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  1. Whilst at my fathers yesturday I had a flick through his copy of the FT weekend edition which came with a supplement ostentatiously titled "how to spend it" We're all aware the cabal like to drop clues hidden in plain sight on whats forthcoming, I was shocked to read in "the aesthete" some wanker called faban cousteux proclaiming he "always carries a pocket knife with him" also mentioned were various multi tools. Later in the issue there is a long article about some back to nature travel experience that costs 10k where you have to catch your own food. Finally the gadget section was even m
  2. Lvfeier security pouch Anti tracking Anti spying If you really can't live without your personal tracker it may be worth investing in one of these signal blocking pouches. I've had one a few years as I was concerned about EMF radiation from my phone being in my pocket right next to my ball sacks all day at work. I've actually tested the pouch right underneath a local phone mast and it works great. I took two phones (top of the range phones aswell) out with me. stood underneath the mast (i believe it's a 4G mast) and dialled the number of the phone in the pouch. the call cannot
  3. the military (RAF I believe) have been going around area's of Birmingham's bame ghettos knocking doors to see if anyone wanted covid tests. There was a confrontational video doing the rounds on social media last week, didn't see or hear anything in the mainstream media of course.
  4. There are a couple of embedded clues on the notorious economist cover .
  5. I also have the megahome distiller since aug mine came with a glass jug though. Maybe the placebo effect or maybe not but I definatly felt an impact from drinking the pure water. I have much more energy, just feel really good. The waste at the end of the cycle looks gross I'm so glad I bought this machine. However I agree with the poster above. It's difficult to find a place for such a big machine, Ive moved mine around the house so far, not found a permanant area for it and the fan is pretty noisey. It's hassle taking off the lid to refil it, you have to unplug both connectors and some m
  6. Good evening I am a single caucasian male with some experience in dating apps predominantly tinder and blendr. Obviously their algorithms will favour the members who subscribe. You can use the apps for free but the experience particularly on blender will be frustrating I believe you can only send about 5 messages a day, and tinder appears to push the multicultural agenda; you seem to have to swipe through many women of different ethnicities, only when you pay do you finaly get a decent supply of the white chicks. Both these apps are the kind where you swipe left or right based on ph
  7. factJack


    I skim read my fathers financial times and there was an article about shopping at farmfoods over m&s or waitrose. Was this an embedded clue to fill up chest freezers for the coming winter of discontent? This was my first thought when I read it. I believe farmfoods's niche is frozen food. FT is behind a paywall however this is a snippet. Rich People's Problems: Forget Ocado — I'm off to Farmfoods ... 5 days ago - There are more than 300 Farmfoods shops around the UK offering a veritable feast of deals on frozen food and other essentials from this .
  8. factJack


    tv person simon cowell has ditched his vegan diet to speed up his recovery from a broken back. A glaring confession that the hyping of vegan life is to subvert and phsyically weaken the controlled masses if ever I saw one.
  9. Manic Street Preachers - Another invented disease
  10. Hello I've been reading this forum for ages. I figured with the relaunch of the boards I'd actually register and try and contribute if I can.
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