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  1. Some may remember me, I posted a long while back about the NHS being pampered in the height of this so called pandemic. Just check my profile. Anyway, I had to leave my job of 14 years of bullshit internal politics. I wont bore you but I am after some information, if anyone can help. Private message me or post here....... In December my beautiful mother was taken from me. I'll lay out the timeline... Around November she started to show "symptoms" which gradually got worse. She was unvaxxed just like me and just like me she knew this whole thing was bogus. So I gave her Vitamin C, Zinc and Vitamin D. She would normally take Vit D and C on a daily basis. She got worse and by late November she was not eating or drinking properly. So with family pressure I had to call NHS 111. They arranged for an ambulance to assess. Ambulance came on late November and tested her SAT's it was something like 87. They took her away and that was the last day I saw her conscious. She was put on oxygen to which she reacted well. I was receiving text messages and phone calls from her on this day. November I receive a phone call from a doctor asking me to speak with her about a drug called SARILUMAB. I was not in the right mind to ask about the drug. They had to get consent from her to administer it. It was to be given over 3 or 5 doses, I cant remember. Her condition fell off a cliff after this was administered. The text messages went from paragraphs to one words and the phone calls were non existent. From the late November to early December I was receiving updates from the nurses. Some saying she was doing well and improving and others saying no change. Early December I receive a call from a doctor asking me how I feel about her going on a ventilator if needed. I told them at no point is she to go on a ventilator as it is a death sentence. In the early hours on 4th December I receive a call to say that she had deteriorated and she had been ventilated and sedated. My family and me had numerous meetings and discussions with the doctors, I wont bore you with the details but we have voice recordings. They said that we had no choice but a DNR will be placed as her organs were failing, lungs failing, heart failing, sepsis, blood clots. She passed peacefully on 12th December. My mother was a healthy woman, apart from high blood pressure and thyroid issues. My family and me got to see her on numerous occasions whilst she was in ITU. I will never forget how she looked on the last day before she passed. I know about Remsdesivir. She was given that amongst other drugs whilst she was in ITU. I hate knowing that she was murdered by the hospital. It is tearing me up. Could I have done something to stop it whilst she was still conscious? I was very close to my mother. My father died when I was 6 months old. So my mother was my everything. I should add, when I spoke to the doctor the first time in late November, I asked them about high doses of Vit C, D and Zinc as a prophylaxis. They said it is not in the protocols. I asked them to at least try. It wont hurt anyone. Also, despite me working in NHS research I was unaware that SARILUMAB is/was on a clinical trial at the time. Also, I have read that from 1st day of being ventilated and Remdesivir being administered patients die around 7 to 9 days later. I guess what I'm asking for is links or any other information about the protocols in place in NHS hospitals. Trying to search on any search engine just returns nonsense. I need more information on Sarilumab, Remsdesivir and the other drugs used for sedation and what are the major side effects. I am trying to obtain the medical notes from the hospital but because I do not have the correct documentation i.e a wiil, letter of probate etc I fear that they will not be released to me even though I am her next of kin. Can someone please advise on how I can obtain the notes? Thanks for reading. I really hope someone can post some links to my questions. Take care all.
  2. Hi, I am far an expert in antibodies and things like that. In fact I know nothing. All I see in my line of work is people who have had "COVID 19" have produced antibodies. Antibodies to what exactly, I do not know. As we all know the testing is bogus. So in theory the antibody testing is bogus. For example.... There have been a few people who have had a negative PCR test but have tested positive for antibodies. And yes you are correct, majority of staff that have tested positive for antibodies are going ahead with the vaccine. There was only one staff member that I spoke with who says that they will wait and see if the level of antibodies drops if it does they will get the vaccine. Something else that has been circulated by PHE today is...... https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2020/1045/regulation/2#text%3Dself isolation Pay particular attention to paragraph 2A (a) and beyond. I know that no one on here will get tested but it's good to know if someone ever gets contacted by "Track and Trace" You can either tell them to fuck off or say that you are part of a research project. As far as I know the study does not have to be disclosed to anyone. Over 500 staff have been vaccinated in the hospital so far. It makes me sick. Funny thing is most of the people I have spoken to are saying that they feel forced to have the vaccine. Madness!
