone to be afraid of the slow rising death that can easily be blamed on variants and anti jabbers so that hey can reach more people and coerce them into it too. The sheep will lead themselves and others to the slaughter out of fear. Everyone will be changed then, even those who manage to survive… then those changed ones are ready for the technocratic future and as far as they know, a deadly virus wiped out a large section of humanity and they are grateful to their savours. No anger, just total happy compliance.

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  16. On 10/30/2021 at 4:33 AM, Saved said:

    It will not be a new variant because by their very nature, viruses weaken every time they mutate - even pretend viruses.


    It will (if it has to be) a completely new infectious disease. 

    They constantly go back on what they say so that won’t matter. They said masks didn’t work, then suddenly they do. They said asymptomatic transmission doesn’t exist, now it’s the basis for all this madness. Long list of more…. New variant is very likely.

  17. 18 hours ago, Saved said:

    That's about where I'm at with it all - the illogical horse shit stage.


    I know so many people who are very successful in their chosen career paths, so much more intelligent than me and with a background in academia (many went to Oxford and Cambridge) that proves their ability to get their heads down and study, analyze, work things out.


    Doctors (around 15), surgeons (2), architects and engineers (10 or so), lawyers (3), teachers (20 or so).


    I know these people well enough to eat with them and have done so in their homes - they ain't some silly arse fly by night Facebook friends. They've babysat every one of my kids at one stage or another.


    EVERY one of them is now double jabbed. They have conformed with every mandate at every step and some have had their first booster whilst the rest eagerly await their turn. One of them (a retired structural engineer) took part in the original trials.


    Where is the critical thinking? Where is the logical thinking? Surely, given that these 'vaccines' were trumpeted as the way to freedom - with 80% jabbed - we'd be there now. But no, they don't actually work. They do NOT stop transmission. They do NOT stop people dying. So what is the point of the boosters and what is the reason why all (including kids) should be jabbed and what is the reason for health passports?


    For those who are hard of hearing, the vaccines DO NOT WORK!!!



    What I have come to realise is that being academically educated does not equal being wise. All it means for them is they are very good at memorising what they are told to think and what they are told are the correct answers to be ‘smart’ and how to regurgitate  that onto exam papers. 

    Wise people think. Wise people form an opinion based on their own research and come to their own conclusions.

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  18. The more jabbed they are, the more scared they are. I would think that’s to do with the brainwashing and media doing a successful job on them. I mean, how scared must you be to keep lining up for dangerous experimental jabs to save you from a very mild virus that probably doesn’t even exist anyway?


    Who knows if there is another element to them though doing something to their brains. Anything is possible at this stage!

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  19. 1 hour ago, Leisa said:

    I'm so glad my kids are mostly adults now... I would b pulling them out of the propaganda centers IMMEDIATELY... You are doing the right thing.... 


    That’s another thing I forgot to add - I also believe these government schools are propaganda centres and I’m glad to have them out of there for that reason too.

  20. 13 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:

    you've done the right thing.

    we've got no idea where society is going over the next couple of years.

    kids will forget subjects whether they are at school or home.

    i'd counter that argument with "kids have spent less time at school and the number of good grades has doubled"

    i've just finished the 2nd week of homeschooling

    How are you finding it so far? I’ve not actually spoke directly to anyone who has actually took the leap and homeschooled yet. It’s great to know first hand of others 😊

  21. 8 minutes ago, spideysensei said:


    When most others are chronically under reacting (due to hypnosis, wilful ignorance, etc), it's easy to assume there's something wrong with us instead. Are there any local support groups out there for parents in a similar situation? Even just one or two other like minded parents/friends would help a lot.  I wish you all the strength needed to make the right decisions for your children.


    Thank you, it really is tough. I think there are some support groups I’ve been told of, but they are on Facebook which I have not used and don’t wish to use ever again after closing my account a few years ago. Maybe I’ll have to bite the bullet and open my account again to get some support…

  22. I have been homeschooling my children since September 2020. Generally, they are doing very well and working at least 1 year ahead of their year levels. Reasons for homeschooling were the obvious - didn’t want them masked, tracked, standing in boxes etc and the worst of all I didn’t want them jabbed which is happening now to secondary school aged children.


    My sister has always been against this (she’s jabbed and believes the narrative) and although she has never really stepped out of line with her running my decision down, she’s often talking about me putting them back into schools. This has been grating on me for the past year but worse of all is their fathers increasing comments about this issue. He is in support for most things, and certainly doesn’t want them jabbed or tested, but for example if any of the the children forget something simple over the 6 week holidays like a maths equation he will say angrily ‘they need to be back in school’ despite them remembering just fine once I refresh their memories.

    He says the same thing if a tricky subject comes up too which has done in science where I’m struggling to wrap my head around it since I’m not a qualified teacher. This doesn’t happen too often and as I said generally, they are doing great and working ahead of their year and finding that easy.


    I’m starting to feel like I’m doing wrong. I know they are missing out on friendships and that whole experience, but from my point of view I’m putting their health and lives ahead of a state-education. I feel like I’m the only one really addressing this issue but recently feel like just putting them back in school as I feel like I’m going against the grain alone. 


    Am I doing the right thing? Is this really health and life over a government education or am I over reacting? 


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