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  1. **tps://www.theguardian.com/education/2024/feb/05/uk-professor-suffered-discrimination-due-to-anti-zionist-beliefs-tribunal-rules University of Bristol academic who was sacked after being accused of antisemitic comments wins ‘landmark’ decision
  2. I am a premier league football watcher. There were rumours liverpool players were cheating when they won the league under klopp. Many of the squad were registered Asthmatic more then any other team. Eyebrows were raised when a new signing came who quicky was registered as Asthmatic despite not having it before. the rumours on twitter suggesting the Asthma medication inhaler things were performance enhancing, banned unless you had ashtham. But liverpool thrashed every team that season with their high tempo attacking football descirbed by Herr Klopp as heavy metal football. II read all this shit on twitter and some other sites. h**ps://trainingground.guru/articles/liverpool-and-asthma-inhalers-is-there-any-substance-to-the-innuendo
  3. h**ps://www.checktheevidence.com/wordpress/2024/01/30/richard-d-halls-pre-trial-judge-has-reserved-judgement-for-now/
  4. h**ps://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.com/2024/01/rdh-in-court-day-one.html
  5. First day of the trial and a meida black out I could only find a couple of articles h**ps://www.inverness-courier.co.uk/news/national/manchester-arena-survivors-sue-conspiracy-theorist-who-claims-attack-was-fake-98756/ h**ps://www.ireland-live.ie/news/uk/1408739/manchester-arena-survivors-sue-conspiracy-theorist-who-claims-attack-was-fake.html
  6. I was shocked to see some pro Russian news on the TV today around lunch time. They were talking about a teenage Russian tennis player winning a couple of games. They showed some clips of the girl playing and the scoreboard graphics had her opponants flag but the russian flag was greyed out. I am still not sure what to make of this news. Maybe this is a turning point in the conflict and they're using sports to change peoples perceptions of the russians? What are those BBC fuckers up to?
  7. Apologies for the macabre subject matter it's something thats puzzelled me but I never give much thought to unless I have one to attend. I read somewhere you must always go, as the energy of the person is distributed to the rest of the family. There seems to be mainly cremations over burials these days. I'm nor sure how I feel about it. Is it a cabal trick? I don't often see the parasites having them (celebs, royal scum etc), it's usually burial. I can't think of one famous person who was cremated. In the UK the usual explanation is there's a lack of space for graves, and this is the best solution, however after watching Tv war documentarys how bodies were disposed of in ovens it doesn't seem right. So is this just a UK thing or do other countries do the same? How did it come into mainstream? Why didn't the ancients do it?
  8. its no coincidence videos like this one are getting pumped by the algorithmto 42million views on youtube. In plain sight. This is happening, It's time to get digging and stack up on dvd's.
  9. I watched this movies last night, it's target demograpihic is conspiracy theorists. The viewer will be peppered with messages via dialect or subliminal ....the main guy even says something along the lines of "the conspiracy people think theres a shadow gov running the world but really no ones in control. (I remember the last James bond film also had a message for the people, Bond's boss said something like "the people want to be controlled") It's deffo pre programming for some cyber attack coming. Theere is a part where he attemps to make a call on a satelite phone. Immeadiatly I remembered watching the launch of the new iphone a few months ago, the lateet gimmick is satelite phone functionality. So basicly the apple snobs will think theyl have conectivity during the outage. It's typical netflix box ticking and race baiting. The black man is of muscular build, dressed in suits, drives a bentley and group leader, whereas the white man is a scruffy beta male who's wife is more successful. The prepper is also skinny and scruffy but has a shot gun and the teenage son is depicted as a total perv. I give this movie 0/10 but I did watch it all the way through just because it's generated a bit of a buzz and people I know have been talking about it.
  10. Whats going on in Rwanda? Scumukgov wouldn't send them there to sit around and live in mud huts chilling? There must be some project going on over there, and they need labour, some mining for electric car batteries or something? Or maybe they're trying to make it a stag party destination the new amsterdam? and they need a load a barmen, bouncers and toilet attendents (freshen up for the punani) I see Arsenal football team have visit rwanda stickers on their sleeves How will the UK cope without 16 barbers on the high street and having to go out the house to fetch a mcdonalds? I wonder what the real reason this country was chosen?
  11. Incredible, I remember a episode of OFAH where Del and Rodney go to a glider club
  12. I read somewhere about benefits from drinking from copper cup. I plan to experiment by putting an old PC copper heat sink into my jug of distilled water, and seeing how I feel before parting with the £5 to buy a copper cup.
  13. https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-67218454 scroll half way down.....BBC craftily embedding a BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU sub heading in on the article. So kind of them to remind us.
  14. Tamworth couple charged £11k for gas after 18 years with no bill If you check some of the comments, people on twitter have spotted these pair as crisis actors wheeled out by the bbc for more of their propaganda. Straight out of the bbc play book, let most of the sheeple riddicule the actors appearance, but the message will be embedded into their minds without them paying too much attention. I've seen them do this many times, one time was something like free school dinners and they use an extremely obese child or huge mother from an ethnic background.
  15. totally just saw this on the tv news Artist pulps 6,000 copies of The Da Vinci Code and turns them into 1984 Obviously there's a coded message if it's broadcast on TV
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