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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-58570893 Bit of a coincidence considering how pissed off france are about being "stabbed in the back" over the submarine deal
  2. one day this guy will be found hanging in the woods like david kelly
  3. yes that's the one I was thinking of.
  4. Hey DaleP I remember coming across something cant remember if it was pdf file a few years ago regarding subliminal advertising. (I will see if i still have it on my laptop hard disk) It was regarding newport or kent cigarettes. They would embed the words death and devil subtly into the cigarette advertising. This made an impact in the some part of the customers brain which triggered them to buy the cigarettes! So be very careful as your idea may have the opposite effect, I imagine this is perhaps why some of the vax death stories do make it through as the controllers have the brain all mapped out. apologies for straying slightly off topic. this is an interesting subject to talk about perhaps deserves its own thread.
  5. The UK government’s vast security operation to manage the immediate aftermath of the death of the Queen include official social media blackouts and a ban on retweets. These plans, codenamed Operation London Bridge, which were first revealed in a Guardian Long Read in 2017 and have now been seen in full by Politico, detail the scale of the arrangements for the funeral and government anxieties about whether the UK has the resources to execute them. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/sep/03/security-operation-for-queens-death-includes-social-media-blackouts
  6. more scum media lies then forced to back peddle https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/gunshot-victims-horse-dewormer-ivermectin-oklahoma-hospitals-covid-1220608/amp/?__twitter_impression=true even the re issue aticle they use nlp tricks and closely knit the words falsely and covid cure together I thought rolling stone was a music mag like the nme etc
  7. Tonight Raheem sterling had a message on his T shirt which he displayed after a score for England soccer team tonight. well I was interested to find out who this person was mentioned in the message. h**ps://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/16038248/who-is-steffie-gregg-raheem-sterling-england-hungary-rvssian/ The interesting bit is right at the end of the article.
  8. Sky news hinting at what's to come for humans perhaps?
  9. Typical work from the scum newspaper, turning an awkward banal non-response from the england boss, that hardly any of the pro footballers want or have had the Vax into more vitriol for people who are against this media/gov driven vax agenda. Two birds with one stone. Southgate side steps the question but the punches are landed on the intended targets. anti vaxers and "hate posters" on social media. Some of the wives of england players such as walker and stones, they're regularly posting anti vax stuff on instagram. Maybe soon one high profile player will come out and give their honest opinion? it's never I've been challenged by or had people disagreed with me about is it? it's always I've been abused. These sports celebs make me laugh. comparing having difference view point to being abused?
  10. I see southampton football team has some issues with fans being delayed getting into the stadium at the weekend Perhaps this was to do with checking peoples vaccination papers before they entered the turnstile ?
  11. In this day and age of ubiquitous hook up apps it's just unbelievable that he would be unable to get any action if thats what he wanted. especially being a body builder many women will go for the muscles over a handsome skinny guy all day long. I think it was roid rage making him lose the plot over break up. but i guess only the locals in plymouth would know if he had a mrs or not.
  12. I saw this image on a whatsapp group. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the media were reporting it as a angry virgin incel thing. At first look it's a body builder with roid rage who lost the plot after his mrs done the dirty. of course then there are the youtube videos, but I did see on richard hall's latest video he was talking about some respected scientist who suddenly had racist tweets appear from nowhere on his history from 2013. Maybe they've done a reface job on this guy?
  13. I gave a lift to friends who were attending to some event today and were super anxious about the covid pass thing. they had actually both had been injected twice but were like totally rubbish with tech thing and didn't have a clue how to download. (I could of help them however I felt I was doing enough by giving them a lift there and back.) when I collected them later in the evening I asked them about their experience; no one at the event gave a shit, challenged them or asked to see it. an event of 3000 people which said on the flyer you need to have the proof of vax, so imagine checking 50k at the football.
  14. Who can get an NHS COVID Pass am I just being overly optimistic by thinking.... it's saying you can get a pass without the jabs (and therefore access to the big events) hey has anyone tried getting this pass without a vax and try and get into an event? Maybe it's just an ID card they covid bullshit was just the reason they needed to bring it in. so if you tick the box and say youre exempt. this was one of the replies on twit so if you make a self assesment that youre exempt. will it still generate the barcode to let you in?
  15. They're getting desperate now
  16. This is like a form of medical apartheid. imagine being on a works night out up town and turned away at the door. having to do the walk of shame past a queue just because you chose not to have the junk pumped into you? It would be so humiliating. happy to let people with aids into the club but you can't come in without proof of two jabs? I think they will have to backtrack on this. there will be "pushback"
  17. It's going to be like the 1920s when all the pubs were shut and speakeasys went underground. Filling your bacardi breezer up from a radiator tap.
  18. The fans knew there was forty thousand empty seats so obviously went for it. Wimbledon and other events were back at full capacity so why wasn't the euro final? It's bad that the england fans inside the stadium were punching the fans who just wanted to see a once in a lift time game. Plenty of free loaders in the VIP areas.
  19. This woman knew Handcock at uni but didn't get with him (as far as we know) then as soon as he's got a position of power she's all over him. [to win a contract for her family initially] Look at the video how he's cornered, backed against the wall and she moves in. woman are hardwired to be attracted to nothing more than status. It doesn't matter what your looks, personality etc. There's plenty of single women in the world but they not interested in the majority of single blokes as they're lacking in some sort of status. Even in these days of equality this will probably never change.
  20. factJack


    https://www.bbc.com/news/business-57585105 using the crops to make fuel instead of food. all in the name of fighting climate.
  21. I see the camera homed in on anti trident plackards. Wondered what that bullshit story with the Royal Navy who just happened to have bbc camera crew aboard and the Russians was about.
  22. I agree with Pawson13.........no one can have affairs at work without people noticing and gossiping. This would have been going on for ages they could of busted him anytime. His job has come to an end. They have chosen an asian man as the new baton holder. Is this either to stir up tensions if lock down is extended? Or boost the low bame vaccine numbers perhaps? Or can anyone suggest a reason?
  23. Erikson out of hospital so quickly after a heart attack. With some sort of electronic device fitted. The media lauding the virtues of life giving tech. the trans human agenda given more good PR. There is a dutch player at the euro's who plays with one fitted. I see high end Italian fashion now adding this protection to clothes. https://paulandshark.co.uk/pages/e-m-w-shield
  24. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/57551368 I see a scotland player has tested positive and two england players have to isolate as they ruffled his hair at the end of the game. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/57560206 The rest of the scotland squad have been deleting videos off social media all afternoon showing them playing table tennis/ hanging out with Gilmore
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