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  1. I've had a couple of dreams about Satan , or Stan as I call him . The first was many years ago and I was terrified by the sight of him . I turned away cowering and hoped that I never had a dream about him again . Then last year the nasty bastard appeared in my dream again but this time I was no longer afraid of him . He still looked immensely powerful and I knew he could destroy me in an instant but I just looked him in the eye and saw him for what he was . Just a sad , pathetic being who had never known love . I pitied him as he turned , his body hunched over in defeat and at that point I realised how to hurt him , what his weakness is . He can't stand love and does everything he can to suck the love out of this planet . I refuse to let him suck the love out of me and that's how we beat the evil in this world - don't succumb to hate and negativity - it feeds him . Try and fill the world with as much love as you possibly can , knowing that every act of love deeply wounds him and weakens him . It's his kryptonite .
  2. That's a great video by Graham Hancock , thanks for posting Messenger . Also what you said about the commercials reminded me of something that happened to me while living in Northern California about 6 years ago . When watching tv I would often hit the mute button when the commercials came on because I found them so annoying . One day when I did this a message popped up on screen that said ....... Mute button = danger . It was only on for about a second but long enough for me to read it .
  3. Think I will start wearing an imaginary mask to go with the imaginary virus .
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