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  1. I've read from many sources the UK has been under a subversion model as described by Yuri Bezmenov for many years leading up to present day. besmenov says the demoralised man is unable to assess true facts. So how can the leaders expect people to believe anything they say? I find I don't believe anything anymore. Anything on telly or in the papers. especailly sport. Even stuff my friends tell me I'm thinking "so what really happened?" On Saturday I won 30 quid on the grand national I expected a women or a black jockey to win. There were 3 women so I backed them all. I laughed a
  2. does appear to be a bit dodgy purple bus and the guy ends up in a purple bar. Why was he going to a bar at 9am? I think theres some reason they've dug it up to do with that colour. didnt kamala harris wear purple during inaugoration.
  3. Correct me if im wrong. My understanding was AZ was the old school vax where dead virus is injected which activated an immune response. All the others (pfizer, etc) were the DNA altering ones. So perhaps AZ doesn't have the functionality to sterilize which is their main objective, therefore have hyped up some side effects (of which all vacines have anyway) to make sure the young shaggers all become jaffa's.
  4. Men must dress appropriately for the weather and walk head down if any females are in close proximity. Eye contact forbidden. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/pregnant-woman-creeped-out-sutton-20309232 Pregnant woman ‘creeped out’ in Sutton Park after being ‘followed and stared at’ for 45 minutes The woman said she was followed for 45 minutes to an hour from Town Gate to beyond the Jamboree Stone by a man dressed all in black who kept staring at her
  5. saw this amongst the aanirfan blog comments feb 17th bbc have an article about women night walking BBC "nightwalking" and the womans name in the story is Caroline Whiteman yeah .... white man I think the impact is already within us. During covid many people crossed the road to avoid passing on the pavement. Now blokes might be walking at night and feel awkward if they have to over take a slow walking women. Or not make polite conversation at the bus stop. It's at odd's with what you find on the dating app's. All the birds are looking f
  6. vax debate.mp4 This vid shows mps debating the vaccine pasport issue. As I thought, a non starter due to discrimination grounds. Therefore the only reason they are keeping it alive in the media is to make sure many people shit themselves and get the vax in fear of being locked away in their homes forever. This is why I became suspicious of ian brown (despite being a stone roses fan), why pull out and make a big noise about it despite entry conditions not being mentioned on the festival flyers? Could of waited until the last minute and pulled out it would of created a bigger stink
  7. I have a weird experience, something like this but I couldn't explain. I was at a sports stadium watching an important football game. At the final whistle many fans including myself invaded the pitch. I was in a state of euphoria I ran to celebrate with the team hurdling advertising hordings and pushing past burly stewards with ease (senate style) I headed towards the one player but as I was in like touching distance I was suddenly stopped in my tracks drained of all my excitement and just felt a harsh coldness, I just had to get away from this guy. Which was unbelieveable as for th
  8. All these office worker dwellings which would usually be empty now require heat and power through the hours of 9-5 which is now coming out of their own wages. It would be interesting to see one big office block worth of heat and other costs versus say 300 houses. It may be shifting costs from one place to another for all I know.
  9. i remember someone on this message board posted a link about the balkans war. It was a brilliant article I never forgot about it. Two lads were talking about how they got through it. They said the best currency was disposable ciggarette lighters and whiskey.
  10. Whilst on the subject on coppers and covid I was stopped the other night. (live in a large city -shithole) My heart sank as I saw the blue lights go on. I thought oh shit here we go. But basicly my car was filthy and he couldn't see my number plate. He just asked me the usual questions is it my car etc At no point did he ask me where I was going. In addition to this, a friend was involved in a car crash in the middle of the city. The cops came again and didn't ask any of the people involved what they were doing out and about this was night time also. This was t
  11. I seriously doubt these are real coppers they're obviously a pro dance group dressed up. I know they look like basic dance moves but it's not something you can knock up in your 30mins break time in the canteen. I was nearly roped into doing some crap wedding dance for one of my mates you know like the weddings you see on youtueb (I like big butts and I cannot lie is the famous one) , he hired a pro choreographer. we had a few go's at it but knocked it on the head in the end as it was an absolute disaster. It's more absolute bullshit to get a FFS out of some and a
  12. By pulling out of this festival Brown as strengthened the credibility of the whole vaccine passports story coming to pass. It written so it looks like someone has whispered in his ear you won't get in unless you've got a vaccine passport so his pulled out. I think the whole passport thing is bullshit. discriminating and unworkable. you can get in the supermarket if you have AIDS but not if you're a healthy person just don't have a vaccine certificate???? it's just a dangling carrot that we won't get in anywhere unless we have a vaccine therefore many people will bo
  13. Steve Cotterill: Shrewsbury Town boss readmitted to hospital with Covid-pneumonia BBC can't decide which one it is today covid or pnemonia? I see the football team's game still went ahead tonight regardless Also tonight on the BBC was a documentary called "Why is Covid killing people of colour?" I assumed it was propaganda to steer a very resistant bame community to agreeing to have the vaccine. only caught a few minutes of it. One minute they're telling us we are all the same its just skin colour. The next minute they're saying if you're a bame you'
  14. not seen this video but that screengrab makes it look fake ...head is massive compared to the body
  15. Remember the l*ndon bridge where the guy was on the floor. A bloke takes his weapon off him and throws a white bag on the floor. i had some videos off twitter on one of my computers. All The videos are now corrupt can't play them at all.
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