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  1. I think the rich people are shunning Tesla. It seems to be for old people or perhaps people who get them on a company car scheme. Mercedes and range rover have a premium car look and feel about them. In fact Tesla they are quite boring looking it's looks like a 90's mondeo. I think initially they attracted the old mob you see in apple stores looking for help with their iPhone. The problem the car marketing department has, an electric car means someone wants to save money and travel cheap and the problem is the people who can afford them want a car that makes a statement that they are successful the exact opposite. I think the boring look is purposely to steer people towards the ride share as mentioned above. When I'm out and about I always look at the kind of people who drive a certain cars. I know tesla's acceleration figures are really impressive however the people driving will never try and burn you off at the lights. If you come racing up to a halt next to a guy in a porsche, it always happens, they get all competitive and try and leave you for dust. I don't think I or someone who's life aspiration it is to win the lottery jackpot dream of owning a tesla. If you look in the car park of the premier league stadium you will see lambo and range rover not tesla. Of course I don't know this for sure I just get these vibes.
  2. Lewis is another he was being paid £200 by the banks for every person who followed his advice and opened up an account. He gets paid affiliate money for every scheme he promotes to his TV audience. The parasites employ these "gurus" to lead people where they want them, pissed and broke.
  3. lived with mother, "bit of a loser" "socially isolated, depressed and lacking in self worth" the usual BS The guy probably never even existed apart from in the 77th brigades role play.
  4. So a guy partaking in his hobby flying a drone for leisure has less rights than a man who volunteered to enroll in a service with the basic mission statement to kill, flying a machine designed to cause death, destruction and misery. It's time these souvenirs of doom were dismantled and forgotten about. Their old engines must cause chug out off the scale emissions anyway. It's blatantly obvious the controllers fear drones therefore people should get one before they're banned completely https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-derbyshire-64214988
  5. on the economists latest video for youtube they're claiming 2023 will be the year mdma is legalised for medical use treating ptsd
  6. I had some of this horse syringe after watching a richard lloyd video on youtube. I've had it since lockdown similar box to your picture. I've taken it before when I worried. and I believed C19 was a parasite. the ingrediants say 100% ivermectin I took some of this stuff but more than a pea I screwed the syringe to the next two notches and squirted in in some ski yoghurt. The next day I felt way better however I've had this lurgee for 18 days already. So I don't know if ithe paste made the impact. Or was I getting better by day 18 already Maybe I should of taken it on day 3 which was one of the start of the worst days for feeling rough. But I didn't expect it to last for 18 days in the past it's been 7 days or 14 days for illness. Im still a bit snotty and hacking up the odd wad of green slime but nowhere near the same frequency as the past 18 days. Like 4 times today max.
  7. Maybe it's all part of the plan for the taliban to assasinate Charles in revenge for his sons murdourous gasconading? Many have predicted King Charles rein will be a short one. Havn't both the previous monarch bearing the Charles monkier endured bloody premature endings? It would surely ignite the flames of a european race war which mainstream news is always stiring with its reports of imigrants in 5 star hotels etc during cost of living crisis. The hidden hand would love all the chaos caused, and blood shed.
  8. There's no way to beat it you just have to sit it out. The stuffs is only to alleviate the symptoms whilst you go to work or go to sleep. I did see people on the internet saying ivermectin was a cure for covid. Therefore it's possible its a cure for flu too perhaps? I'm into my 3rd week of this lurgee so surely near to the recovery line but maybe I'll try some. However I read covid was a parasite and flu is a natural detox so maybe it won't cure me? But actually I did eat a fair amount of pork over xmas so it's possible I have some parasite within?
  9. I'm sure the Taliban soldiers saw him exactly the same. (as a chess piece to be taken out) Apart from being a mere pawn taking him out would be like taking one off the back row due to his status. I'm not sure I believe this guy got anywhere near the action.
  10. Hi I've had this bug since 22st Dec. Cough and runny nose and hot cold sweats, hacking incredible amounts of phlegm. I used to subscribe to the body detox theory however on the weds I went to a friend's house who told me she had been off work all that week with this lurgee. I immediately asked her "why did she invite me around?" she replied that "I'd told her previously I didn't believe in contagion theory." Well the next day I started feeling rough. I spent Xmas at my parents who both are jabbed (not sure if flu or covid boosters or both they wouldn't say) however they didn't get ill. An old friend (Jabbed) came to the house on the Thurs I told him not to as I was feeling rough and said it's highly contagious but he came anyway. The next day he was poorly as far as I know still is. I am a physically fit person who plays sport and I drink only distilled water from my megahome machine. I am surprised I feel so rough because I've not been this ill since Xmas 2019. However I read on a telegram channel our bodies would go into detox around the winter Winter solstice every every couple of years. and other people can trigger a detox in ourselves in a similar way to when one person starts yawning everyone else in the room will begin to yawn.....But who knows what the truth is these days.
  11. I found it strange that Reeves got the role in this case. His dark hair and blue eye suggests celtic heritage. The directors might have found someone with stronger jewish features. like Groucho Marx
  12. I very much enjoy to eat the food I wouldn't usually eat at other times of the year. For instance its the only time of year I can get a turkey roast dinner. I like the taste so look forward to the xmas day meat. And the other good stuff such as Christmas pudding. The one thing that I despise about Christmas is the awful xmas pop songs that they play over and over. Ones I've heard since childhood. They've seriously over played the likes of slade, the pouges and wham cliff richards, it's like every radio station wants to ram them down your ear canals.
  13. very suspicious the council made the protection order in sept. Then a few weeks later it made headlines all around the world. Publicity stunt with controlled opp faux charity. Controllers taking peoples right to protest away in plain sight Ref: Robert Clinic, Station Road, Birmingham B30 Birmingham City Council (Station Road B30) Public Space Protection Order Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 – Section 59 THIS ORDER is made by Birmingham City Council (the Council) under section 59 of the Anti- Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, because the council is satisfied on reasonable grounds that there are a number of activities, carried out or are likely to be carried out in a public space namely the area within and surrounding Station Road, Birmingham, B30, shown outlined on the map attached ( the restricted area) that have had, or are likely to have, a detrimental effect on the quality of life of those in the locality. The effect or likely effect of these activities is of a persistent or continuing nature such as to make these activities unreasonable, and justifies the restrictions imposed in this order. The Council has had regard to the rights and freedoms set out in the European Convention on Human Rights. The Council has had particular regard to the rights and freedoms set out in Article 10 ( right of freedom of expression) and Article 11 ( right of assembly) of the European Convention on Human Rights and has concluded that the restrictions on such rights and freedoms imposed by this Order are lawful, necessary and proportionate. Public Space Protection Order The Order shall come into force on 07th September 2022 at 00.00hrs THIS ORDER WILL BE IN FORCE FOR A PERIOD OF 3 YEARS AND WILL EXPIRE ON THE 05th September 2025 AT 23.59HRS.
  14. factJack

    The Soaps

    eastenders is the worst. so many people watch it, and learn the characters manerisms. It seems every episode since it was first aired involves people shouting at each other. Normalising completly over the top reactions for trivial things, for an example you could accidenly drop a plate and it breaks and people will scream at you "you idiot look what you've done" I've been waiting to be served in a pub and the bar persons smashes a glass and every one is laughing. I thought Corrie was the harmless one just with old people getting up to misdemeanours but judging by the above clip seems its as bad as enders.
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