  3. Hi Everyone, Some may remember me. For those who dont know me I work in the NHS. I posted many months ago. Check my posts by looking at my profile. As I said, I work in the NHS Research and Development and I bring more insight into what is going on in the hospital where I work. I will say I cannot speak for the whole of the NHS. I will only say what I have noticed in my hospital. Anyway, ill begin..... The vaccination programme has started at the hospital. As far as I know, it is the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine that people are receiving. Now we have been asked not to spread "Anti Vaccine theories" If someone asks what are your thoughts on the vaccine we are not to express opinions and reasons. We are conducted a study on behalf of PHE, taking blood samples from staff to check for antibody levels for people who have had "COVID 19"and from staff who haven't had it. I think total of 130 staff members in total. I remember a few months back there was a report saying that antibody levels are being lost after 6 months. From what I have heard from the positive antibody staff members the levels have not been lost. The reports issued from the lab have always comeback as positive. So I say that news report is full of shit. This brings me to the vaccine. I have access to the booking system that is being used. Now believe me when I say the hypnotism is real. There are 4 vaccination teams and the slots are full. Just today I counted at least 100 people who have decided to get the vaccine. I had a look at tomorrow's list and it's the same. On the study I have been talking about people who have POSITIVE antibodies are still getting the vaccine! I have no words! So when I read in news reports that frontline staff are refusing the vaccine. BOLLOCKS!!! They are climbing over each other to get the jab. We had a webinar about the vaccine in early December, where the head microbiologist, chief pharmacist, head of nursing etc. were talking about the vaccine and staff could ask questions. I tell you, it was absolute nonsense. All the information was pulled off official websites! When it came to question time, I couldn't hold back. I asked about everything. How and why we are trusting a Pharmaceutical company that has lawsuits for vaccine injury, a company that has a really shady past and not to mention the vaccine that has not been tested and gone through the proper procedures. I was silenced and blocked from asking anymore question! People ask me "Are you having the vaccine" My answer "Am I fuck, the last vaccinations I received was when I was a child, my immune system is strong enough. Don't need poison for a fucking overhyped flu that has a survival rate of 99%" People want their "lives" back and by taking the vaccine they think it will return. I laugh at some of the conversations I hear. One of our research nurses said.... Quote "Oh I can't wait until I get vaccinated, I am sick and tired of this, I just want my life back. Just give me the jab" I burst out laughing. The sheep are so DUMB its unbelievable. Before the new "mutant strain" was announced the people I work with were pretty relaxed about anti social distancing and the muzzles but since I have been back to work after a 2 week Christmas break it's like they have regressed. It's weird to see. I feel sorry for people. I really do but at the same time I am laughing inside. TRUST OUR LEADERS! Someone in my office had "COVID" she caught it from her children and passed it around her family. I asked her a simple question "If there was no pandemic, what would you think it was that you caught" The reply "Oh nothing, just a really bad cold" My response "Well why the FUCK did you get tested then?" "Oh because we have to" This is what we are dealing with folks! I've rambled enough. Let me talk about the pampering the staff are receiving. If you look at my earlier posts I talked about airline staff giving NHS staff a first class experience. I originally thought it was only where I work. I have come to find that it is nationwide. Search for "Project Wingman NHS" The project is so full of SHIT! For example..... Staff have to wear muzzles and anti social distance at all times. However when staff enter the "Project Wingman Lounge" they DON'T have to! It's a joke! As the country is lockdown number 3 now the hospital is taking 80 recovering "COVID 19" patients so that other hospitals can free up beds. I made a comment about the NHS always being in trouble over the winter months and beds being removed due to anti social distancing. Can you guess what the response was? "Oh the NHS is never in trouble over winter and beds have not been removed, in fact we are being told that the NHS is bursting at the seams due to COVID 19" People are so amnesiac, it's unreal! I have given up trying to point people to information and urging them to research. Let them burn! Ill wrap it up with a theory I thought of today...... Could the vaccine that is being given and the amount of people who are having it be the next pandemic that Bill Gates has talked about. The one that will gain attention? When the mRNA vaccine adopters have exposure to the wild virus. They will get COVID 21 in the winter this year? Dark winter this year? With the full implementation of "The Great Reset" in 2022/2023? I reckon COVID 19 will disappear this summer and the vaccine will be the hero. So when COVID 21 comes around, people will be shouting for the new vaccine. This is just a theory/hunch. I have no proof. I will post more in due course or when I have more information. Keep fighting the fight. Do not conform! Do not wear the muzzle and Do not anti social distance! Live your life how you want!
