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  1. speaking to my tinder nurse again she told me every patient in the hospital gets covid tested 3 times a day. If they are positive they are positive until they have 3 consecutive negative tests.
  2. A solution is infiltration. The governement are recruiting civilians to train to adminster the vaxcine. If you can blag a job you'll have access to the database or certificatess even the ingrediants list. Also as a fully qualified needle handler, you'll be able to have a nice little sideline giving botox injections to horny divorcee milfs for £300 a jab. Whats not to love?
  3. I see Starmer is in todays papers calling for the shutdown of football after exuberant hugging celebrations during football matches this weekend. I agree with the theory he could be annointed PM to come in without election and save the nation, and also hold a 2nd referendum on brexit, he has said this in the past. Not sure how they would arrange this though.
  4. My understanding of this subject is bitcoin is a bit too clunky to be used as everyday currency. It takes about 45mins to transact and validated 3 times? Other coins are faster with more validations such as xrp. Of course btc is the pioneer and the most famous and drives the market. If mass adoption by mainstream occurs, I think bitcoins role will be as a store of value similar to an isa or something.
  5. Had an interesting conversation with a nurse that i know she told me she gets tested a different way to the pcr. I dont remember what its call L-something. its like a pregnacy test. maybe this is how the gov can keep all the emergency services staff in work and avoid the false positive pcr. which would mean staff taking a fornite off. and the footballers too. get the numbers up = pcr keep the mugs in work = L-whatever it was
  6. It's bullshit. probably not even police. 77th brigade fakery.
  7. surely its the same two women in this bullshit article. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-derbyshire-55560814
  8. great suggestion! however the average microscope wouldn't cut it you need a nanoscope and these are about £10k it seems possible to build a diy device atomic force microscopy and then we require an idea what we are looking at/for. a nice little project for lockdown
  9. With capacity of the stadiums limited, the "lucky" few who get the tickets are usually the trainspotter fans due to length of service. Head to toe in team colours, bobble hats, tooled up with tartan blanket and a flask of bovril etc. The stone island brigade will be waiting in the wings for a long time, most likely taking it out on the mrs.
  10. how about if the conspiracy/ truth seeker/ awakened / alternative /icke fans attempt to register as a new religion? For example, star wars fans attempted to get classification after the 2011 uk census declared Jedi was the 7th most popular religion. The religion could forbid vaccination and other stuff like facial recognition/ mask wearing basicly anything these psychopaths want to impose, could be circumvented due to "beliefs" Conspiracy theorist would now have impunity from being riddiculed and any "hate speech" coming from sheeple.
  11. xmas movies were a big thing until everyone got a vhs, and later dvd and blue ray machine. Then christmas specials like only fools and horses sort of replaced the star wars movie as the big thing to look forward to on telly. Last year I was at a house with a load of people and we all watched gavin and stacey xmas special together. But this year I don't think there was anything that would get the massive 20m veiwing figures of 1986's eastenders dirty dens divorce.
  12. Villa top the reported hate crimes list https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/55038972 just a guess might be possibly something to do with making sure theyre the antithesis of city rivals birmingham, who are known for their "diverse fan base"? rather than the team? I'm not sure. Its a strange article listing reported crime not convictions. maybe Villa have a lot of snitches amongst their support? Just a thought about the fake WWF wrestling premier league. Maybe Villa will be "allowed" to win it this year due to brexit. They have an english manager and most of the
  13. I refute the post above that daily mail has some good reporting. No where can I find a direct quote where hancock says "police will set up road blocs" despite this BS being circulated. he actually says 'Of course, I've spoken to the Home Secretary [Priti Patel] and the British Transport Police's responsibility is to police the transport system.' regarding mask wearing in shops etc, I've stated on this site before I've never worn a mask and never been challenged to and this remains the case. and im not some unapproachable looking person unlike you lot I'm always gett
  14. I think the uniform coppers especially, do some mental shift pattern which includes early and lates in the same week. i had a crap factory job doing similar hours and i felt in a permanant state of being totally fucked. I used to spend my days off lay in bed. everyone who worked there were the same. The ones who had a little bit of power (the team leaders) were absolutly vile, just as you describe expressionless at best, demonic at worst. like machines. Obviously jobs where you have a little bit of power awaken a dark side in humans, check that movie the stamford prison experiment.
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