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  1. Who can get an NHS COVID Pass am I just being overly optimistic by thinking.... it's saying you can get a pass without the jabs (and therefore access to the big events) hey has anyone tried getting this pass without a vax and try and get into an event? Maybe it's just an ID card they covid bullshit was just the reason they needed to bring it in. so if you tick the box and say youre exempt. this was one of the replies on twit so if you make a self assesment that youre exempt. will it still generate the barcode to let you in?
  2. They're getting desperate now
  3. This is like a form of medical apartheid. imagine being on a works night out up town and turned away at the door. having to do the walk of shame past a queue just because you chose not to have the junk pumped into you? It would be so humiliating. happy to let people with aids into the club but you can't come in without proof of two jabs? I think they will have to backtrack on this. there will be "pushback"
  4. It's going to be like the 1920s when all the pubs were shut and speakeasys went underground. Filling your bacardi breezer up from a radiator tap.
  5. The fans knew there was forty thousand empty seats so obviously went for it. Wimbledon and other events were back at full capacity so why wasn't the euro final? It's bad that the england fans inside the stadium were punching the fans who just wanted to see a once in a lift time game. Plenty of free loaders in the VIP areas.
  6. This woman knew Handcock at uni but didn't get with him (as far as we know) then as soon as he's got a position of power she's all over him. [to win a contract for her family initially] Look at the video how he's cornered, backed against the wall and she moves in. woman are hardwired to be attracted to nothing more than status. It doesn't matter what your looks, personality etc. There's plenty of single women in the world but they not interested in the majority of single blokes as they're lacking in some sort of status. Even in these days of equality this will probably never change.
  7. factJack


    https://www.bbc.com/news/business-57585105 using the crops to make fuel instead of food. all in the name of fighting climate.
  8. I see the camera homed in on anti trident plackards. Wondered what that bullshit story with the Royal Navy who just happened to have bbc camera crew aboard and the Russians was about.
  9. I agree with Pawson13.........no one can have affairs at work without people noticing and gossiping. This would have been going on for ages they could of busted him anytime. His job has come to an end. They have chosen an asian man as the new baton holder. Is this either to stir up tensions if lock down is extended? Or boost the low bame vaccine numbers perhaps? Or can anyone suggest a reason?
  10. Erikson out of hospital so quickly after a heart attack. With some sort of electronic device fitted. The media lauding the virtues of life giving tech. the trans human agenda given more good PR. There is a dutch player at the euro's who plays with one fitted. I see high end Italian fashion now adding this protection to clothes. https://paulandshark.co.uk/pages/e-m-w-shield
  11. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/57551368 I see a scotland player has tested positive and two england players have to isolate as they ruffled his hair at the end of the game. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/57560206 The rest of the scotland squad have been deleting videos off social media all afternoon showing them playing table tennis/ hanging out with Gilmore
  12. I believe only the diet, max versions contain aspertame. The origional just has a shit load of sugar. nine teaspoons. I see the share price dropped after ronaldo's actions yesturday. https://www.espn.com/soccer/portugal-por/story/4410619/cristiano-ronaldo-snub-sees-coca-cola-share-price-fall-by-$4bn maybe this is the beginning of the end for coca cola?
  13. The ridiculous thing about this tournament is for the first time it's not hosted by one country like all the other sporting event such as olympics and world cups, Games are played all over the continent. Whole teams of men flying around europe during this so called pandemic, high fiveing and spitting and hugging each other, whilst we can't even stand up inside a pub or go about our daily business.
  14. I watched this game live it really shocked me when I saw him collapse and his eyes bulging reminded me of when Marc Vivien Foe died on the pitch. I was convinced Eriksen was dead, especially when I saw the medics giving him CPR.
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