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  1. Gates has been catching a lot of heat for a while now, so maybe they're going to give his face/name a rest. This whole operation is so intense, it seems as though they're reaching the point of diminishing returns pretty quickly when it comes to the characters that they wheel in and out at the public-facing level (same with Johnson, whose time I'd guess is drawing to a close). We hear a lot about appeals to emotion being key to this psychological operation, but I'd argue that appeals to ego are much more effective among those who might have otherwise posed a threat to
  2. I think he's been given a very important role to play, with the wife as his handler. No shortage of photographs where he's giving the hidden hand signal.
  3. Yeah, there was definitely something off. It was presented like some kind of peasant revolt, even though, as you say, the fans were basically acting as useful idiots for Sky, the Premier League and the various governing bodies. I could be reading too much into it, but it felt like yet another sideshow in the overarching circus.
  4. Football is quite a fascinating microcosm of wider society, with similar political and religious aspects. I still play, watch and talk about it with my friends (in many ways, it's the cornerstone of my social life), but you're absolutely right about the inordinate amount of time and energy that gets wasted. All too often, it ends up being a tail wagging the dog situation, especially now that it's being utilised to deliver the most comically ham-fisted woke activism campaign I've ever seen. Where I disagree with Icke's assessment in comparing the ESL to Covid is that he neglects to
  5. Yeah, I think the idea is to eventually reach a point where the parties are presenting the quest for ever more stringent restrictions as them enforcing the will of the people. Unfortunately, I believe David Icke was wrong when he said that what happened with last week's football proposals is evidence of our power to refuse edicts from on high. If anything, it showed that we're completely reliant on mainstream / social media for the sort of credibility that their platforms give to public debate. As long as they continue to support the agenda, it will be very difficult to hold any ar
  6. Aside from its obvious utility as yet another distraction, I wonder if this European Super League development is a tacit admission that live spectator events aren't coming back any time soon. I'm a season ticket holder at a Premier League team (we all need some levity), and there's been zero indication that they're expecting to have fans back in the ground when the new season begins in August. One of the stumbling blocks to a centralised Euro league has always been the impact it would have on travelling away fans, and thus atmospheres. Well, the small handful of games that have bee
  7. I know it gets said a lot, but each time the media repeats a bizarre claim about variants or mutant foreign outbreaks, it's a stark reminder that there's no free press in the West. I mean, it's been obvious for a long time that the largest outlets are all bought and paid for, but I feel as though there at least used to be some element of pretence.
  8. As others have already said, some of the reactions that people have to the mere suggestion that something is amiss are very concerning. There is real anger present, and I keep finding myself thinking about the famous Twain quote, 'It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.' To me, the keystone of this whole farce is the myth of asymptomatic transmission, and the fact that it is seldom discussed by the alternative media has me wondering if anyone is truly on our side. The studies are there for all to see, and yet they're only mentioned as an aside t
  9. It's beyond obvious what's happening. Anyone who says they can't see it simply doesn't want to.
  10. Considering the energy that's being put into vaccine passports, I'd take Whitty's comments with a pinch of salt. At the moment, they're focussing on presenting all-encompassing surveillance as them doing us a favour, with the virus itself dropping into the background again, same as last summer (as respiratory diseases fade, deaths become cases). They know that they're not going to have people's attention for the next couple of months, so why not lull us into a false sense of security ahead of the autumn waves, while at the same time letting us get used to using Track & Trace.
  11. As grim as things may seem at the moment, I do suspect that the recent surge in propaganda is them seeking to pre-empt an uptick in mood and social activity that naturally follows the shift into spring / summer. They've really come out guns blazing in the last couple of weeks, which could possibly be read as desperation, especially now that there seems to be a growing number of dissenters speaking out from within the elevated medical profession (and Jonathan Sumption's latest comments could be a prelude to this increasing further still). With improved weather comes greater opportun
  12. NBC have recently bought WWE's entire library (which also includes the rights to virtually every major US pro wrestling promotion in history), and they are now starting the process of censoring any and all 'problematic' content, which is going to amount to virtually everything that happened pre-2010s being at risk of disappearing from history. Obviously, it's only wrestling, so this won't be a big line in the sand for many people, but it's yet another example of a corporation spending untold millions on redefining a cultural legacy. At some point, people have got to und
  13. A free press would be questioning why Michie, a behavioural psychologist, is giving advice on infectious diseases, not to mention raising concerns about a member of the Communist Party promoting authoritarian policies.
  14. I can't help but wonder about the circumstances of Alan Watt's death, news of which hit me quite hard. To lose him at such a pivotal moment seemed like a devastating blow. For my money, he was the best of the best. It's as if this material plane is finally being merged with their technological, Through the Looking Glass sub-reality. It seems an absurd thing to say, but I'm beginning to feel as though the time has come to make peace with the idea that our days are now numbered. I'm not doctrinally religious by any means, but I feel very strongly that to ac
  15. It's incredible how brazen the occupation governments are getting. Extending their emergency powers until... cold and flu season comes back around. They're not even bothering to disguise the switch while showing the bait.
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