  4. Hi all, So as per my previous post. I will say again for the people who do not wish to go back a few pages. I work in R&D in the NHS. The vaccine is definitely being trialed. There will be 16 (maybe more) UK wide vaccine studies all hoping to recruit 20,000 subjects each. This will be a combination of NHS staff and patients. From the conversations I have had and heard people are clamoring to join these studies. They genuinely believe that a vaccine is the cure. I have made several comments about what I have learnt regarding this vaccine and how it contains DNA altering ingredients and i get the fluoride stare. These are people who I thought had a brain and thought to educated. Anyway, ill now detail the PAMPERING that NHS staff and hospital have received where I work (I'm certain it was nationwide). During the start of the lockdown, my hospital received fridges/freezers from Currys PC world, numerous donations of food, clothes, toiletries, free food for staff donated by local catering companies, TV's, Leisure items (Xbox's, Playstations etc) There was no Tik Tok videos from the nurses and doctors at my hospital. Maybe because they were all busy eating, drinking and doing nothing. I spoke with numerous ambulance drivers and nurses and it was the same thing all the time "We are waiting for the flood, it hasn't arrived yet" There was a huge redeployment drive. Nurses were supposedly coming out of retirement to help. I believe this is false. We have a research nurse who works with us and she was not asked to redeploy onto the wards. The nurses I spoke with did not seem stressed and under pressure. In fact they all seemed relaxed and bored. At the start of lockdown, I remember that majority of the staff had "symptoms" and they had to self isolate. I genuinely believe that if there was no "pandemic" most would of carried on working as it is just flu/cold reclassified. However the advice was to self isolate. I think about 70% of staff were isolating at the start of lockdown. To this date I know of only 1 person who has this deadly virus. I questioned "Was it the virus or did you just have a bad case of the flu" Mind you the person who had the "virus" is a vegan. Make of that what you will. I know another person whose elderly parents contracted the "virus" however she practices herbal medication and she pumped her parents full of Vitamin C and other herbal remedies and they both survived. Which says a lot about the current treatment. Fast forward to today, I feel ashamed to work in the NHS. It is disgusting how much staff are being pampered. In my hospital there is a ward that is not in use and it has been turned into a relaxation lounge. There are staff from AIRLINES providing a first class experience for NHS staff (I shit you not) Free drinks, snacks, magazine and other reading material, place to sit and relax, all of this and more being provided by cabin crew. I have and will not go! This experience is always busy. There is NO anti social distancing going on in here. It is a place where masks can be removed. I mean where is the consistency! Currently there is an outbreak of 2 (yes you read that right) members of staff that were showing "symptoms" of the so called virus. There has been communication of locking down the hospital after only just now allowing small numbers of urgent referrals to come through. ALL for 2 members showing symptoms! I made a joke about what were the symptoms as we all know that everything is now a symptom. Because of this outbreak, testing has been ramped up. I can only assume that all NHS hospitals are testing staff every 2 weeks. I wonder if these tests are being added to the new buzz word "cases" as positive. Also, telemedicine is definitely here to stay. There is a small study ongoing in my hospital (and probably elsewhere) to see how it will work and so far people prefer it. Also, I know of 2 people from my hospital who went to the Nightingale Hospital. 1 returned after a day and the other after a week. Feedback was "It was dead, no patients" Regarding deaths, I now believe that the figures are cooked. I know of 4 people who have lost elderly loved ones. I asked all of them "Did they die with or from the virus" and all of them have said WITH! Also, my neighbors lost their 94 year old mother to old age in their OWN HOME. They have been told that if they want the body they have to allow a COVID cause of death on the certificate. I lost my shit when I heard this. She had cancer and many other underlying issues! Fucking heartless doctors! I will admit, I was a bit scared at the start of February when it started but people on this forum and me being awake and doing research helped me lose that fear. My mother is elderly and even she knows that COVID is a scam. She sussed it from the start. For the first few weeks of lock down she didn't go out. In the end she got fed up and went out anyway. That's enough from me today. I will post more when I have any updates. It's a shame that I can't attach PDF's I would've attached some of the study Patient Information Sheets. Oh well. Take care everyone.
