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  1. It’s so hard to know! On the one hand Trump appears to well be breaking down the child sex trafficking rings, stated years ago that Epstein’s Island was a cesspit and to ‘ask Prince Andrew’ and be going against the grain. on the other hand he seems to be pro Israel, and pushing the vaccine agenda thing... left not knowing what to think!
  2. I’ve not been able to find much information on the Q theory it’s mainly been by word of mouth so it’s been hard to gauge the truth in it.
  3. Those parents who make their children wear masks ‘despite a serious medical condition’ are absolute scum parents. Putting them at greater risk just for virtue signalling and then expecting everyone else to do the same. Just because they’re a scummy parent, or their kid seems to cope, doesn’t mean all kids will be fine being muzzled or that we should endanger other children more greatly with a medical condition.
  4. Surgery has never looked pretty though has it? My mother had surgery on her brain and I’m sure that looked awful too, videos like this are only made to shock and disturb without giving any thought as to why the procedure is taking place at all. Also, in the first 12-14 weeks it’s usually an abortion pill - medical intervention comes when the fetus it larger and more developed - closer to a baby and having all baby functions and real consciousness. At this point I do find it hard to think about and watch. The cut off point needs to lowered unless it’s a medical reason.
  5. I still very clearly said ‘I’ when the one time I referred to myself and never used ‘me’ or ‘I’ when referring to myself so confusion only comes from not reading a post right. I am grateful that the option is there for me should an awful situation arise where there would be no other way out. My partner also supports this as he recognises me as human with rights to my body and also understands that there are some situations where we would have to. There sort of debates did always seem pointless to me really, people are usually extremely pro or against and savagely so. Even in countries where it is illegal, many women still do it themselves at home (or take their own life) If a women really doesn’t want to continue a pregnancy, she will find a way not to. It will always happen like it or not, and it will never be stopped. The whole debate gets even more complicated when you consider a reasonable cut off point too, I think the 20 week limit here is too high it’s clearly a baby by then and not a fetus but I also know nearly every single abortion performed that late tends to be for medical reasons such as continuing a pregnancy would endanger the mothers life. Then the ones I don’t understand at all are the ones who scream it’s always murder, despite the woman was raped, or continuing the pregnancy has a high danger level for the woman medically, or even that the fetus/baby has a genetic condition meaning it will die at birth or suffer terribly in pain. It’s never black and white. We may as well force vaccinations on ourselves too to ‘apparently protect other people’ as they say, if we we don’t allow women’s rights to their own body to ‘protect someone else’ And there is no way around that. We rather own our bodies or we don’t.
  6. It does contain fluorite as well as some heavy metals! Currently buying spring water but going to invest in a water filter so will also check out the one you mentioned. Thanks again
  7. That’s the plan... to try shame you into complying. To get us sheep to herd ourselves..
  8. I am considering a lanyard with exemption card, but then a big part of me feels so angry at having to pretend to be disabled and wear a badge so I don’t have to conform to absolute stupidity...
  9. What are your thoughts on president Trumps stance on the whole Covid 19 farce? I listen to a few different sources as well as David, all agree on the Covid hoax but all mixed opinions on Trump. I’ve heard of the Q theory and Trump supposed to be the saviour but his behaviour seems the exact opposite to me. Or is it all an act? Thoughts.
  10. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply and providing me with this info, I have not heard of Sr Sarah Myhill so will have a look after this reply. Thermasol and whatever else they sneak into vaccines yes. Everything from the toxic environment too I suppose. Even heavy metals go in our water so I’ve stopped the family drinking tap water.
  11. Two of his fingers also drag and wave lower than his other 3 fingers it’s so weird!
  12. Can you please point me to the part where I said any of these scenarios applied to me that were given as some of many examples that were not black and white as to why someone may choose an abortion? Not that it is any of your business at all, but I have 3 planned children with the same father whom I have been in a relationship with for 15 years, and I have never had an abortion. The only thing at all that I did say happened to me was that I almost died giving birth to one of my children, and that was as another example that childbirth is potentially deadly to women and yet another very important reason why she should never be forced into being an incubator against her will. You seem to be very judgemental as well as not even reading properly what is said to you. Call them excuses all you want but it is very valid reasons for women, and reasons that are nothing to do with you as it’s not your life that is being effected.
  13. It is entirely possible that they will do this in the future (if they haven’t already) it would actually be a very easy way to hit people with a bio weapon. Max Igan mentioned this as a possible way they could do it
  14. I never said forced into sex, you asked if the father is not important in the decision about a child and I said no he cannot force her to be an incubator against her will should a pregnancy occur. a morning after pill is not always an option, sometimes failed contraception like the pill for example is not known about until way after a pregnancy has been established. I wouldn’t know if my pill had failed until I got a positive pregnancy test so a morning after pill is completely useless there! Also, no the state won’t provide for any more than 2 kids, and even the first two kids it doesn’t help cover all costs too well. It’s not black and white. If I was to become pregnant again I would have NO state help which would plunge us all into poverty and result in my other children suffering. Not to mention what it would mean for my mental health and also physical health as giving birth to one of my children almost killed me. I could die next time, always a risk. Also not many children in care grow up happy and loved with a good mental health. None of the ones I know have done, they are severely depressed and not doing good as a result so they tell me. Let’s not forget to mention that some children in care easily end up in pedophile rings and trafficked, not a nice life to say the least. As I said it is not black and white. Numerous reasons for an abortion that not all of which have a get out clause. Sometimes abortion even saves a child being born into a situation where it would be neglected, abused and raped - think abusive families - horrible I know but also something to consider amongst it all. It’s the choice of who’s body it is. If we lose the right to our own body then our body belongs to someone else and I don’t think I even need to explain what can go wrong from that point onwards.
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