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  1. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9844701/SAGE-Covid-variant-kill-one-three-people.html#article-9844701 Interesting article suddenly popping up in the MSM tonight. In my opinion, priming us to expect death but blame a new variant rather than the jabs, which most of us have known for quite some time will happen this winter.
  2. Haha, fair question! No idea, I don’t have much faith in their sanity but it’s worth a try when it’s someone’s livelihood on the line.
  3. It’s only for them to quickly show clients. Most are older and not into technology or even understand it, so a card would be the better option for them.
  4. Have a friend who’s running into issues with clients who won’t go near their services because they are not taking the jab. Does anyone please know anywhere selling the jab cards they give upon being jabbed? I know it’s not a long term solution and angry about taking this route but the government propaganda is now seriously messing with people’s livelihoods
  5. That was a well reported, in your face clear scare tactic. This is a quiet, not spoken about plan so seems rather different to me. When they want to scare you, they talk about it in the media and out it out there.
  6. Haha, the sad thing is they will think you’re less mad for having 5 jabs than having no jabs! We really need to take a leaf of the book of the French, not afraid to stand up for themselves as you said.
  7. That must be very difficult being the only one not to have it amongst your immediate family. Keep standing strong, perhaps when you’re the only one not sick this winter they may take notice.
  8. For the first time, I’m feeling like I’m completely done now and that I no longer wish to try and help talk some basic sense into loved ones. I’ve tried for a year and a half now to have logical conversations, provide scientific evidence based links from various sources, including government (who may words do not match their own data) etc etc but my sister has looked at a big fat ZERO amount of them. She admits she’s not bothered to research, because it’s confusing, but goes on to talk quite patronising to me and tell me I am brainwashed. My final conversation with her about it ended in her asking ‘what is the name of the group I am in and who is my leader?’ - three times I explained I am not in a cult, or a church, there is no group and there is no leader telling me what to think. Millions in the UK are merely using their own brain and researching facts, and coming to the same conclusions based on evidence found. She still wouldn’t have it. I MUST have a leader apparently and MUST have a group name. I’m still shaking my head in disbelief days later. She’s had her first jab anyway despite everything I’ve asked her to look at before deciding, which as mentioned she did not, so I think it’s 100% a lost cause and not worth me getting so frustrated anymore trying in vain only to feel very patronised and be ignored. Done. Scary to be here but I just cannot get through. She did mention she has started to get some muscle twitches and I wonder if it’s jab related, but I didn’t say anything.
  9. What level of death does everyone expect to see this winter? Interesting the government are advertising for a mass temporary body storage to be built - they expect it too. Will it be slightly more than previous years or is anyone expecting a significant death rate, maybe where we all begin to know someone who’s ‘died from covid’ unlike the previous ‘waves’ ? Of course it will be jab deaths, that much I’m certain of and not covid deaths.
  10. Excellent thank you. She is allowed to leave but unfortunately was bullied into taking the test through threat of not being treated. She has brain cancer and I think her medication made her mentally unwell and they found she was dehydrated so it just having scans, fluids and bloods taken. I’m furious that they could bully a cancer patient to taking a test or needed medical care will not be given
  11. My mum is unwell and staying in a cancer unit ward in hospital. She said a nurse came to give her a covid test, and my mum said no. The nurse told her she ‘has to’ which my mum replied she will sign herself out of that’s the case and he nurse said ‘you can’t do that’ - I think she’s going to come back with a covid test again and try get her to agree. Can hospitals demand a covid test on patients?
  12. Since many people no longer fear covid, flu is that extra new fear source that they could easily use. As people go through their body flu detox come autumn, those who took the jab will hit big problems and become very sick I think.
  13. I didn’t know we could select more than one option? I put a global reset but I believe several of these factors tie in with it, such as depopulation.
  14. Interesting, contains GMO’s but doesn’t say what GMO’s.
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