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  1. Sorry she took the jab. I'm also all for free choice but this choice is not an informed one, when you’re being lied to it’s not free choice but a brainwashed ‘choice’ and that’s what bothers me. As for that church… they should be called MORONS
  2. Thank you for the link, I’m going to give it a read now
  3. If anyone here can please help answer my questions on the terrain theory I would be so grateful because I haven’t managed to find the answers anywhere on any of the research I’ve done and it’s really niggling at my brain. 1. So is a fever actually a good thing as the body’s natural way to help detox? And if it’s a good thing, what exactly makes it sometimes go too high and be a danger? Since it’s not an external dangerous virus doing it. 2. What is he real cause of warts/cold sores and what makes others get them upon contact if not the way explained by the germ theory? 3. Why d
  4. Just sent this to a family member who drinks at least 1 litre of coke per day, usually a lot more. I do like coke but I try have it next to never. I feel quite ill after drinking it and get a headache. The same has started happening after I have a takeaway which is the only time I will have coke usually and drink it along side of it. All the fat, sugar and chemicals my body isn’t happy at all so it’s quite easy for me to go without.
  5. I have at least 4 cups a day, not because I’m addicted but because it gets made for me. So much made for me I stopped because I was sick of it. 2 days later I had the most horrendous headache like never before and the only thing I changed was not having tea so thought it had to be caffine withdrawal. After 2 cups of tea, my horrendous headache subsided slowly. I’m scared not to have tea now
  6. Oh definitely. I think some of it is we have become more awake and aware too so it really stands out for their how much lacking in thinking abilities some people are. With all the propaganda telling them what to think I don’t think anyone has even used their brain in over a year… it’s bound to cause a big IQ drop.
  7. There is something that has never felt right about him. Also you will find comments getting deleted from his live chat if it’s not in line with his own thoughts. He wouldn’t talk to Brian Harvey either who was going through the same police issues he was. Perhaps he likes the income YouTube gives him? Or maybe more.
  8. I’m in the UK and in 14 years of being a parent, not a single time has an appointment ever been made for my child’s vaccinations unless I phoned and made one and gave consent. I have been ignoring all letters about vaccinations for my children for the past year as now I’m more educated and able to think, I’ve decided I no longer wish for them to be jabbed by big pharma. A few days days ago I got a text confirming an appointment has been made for my youngest sons immunations, and gave me a date and time to attend. I did not consent nor agree to this appointment.
  9. It’s hard to say for sure because it’s hard to know what exactly is really wrong with them. There are literally so many things that can cause loss of taste and smell though.
  10. People from India have been spreading out and saying it’s all exaggerated hugely. Death stats are nothing much different to normal. The health care system is terrible in India too so scenes like this wouldn’t be unusual although most are set up to scare people just like with China at the start of all this.
  11. Well, I hope you’re wrong but I don’t have a lot of faith in people My guess is that people feel safe now that the vulnerable are vaccinated and death numbers are low (as the media reports) so don’t see any need to follow the rules anymore. I know what you mean about all the signs, it’s an overkill and looks and feels so dystopian. Which council is this that has put a one way system in the town centre? That seems a step ahead the madness in other places
  12. I went to an indoor and ourdoor market yesterday (UK), which also had rides for children, animals to see, outdoor cafes etc. For the first time in over a year, I witnessed everyone being normal and breaking every rule by the government, in mass numbers - it was a huge place. Other than 5-10% wearing masks (even the masked didn’t social distance) every person there had zero social distancing and happily enjoyed the warm weather, chatted to strangers, touched and laughed. No one was angry, no one was enforcing rules or talking about COVID. I waited in a queue and it felt surreal that i
  13. Will this work though? It should have been documented with them on their files. I’m thinking of saying ‘although it’s not on my records, myself and all my family had severe reactions to our last jabs, not sure why it’s not in our records!’ And see where that takes us lol
  14. Breaking News - man gets hair cut and it blows in the wind.
  15. Same… if I’m to die I certainly don’t want it to be because of the big pharma, and earning them a profit in doing so by taking their poison products.
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