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  1. looking forward to the ch4 doc on her sitation she knows she was a spy
  2. INTEResting how people like david baddiel remain "silent" and he claims he is "athiest" but is the first one to defend or raise issues relating to comments on israel
  3. Would they allow swearing on tv? In us it was censored and I guess other time zones could be edited out or less viewers and usually do Oscars allow there clips to be publicly shared ? Maybe if it’s hardly watched I guess
  4. i honeslty dont think the daughter is theirs, probably adopted and the relationship husband and wife is bogus too she came to uk in 2007 - so i think loosely british national or very late in her life, in her 20s and met her husband who i assume is a gay very soon after
  5. Not convinced with the story we are told and her husband also seems very “camp”
  6. supposedely killed by a terrorist? he was quite old
  7. Harbi means belonging to war in Arabic … interesting name choice
  8. this has been a set up since day one they are paid to be there... and selected for a purpose - same with any entertainment industry she was always going to win, so much hype, channel 4, amazon prime specials before the match even started.... tiger woods lewis hamilton amir khan are all the same, they are selected and pushed forward with best trainers to help them along the way and 'easy' match-ups and money thrown at them...
  9. how do we even know these individuals exist or just working part of the operation....
  10. hi for example if i fly out from uk to dubai with family will i be prevented as its a red list country - are the exception when you can fly out i have a family emergency so need to fly out
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