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  1. This from Daily Expose: https://dailyexpose.co.uk/2021/02/27/adverse-reaction-rate-to-covid-vaccines-increases-to-1-in-200/ 'The oxford jab is also a new method of “vaccine” known as a ‘viral vectored vaccine’. The genetic information inside a viral vectored vaccine like ChAdOx1 is DNA rather than RNA. This DNA is a short linear piece of double stranded DNA which contains the viral genes along with the gene for the spike protein. The viral vector first infects the cell and then delivers this DNA to the cell nucleus. The cell can then translate the viral genes (DNA) into mRNA using the same RNA polymerase it uses for our own genes. After translation, the mRNA gets tagged so it can leave the nucleus and be made into spike protein by the cell machinery. So if you thought the oxford jab wasn’t also using mRNA technology then you were mistaken.'
  2. in Tralfalgar Square? I feel total depair tonight. We are never getting our freedom back.
  3. the police yesterday were terrifying. 15,000 peaceful protestors and the organisers did a proper risk assessment. At 3pm after David spoke he was led out surrounded by security as he was leaving the police were starting to run and stand in a line blocking off the top of Tralfalgar Square where the stage was. I couldnt get through the first line of the police but ran and got out just as the second line was being formed. I was lucky.. I have just been watching the footage and it is horrific. Welcome to 1984 Police State.
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/world-middle-east-54134869 Will other countries follow?
  5. 100% correct.
  6. Humans are vile towards animals. We always have been.
  7. Saw a video of Mark Steele that someone else posted on here and he reckons they are gonna shut London again on 21st September. Dont know if there is any truth to that.
  8. I agree! Dont be a member of any group - just do your own thing.
  9. until

    No i havent heard that. Hoping that he is wrong.
  10. i heard he got arrested because he has been banned by the police since May, to attend demos. Do not know how true that is though.
  11. old Piers is bloody rude. barged passed me yesterday with his sainsburys bag. He doesnt give a fuck!
  12. I am concerned that there will be a autumn/winter shutdown again. So I am trying to get out and about and do things whilst the weather is nice amd make the most of it.
  13. I am pleased that I got to go visits places abroad when I did. I dont think our freedoms will return like what we had before March 2020.
  14. Vitamin D is meant to be good for the immune system and the respiratory tract. Been taking it since March.
  15. until

    Okay found the page. https://www.standupx.info Does anyone know is behind Stand upX? Who funds them?
  16. until

    thanks for posting this. is there a fb page for this?
  17. Genesis - Land of Confusion. Tears for Fears - Everybody wants to rule the World.
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