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  1. Hi, I am far an expert in antibodies and things like that. In fact I know nothing. All I see in my line of work is people who have had "COVID 19" have produced antibodies. Antibodies to what exactly, I do not know. As we all know the testing is bogus. So in theory the antibody testing is bogus. For example.... There have been a few people who have had a negative PCR test but have tested positive for antibodies. And yes you are correct, majority of staff that have tested positive for antibodies are going ahead with the vaccine. There was only one staff mem
  2. Hi Everyone, Some may remember me. For those who dont know me I work in the NHS. I posted many months ago. Check my posts by looking at my profile. As I said, I work in the NHS Research and Development and I bring more insight into what is going on in the hospital where I work. I will say I cannot speak for the whole of the NHS. I will only say what I have noticed in my hospital. Anyway, ill begin..... The vaccination programme has started at the hospital. As far as I know, it is the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine that people are receiving. Now we have been a
  3. Hi all, So as per my previous post. I will say again for the people who do not wish to go back a few pages. I work in R&D in the NHS. The vaccine is definitely being trialed. There will be 16 (maybe more) UK wide vaccine studies all hoping to recruit 20,000 subjects each. This will be a combination of NHS staff and patients. From the conversations I have had and heard people are clamoring to join these studies. They genuinely believe that a vaccine is the cure. I have made several comments about what I have learnt regarding this vaccine and how it contains DNA altering ingredien
  4. Hi, I am long time reader of this forum and have recently signed up. I posted in the new member section. Anyway, I work in Research and Development in the NHS (wont say which hospital) I am not an important person in my department. I am admin but saying that I see lots of communication between us and various "sponsors" and I see lots of different "studies" I will not bore people on how a study or clinical trial comes to fruition. Since this scamdemic, COVID 19 studies have been coming in thick and fast. There is currently a nationwide Public Health England study for
  5. Hello all, I have been a "lurker" on these forums for many years. I have been well informed (awake) for many years. I work in the NHS, mainly in research and development. Wanted to sign up and then the forums got hacked. I am not an important person in the NHS but I see lots of "studies" come through. I will be posting my knowledge in the COVID 19 section. I will contribute as much as I can.
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