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  1. Who knows how much of this is true, but relevant nonetheless:



    The Plot to Out Ronald Reagan





    This account of the alleged “homosexual ring” that controlled Ronald Reagan, and the efforts to expose it on the eve of the 1980 Republican National Convention that nominated him for the presidency, is compiled from interviews with several of the surviving participants and documents uncovered in the papers of former Washington Post Executive Editor Ben Bradlee. Appropriately for a story involving what was once considered the gravest sin in American politics, it has never been told until now.



    The portion about Jack Kemp is most likely true because Cuomo held it over Jack Kemp's head to get his pet projects passed.

  2. On 4/16/2022 at 4:05 PM, Mr H said:

    A lot of grains even if labelled organic are quite toxic. Brown rice for example usually has arsenic in it.

    Which is true, and only getting worse as time goes on, but it's because from field irrigation by water tainted by pork producers and various other pollutants. It's not due to grains being bad.

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