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  1. Genesis - Land of Confusion. Tears for Fears - Everybody wants to rule the World.
  2. Picture I took on Monday 20th July. (Coloured over person in image.) Any good?
  3. I have read so many stories where people said that they had a 'strange' virus in the UK from last September/October onwards which is why i think that COVID-19 is real. DI isnt having any of it though, is he?
  4. i am very pessimistic but as someone who has had depression since the 90s, that is the way i am. I am comfortable with being a pessimist.
  5. I know it is the Daily Mail but it seems like the government use them to forewarn the public of what is possibly going to happen. It wouldnt surprise me either if they also read the comment section to try and gage what the public opinion is.
  6. Can be anything: a certain food, drink, an animal in your life, walking in the forest or swimming in the sea. What makes you happy?
  7. i didnt think that humanity had that many years left even before COVID-19. You all think that humanity will make it to 2030?
  8. I am worried that there will be. I went to the beach today. Swam in the sea and felt the sun on my skin. It was magic. The thought came into my head: 'Never take your freedom for granted.'
  9. i dont have any proof or evidence that the below is the truth...anyone? Or just a vicious rumour?
  10. been wearing mine on the London tubes and buses and been in supermarkets. Fingers crossed i will be able to continue wearing it for however long this nonsense continues for.
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