  5. Hi, I am long time reader of this forum and have recently signed up. I posted in the new member section. Anyway, I work in Research and Development in the NHS (wont say which hospital) I am not an important person in my department. I am admin but saying that I see lots of communication between us and various "sponsors" and I see lots of different "studies" I will not bore people on how a study or clinical trial comes to fruition. Since this scamdemic, COVID 19 studies have been coming in thick and fast. There is currently a nationwide Public Health England study for hospital staff and antibodies for the so called virus. It is called SIREN. I was part of the Site Initiation Visit early this month. It was done on zoom. There were some interesting comments made. One that stuck out mentioned immunity passports. We all now that this could be a thing but I believe that it will happen. Before a Site Initiation Visit we are asked to read the study protocol and familiarise ourselves with the Patient Information Sheet. I didn't have time to do this so I was blind to what the study required. 2 weekly bloods and a swab test and questionnaires for one YEAR (Yes the bloods and swabs are for a year as well) I asked a valid question during the conference call about the test not being accurate and if the virus hasn't been isolated what are they testing the antibodies for. I quickly got shut down. I didn't pursue after that and stayed quiet. Staff have been consenting to this study in droves. It is crazy how people are so willing to give up their data to help fight "COVID" The questionnaire asks such questions as "How many children do you have" "What is their age" "Do you have elderly in your household" Alarm bells started ringing for me when I saw what data PHE were asking for. Sadly not everyone can see. There is also a study in the pipeline where the Crick Institute is doing the same thing. There is another study where dogs are being used to sniff out people who have/had COVID (I shit you not) The dog study has my alarm bells ringing. If successful, dogs could be used to sniff out people standing in queue etc. Scary stuff. I haven't seen any other "studies" yet but I'm sure many more are in the pipeline. Also, I think that ALL hospitals in the UK that have Research and Development departments will be soon asked to take on vaccine studies. Research brings a lot of money for hospital coffers and COVID studies are the next big thing. Also, something else I found out about a few months ago..... ALL NHS HOSPITALS HAVE HAD THEIR DEBTS WIPED CLEAN BY THE GOVERNMENT (Let that sink in) Now, all staff at the hospital have MANDATORY swab tests every 2 weeks (I haven't complied) Once again I challenged it with the Chief Executive and the Head of Nursing. Once again I was shut down. We MUST wear masks whilst on site as well. Once again I haven't complied and once again I raised my concerns with the relevant people and was told the same old nonsense "It's government guidelines" I had a altercation with someone earlier this month regarding the mask wearing. I shall post that in the relevant topic later. Now regarding anti social distancing. We are constantly reminded to anti social distance yet no one does which is refreshing but sad at the same time because people still wear masks. I get that people don't want to lose their jobs but it is the good old saying "Oh it's only for a few hours, what harm can it do" There is me thinking that Doctors, Consultants, Surgeons and Nurses are educated. Far from it. Blindly following "rules" The people I work with are morons as well. They cannot wait for the vaccine. Despite me trying to wake them from their slumber. I have given up with them now. I used to see them as friends but now they are just colleagues and people I work with. There is no helping some people. A lot of people will remember that at some point hospitals were crying out for ventilators and PPE. If only this was true. I saw a whole ward full of PPE and ventilators not being used. I wish I had taken a picture. Last week the hospital put out a email regarding BLM and how EVERYONE should pledge their solidarity to the movement by having a picture taken on the helipad. Again I raised my concerns about BLM being a movement that the hospital should not align themselves with. I was almost called a racist. I have more to say but I shall leave it for another post. All the best
  6. Hello all, I have been a "lurker" on these forums for many years. I have been well informed (awake) for many years. I work in the NHS, mainly in research and development. Wanted to sign up and then the forums got hacked. I am not an important person in the NHS but I see lots of "studies" come through. I will be posting my knowledge in the COVID 19 section. I will contribute as much as I can.
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