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  1. The police's behaviour in this was incredibly suspicious, to the point where the official line being peddled is impossible to take seriously.
  2. Watching the Leicester game, and James Maddison went down with what appeared to be heart trouble. He'd only been on the pitch 10 minutes.
  3. UK Column covered the Pfizer (I think) pregnancy trials last year, and after scrutinising the data properly, they found that the results had been manipulated by the inclusion of women at stages of pregnancy where miscarriage is no longer a danger (third trimester, I believe). Taking this into account, they estimated that the injections double the chances of miscarriage.
  4. The excuses they come out with are more damaging than if they'd just say nothing. One of my favourites is how Africa doesn't have a Covid crisis because there's no obesity. Meanwhile, the West has spent two years encouraging sedentary lifestyles, with no mention of losing weight among the hundreds of millions of pounds' worth of advertisements.
  5. He doesn't wear a mask to protect himself. It's for the robot's peace of mind.
  6. I've experienced similar thoughts, and I expect many others on here have too. At times, it can feel as though you're slipping into a kind of solipsism, awareness of which seems to lead to something like self-loathing. It's almost as though you blame yourself for struggling to find purpose in this world. For me, the only solution is to persist and endure; to enjoy my children, family and friends; and to accept that without knowing the true nature of reality as we perceive it, there's no way to know what we should or shouldn't be doing here. My gut tells me that it has something to do with escaping the reincarnation cycle, but I'm yet to have some profound experience that confirms it.
  7. I have felt strongly from the beginning of the Covid operation that the injections are designed to cut us off from source, so to speak. I think I do a good fairly good job of communicating the sort of information that we discuss here to those who would otherwise never come across it, but the spiritual aspect of this war is probably the hardest sell.
  8. Plenty of time for another break and restart since, coincidentally, the World Cup has been pushed back to next winter, where it'll be held in a desert with no access for normal fans. What a stroke of luck.
  9. I expect this will be my last year as a season ticket holder at Everton. I've been going since I was a little boy, but I can't stomach it any longer. I don't think it would be too difficult to get around the vaccine passport with a screen shot of somebody else's app, but they're such shameless political prostitutes now, I feel embarrassed being there half the time. Tying their rainbow laces while kneeling for George Floyd, and then putting their masks on to board the coach home. They're pathetic.
  10. Another Premier League game is due to be called off tomorrow, due to an outbreak of positive tests (they never clarify if anybody is actually unwell, of course). My first thought was that this 'crisis' in football was a way to reinforce the Omicron narrative, but after two more players went off with chest pain over the weekend, I'm wondering if talk of postponing the league for a few weeks is actually a way to get around reporting on these young men dropping like flies.
  11. Judging by the timing of this inane party story, I'm guessing that Johnson's final task will be to enforce vaccine passports before being airlifted out with an excuse to resign, like his mate Hancock a few months ago. This is the second December in a row where the announcement of winter restrictions has coincided with the end of Hanukkah. I wonder if they'll go for the hat-trick next year.
  12. I do agree that it will come eventually, but I think it'll be a while before they unleash the real enforcers on the protected sections of society. The Twitter inspectors that we see in the news are obviously just the tip of the spear.
  13. Part of me would almost look forward to seeing England's rainbow constabularies try to enforce targeted lockdowns in places like London, Birmingham, Bradford, etc. One of the few highlights of 2020 was seeing them chased down the streets of London by gangs of children during the BLM riots.
  14. All I know is that it's way above my pay grade.
  15. Going off my experience working as a freelance editor, with a client base that mostly self-publishes through Amazon, my advice would be to get in touch with a designer who is capable of offering a comprehensive package, covering everything from typesetting to ISBN no. (they're pretty cheap to buy) and uploading. I have a UK-based contact who I'd be happy to recommend, so please feel free to PM me if you'd like me to pass on his details.
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