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  1. In the new religion, its usage is the equivalent of depicting Muhammad.
  2. If she isn't being treated for Covid symptoms, and is otherwise well enough to be discharged, what do they have to gain by testing her? They don't just admit everyone who has a positive PCR test, so unless she lives in a care home, there's no case for putting her through the discomfort of being swabbed. Hopefully, someone with a full understanding of the law will be able to offer more specific advice, but it sounds to me as though you're well within your rights to sign her out if they don't plan on providing any further in-patient treatment. You're probably going to have to be very firm, though.
  3. Me too. Counting down the days already.
  4. I remember being on holiday in late 2015, and both these issues were all over BBC World. Eventually, the penny dropped, and I said to my now wife, 'This is just wrestling.' The level of fanatical partisanism that's been engendered in people since then is frightening. Bernays will be looking up at them, smiling.
  5. If it's true that the plan is for China to become the new policeman of the world, perhaps this is being set up as their first foray into military intervention.
  6. I do think that as the plan to persecute people on the basis of their smartphone data comes into effect, it will encourage many to begin limiting their usage. At the moment, all we're really seeing is the convenience side of the tech, but I believe that'll change once Covid gives way to the Green agenda. I'm still in the process of picking up some of the old hardware that smartphones have made largely redundant - digital camera, satnav, MP3 player, etc - as I get used to only carrying a dumb phone with me whenever I go out. The most difficult transition will be living without WhatsApp, where so much of our communication now takes place, since they've very cleverly made it so that you can't access your account via desktop without your smartphone being connected to the internet.
  7. It was only last week that Anna Soubry's idiot daughter was pushing this agenda on Twitter.
  8. I've been a bit shocked at how many younger people have carried on wearing them, but then Covid compliance has become yet another left-wing position, which is all it takes now that people are politicised to the point of fanaticism.
  9. All part of the anarcho-tyranny strategy.
  10. Yeah, the rallies are nothing more than preaching to the converted at this stage, and the marches aren't really doing much to convince those who are plugged into the official narrative. UK Column have done great work with their Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium, but it'll be in vain if they can't find a way to get this information on to a BBC or Sky News broadcast. The unfortunate reality is that the public won't be moved by the truth until they hear it from a designated expert via a legacy media platform, but one major positive is that we do have the first part ready to go.
  11. I don't know much about the organisers of the protests, but I'm surprised that they've not yet thought to use their impressive attendance numbers to do something along the lines of an Occupy BBC. Nothing will change until the mainstream is forced to give voice to those credentialed people who are offering an alternative expert opinion.
  12. One thing that irks me about Icke's coverage of this farce is that he repeatedly evokes Nazism, when he of all people should understand that this is a deliberate means of conflating oppressive, murderous state-delivered authoritarianism with the ultimate bogeyman that is white supremacy. It really is a most blatant example of Communist sleight of hand.
  13. I'm convinced that a big reason why Britain hasn't seen the same level of enforcement as its Commonwealth counterparts is because it would bring the police into direct conflict with the very sizeable, and also very united, Muslim communities. I wonder if it's a similar situation in Sweden.
  14. The real version of what I posted above is that masks are going to be optional, apparently. Should be an interesting test of how far towards collectivism they've truly managed to push us. Judging by my personal experience, I doubt many will comply outside of the shrill minority. Wee Jimmy to keep them mandatory in Scotland, though.
  15. Story was a fake, sorry. Edited.
  16. I hope he didn't mean the mainstream press.
  17. It would also be contentious, as there'd no doubt be a big, sanctimonious response from the left, but I just don't think a repeat of what's gone before is going to make much of a difference. I only learned about that statue, and its creator, on here a couple of months ago. Even though I've been interested in 'conspiracy' research since I was a teenager, I'm still occasionally shocked to discover that the rot goes even deeper than I thought.
  18. I think occupying the BBC would be far more effective than another protest march, which the BBC would only ignore. They are the first domino that has to fall.
  19. Unfortunately, it sounds as though @Liberty is in an even tougher spot than you or I. I'm lucky to be a in a position where I have a few years to decide how to go about easing my little girl into navigating the world without allowing her to be sucked into the Plato's Cave unreality, whereas you're already much further down that road, albeit still very much in the parent-child stage. Liberty's daughter is presumably a young adult, and while I would normally agree 100% that there should be no need for someone of that age to go full Icke, I'd say that the risk of her being coerced into accepting the injections is enough to force her mother's hand. I think you're doing right by your boy, by the way. I only disagree slightly on this matter because I remember how important my social life was to me in my late teens / early twenties, so I can well imagine the pressure these kids (and they are still kids) must be feeling.
  20. I have a four-month-old daughter (our first), and I increasingly find myself wondering what fresh hell I've brought her into. It sounds as though you've reached the point where it's time for your daughter to make the red/blue pill choice (sooner than would be ideal, but needs must). I've read your posts with interest, and I would say (with all my four months' experience of parenting - ha!) that she needs to hear the full truth about how the world really works, from the theatre of politics and existence of cults / secret societies, to the alchemy of creating war, famine, currency and debt out of thin air. I've found that the biggest stumbling block is people's inability to grasp the extent to which evil stalks this earth. They're unable to see the danger at hand because they don't understand that not only are they not in Kansas anymore, they were never there in the first place; it was an illusion. Daunting as it must seem, the good news is that you have the truth on your side.
  21. I feel like my generation (mid-late '80s onwards) was the first to experience the normalisation of perpetual adolescence. The extent of it only really hit me when I began to wonder why, seemingly all of a sudden, virtually every major film release was a comic book adaptation.
  22. It'd be quicker to just say who they don't stand with.
  23. I don't really have a suggestion as to why 2008 happened when it did, but I think the reason it didn't usher in the revolution that we're seeing now is because the smartphone wasn't advanced/ubiquitous enough at the time. My dad didn't even have an email address back then, but nowadays he's right up to date with the latest Samsung model, streaming apps, etc. People today are more tech-savvy in their 60s than they were in their 40s, all because the smartphone has made the internet accessible to anyone and everyone, which seems to have been the vital step towards pulling us into a curated sub-reality. It's also possible that the Long March wasn't quite complete yet, whereas I couldn't name a single institution or industry that hasn't been fully subverted at this point.
  24. As much as it all looks hopeless when viewed through the lens of the MSM, I do get the impression that many of the middle-class Marxists have started to question their worldview in light of what's happened over the last 15 months. I try not to miss an opportunity to ask my self-styled socialist friends if they're enjoying their first taste of relentless 'big government' overreach, and it does seem as though the wheels are finally turning in regard to what this agenda they've been supporting actually is.
  25. After getting his second dose, my dad came in and gave me £50. Can't figure out if it's the injection warping his brain, or if they kept him and sent back a clone.
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