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  1. It appears that the tyrants are going ahead with the passport...and dangling a carrot to the unvaccinated, that you can use the pass with exemptions. Is this just to fill a database of people who are unvaxxed? You have to call someone and get through the questions, You only get one chance to claim.
  2. half term soon isnt it? Covid firebreak at Camborne Academy A Cornish school is moving hundreds of pupils back to remote learning for a week as it battles high numbers of Covid cases. Camborne Science and International Academy said it is experiencing "significant Covid-related absences" from students and staff. In a statement the school said it had "not been an easy decision" to make. The Department for Education told the BBC that "face-to-face education should be prioritised". It added that schools should "reintroduce temporary additional measures such as increased testing or face coverings". In a letter sent home to parents, the academy has asked students in years 8 and 9 to complete their lessons remotely in the week before the October half-term. "Parents, carers and students have been advised well in advance in order for appropriate arrangements to be made," it continued. "Our students' wellbeing and education will always be our number one priority."
  3. its ovious why this film was delayed many times. they went through the whole script to changed every mention of the word virus, to weapon or bioweapon. They've made Q a homeosexual he now reminds me of the scientist from breaking bad Gale, and there's a sinister moment in the film when the russian says to the black 007 woman I could wipe out your entire race if I wanted and she replys to him and kills him can't rememeber what she said. Other than the usual nlp was a cosy river side chat between bond and his boss where they said the people "dont want freedom they want to be told what to do" I just laugh when I see all the programming they put in this big movies as I see right through it all. However many people just suck it all up. this article is a joke scroll down half the page and some film critics from the independant give it three stars and say its too long etc. however as the bbc is so eager to get everyone to see the film as its packed with gov sponser nlp it's main news they've been finding bond stories all day asking football managers etc
  4. I think the pill narrative is just bluster. It's totally about having something injected into your body that can never be undone. The mark of servitude. If they launched a pill in the first place there would have been non of thie lockdown or the rest of the circus we've had to endure since 2019. You can't get on the plane until you've proved you've swallowed your pills! don't come to the arinia granda concert unless you display evidence of an empty blister pack....okay boss I'd happliy take a pill. but it makes the story sound less horrific if you can just take a pill to get rid of it. Like a lemsip. an injection infers it's more serious, life or death. This is why therefore I think the pill narrative is just bluster. It's all about the injection. The mark of servitude.
  5. I think it was in the 90s or early 2000's farmers blockaded the oil refinery due to the price of petrol which was close to £1 a litre. I remember this because my father at the time had a 200 mile daily commute, he used the motorway services for fuel which according to him were not affected at all. at first it was fully supported by the public,. Then the media started printing stories about ambulances running out of fuel and it fizzled out think it lasted about 2 weeks. (They love playing the nhs guilt trip card) Also I remember hearing something about shell lorry drivers being on strike aswell can't remember when this was. Shell drivers were on a more lucrative contract then most of the other tanker drivers. I dont think this one was as big though.
  6. What do you suppose the real reason is for this? Will it become a fluoride in the water situation? official narrative says it's doing you good when there are hidden dangers?
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-58570893 Bit of a coincidence considering how pissed off france are about being "stabbed in the back" over the submarine deal
  8. one day this guy will be found hanging in the woods like david kelly
  9. yes that's the one I was thinking of.
  10. Hey DaleP I remember coming across something cant remember if it was pdf file a few years ago regarding subliminal advertising. (I will see if i still have it on my laptop hard disk) It was regarding newport or kent cigarettes. They would embed the words death and devil subtly into the cigarette advertising. This made an impact in the some part of the customers brain which triggered them to buy the cigarettes! So be very careful as your idea may have the opposite effect, I imagine this is perhaps why some of the vax death stories do make it through as the controllers have the brain all mapped out. apologies for straying slightly off topic. this is an interesting subject to talk about perhaps deserves its own thread.
  11. The UK government’s vast security operation to manage the immediate aftermath of the death of the Queen include official social media blackouts and a ban on retweets. These plans, codenamed Operation London Bridge, which were first revealed in a Guardian Long Read in 2017 and have now been seen in full by Politico, detail the scale of the arrangements for the funeral and government anxieties about whether the UK has the resources to execute them. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/sep/03/security-operation-for-queens-death-includes-social-media-blackouts
  12. more scum media lies then forced to back peddle https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/gunshot-victims-horse-dewormer-ivermectin-oklahoma-hospitals-covid-1220608/amp/?__twitter_impression=true even the re issue aticle they use nlp tricks and closely knit the words falsely and covid cure together I thought rolling stone was a music mag like the nme etc
  13. Tonight Raheem sterling had a message on his T shirt which he displayed after a score for England soccer team tonight. well I was interested to find out who this person was mentioned in the message. h**ps://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/16038248/who-is-steffie-gregg-raheem-sterling-england-hungary-rvssian/ The interesting bit is right at the end of the article.
  14. Sky news hinting at what's to come for humans perhaps?
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