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  1. Yeah of course. But deep down, you are still ending somethings existance to feed yours. And plant agriculture kills plenty of animals also, so to kill the least amount of animals would be to eat seasonally and grow your own food.
  2. Anyone who slices a innocent living organism apart with a sickle is ever so slightly deranged imho. What is the difference between plants and animals? Is it just sentience? Because regardless, you are ending a life to feed yours. And that's the brutal truth.
  3. Likewise. I struggle to get to work half the time because I have to look at the sad, dull eyes of the followers with face nappies on. What cheered me up today though was a bus driver that seemed pleased that i didn't have a mask on and I'm pretty sure he convinced the other 2 people to take their masks off. Very good stuff from him. It cheers me up to see a freethinker.
  4. I wish I saw this earlier on, I would've skipped work and come over to you to have a chat about face masks and vaccines and the lockdown. Yeah Brighton is filled with face nappy wearing collaborators as far as I have seen. I'm always the only one on the bus without a mask. Today I was confronted by a bus "inspector" who asked why i had no mask. I calmly said "I am exempt." He keeps on insisting that i need to show him a mask exemption card and it is illegal to not have an exemption card if you're not wearing a mask, which is quickly and easily debunked by a simply search on gov.uk. He then sai
  5. Who runs the world? Well it is the people behind the curtain, the people you don't see. Those in position of "power" are just puppets in an act. Think of a chess game, yeah you get queens and rooks which are powerful, both with out somebody to control them they're useless. There is another force, human or non human, controlling things from the other side of the wall.
  6. Bus driver / shop owner / security guard: Do you have a face covering? Me: I am exempt from wearing a mask because I have a medical condition. Bus driver / shop owner / security guard: Do you have any proof? Me: I don't need proof, gov.org says the person should not routinely ask for proof. OR Me: I don't need to disclose information under the data protection act. This works all the time. Usually they roll their eyes and let out a big sigh... I just keep the grin on my face.
  7. Whaddup everyone. Just a guy searching for the truth, that's all.
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