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  1. People are rapidly ditching lanelines and packages from bt and virg because they're always putting up the prices and virgin especially there is loads of downtime. I know of 5 households who have ditched these for 4G routers with sim slot and unlimited data tariffs. Apparently 5g routers are still too expensive. Also you can move house and get a sim slot router and data sim up and running next day where BT and Virg you usually have to wait a couple of weeks for a connection date.
  2. What are peoples thoughts on this election? Surely after all the yellow vest protests and strikes etc the people will turn their back on the milf hunter?
  3. yes I think it absurd they would carry such an important historical artifact on a war ship especially one engaged in conflict
  4. Russian warship sunk by Ukraine was ‘carrying ancient Christian relic piece of True Cross on which Jesus was crucified do you think is this total bs or symbolism? timing just right around easter. apologies for the scum newspaper link it was the only well known UK source. I discovered story on business insider.co.uk but I hadn't heard of that one before.
  5. I watched the netflix documentary today. They seem to steer JS getting knighthood, put the blame/decision solely on Margret Thatcher. I guess they want liz to remain squeeky clean during her aniversary year perhaps? I watched the Savile is a wizard documentary a few years ago. I thought it was brilliant at the time. But I remember reading the youtube comments and someone had posted about the hypnotic music, back masking and NLP repetition etc throughout. I noticed this and it put me off watching it again.
  6. Intrigued by people claiming that it's the biggest wealth transfer in history. I have created several collections of nft art. I've minted and posted for sale on opensea for a reassuringly expensive pricetags. However I've not sold anything. I now believe it is all a big scam. Why would anyone pay thousands even millions for a .jpg? you can't even hang it on your wall! The only ones doing this must be buying their own art and washing their own ill gotten gains. I don't believe any kid is just making that kind of money. More than likely a rich family member is buying it. to launder crypto cash.
  7. I'd say 100% of athletes are vile people who would probably thieve from you or stab you if they hadn't become sports people. I saw a documentary about Ronaldo and there was a clip of him throwing his dog into a pool. here is the clip. I bet If you were Ronaldo's friend he would treat you like shit, throw stuff at you and continually wind you up. like Ricky Gervais's friend Karl. Think about it being good at something is no gift it's just practice and practice. You have to be mentally ill to enjoy doing the same thing over and over.
  8. The book came out in about 1991 but was republished in 2016 maybe they've edited out some stuff in the reprint?
  9. I've also noticed this...and cancer news, healthy hot woman 26 dies after cancer battle in local newspapers, cancer stuff on TV charities so on etc. During the advert break in his favorite classic car auction TV show, I mentioned all this bombardment to my father only yesterday, there were adverts for life insurance, cancer charity and all stuff mentioned in the posts above I said 'can't you see they're firing bullets at you?' casting spells, embedding the programming firmly in your subconscious. He just laughed. The amount of medical TV shows on terrestrial, casualty, Dr martin, doctors etc.
  10. you book a cheap flight from your arrival airport to somewhere else. like a ten quid ryan air flight to norway or somewhere h**ps://onwardticket.com/
  11. Someone I know told me she thought the covid was/is an egregore. I hadn't heard this term before I had to look it up but it makes sense. (it's like an energy created by mass thinking) Then the next day I saw an article online which I interpreted as embedded confession to the theory. I'll be honest ive never heard the term egreious before either. so it sort of struck me as soon as i read the word. one of those omg moments.
  12. I read about Novak criticizing Rio Tinto a mining operation who the Oz PM had some sort of advisory role. Could be fake news I don't know for sure, If there are other unvaccinated players at the open it might be for real I havn't looked into it
  13. All the weak minded people have rolled up their sleeves by now. If you've not had the "jab" there's no way you're getting it now, like 2 years into the scenario. I can't believe that they believe someone who hasn't had any injection will suddenly think oh it's 2022 ,or look at the weird bus stop adverts and think hmm time I got injected against this thing everybody's talking about. They just have to concede....threats, fear and peer pressure don't work on a certain percentage of the population.
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