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  1. My daughter has a box of masks and the box reads 'not suitable for adults with respiratory illness' so by forcing you to use one is contrary to the manufacturers recommendations?
  2. "no matter what' is a tough call. I would certainly forego international travel/ public transport / large events / cinemas/ theatres etc etc.
  3. This is what I have been asking a couple of friends which gets them thinking.... Just imagine for a moment that there is no virus at all. The government then sends all the old people in hospital (already poorly or why else would they be in hospital) back to their care home or home. They talk most into signing a DNR order. They then make medical care and doctors visits to care homes difficult, if not impossible. They then stop the old folks seeing their family (and grandkids), frighten them as much as possible and tell them they will likely die. They then cancel any elective surgery, defer cancer treatments and other ongoing treatments. They then tell all the GP's to restrict access or close their surgeries and perform all consultations online where possible. (As most older people are good at that online stuff!) They then stop everyone else from going to work and seeing their friends, close the shops, pubs and restaurants and tell everyone they will likely die. They make people scared to call an ambulance in case they end in in hospital, where they will almost certainly die. How many people do you think that might kill?
  4. This is always my problem. I think this is a great video and really does make you think..... but why so many hours later?
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