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  1. Oopps!! Apologies, my finger "sent" S Hawkins photo in error. Photo is from Blue Sky reply. 

    On that note..... may I add that Hawkins certainly lived for many years, despite his health issues. I understand others with his condition, most certainly have a shorter life. Strange that...... 

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  2. I'm just wondering if people fake their own deaths, eg : celebrities, scientists, or whomever needs to "vanish" from public view. I've pondered about "Q" for example, having seen a woman look like John Kennedy Junior's wife behind Trumps rally, she really Does look like the deceased Caroline Kennedy!! Also the Vincent guy, has similar JF junior features, so it make me wonder about fake deaths, would appreciate your valued imput/thoughts on this topic, thank you 

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  3. The former labour leader John Smith was buried on Iona. A sacred burial place of Scottish KINGS and nobility. However, the former MP was buried there, causing some angst amongst the islands locals, including more visitors to his grave, apparently causing serious damage to adjecent ancient noble graves. Why is this beautiful island a hot spot? Does it lay on a ley line? Stargate/portal? Your thoughts please x

  4. I've been following the incredible series from 7 Up, directed by Michael Apted. The lives of British children, their social class, and their life's asperations, etc, filmed every seven years, they are all 63+ now. Truly fascinating, emotional to witness, has anyone else followed their life stories? Thanks x

  5. If his body is beyond hope/recovery and if he is just existing, and has no quality of life or dignity, after years hidden from all, I feel sad for him, almost like he is trapped in his wasted body, I would pray for his release (death) to finally release his soul to a much much better dimension /place, poor man, all his vast wealth can not help him now. 

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  6. I have often wondered about the former formula #one#  legend Schumacher, and have failed to find any useful information on his health. I would imagine he would be quite altered by now, his body wasted, and mute etc. I would appreciate your thoughts also. Thanks x

  7. Thank you for your informative reply Oz93666. Karl's channelling of Epstein was cut short when asked about the royal family, Dennys question to Epstein. Did anyone else have this video problem? As I was unable to view the entire channelling in this video. On that note, I totally agree with Karl, humanity can only be saved via creator/divine help, if we as a collective via our free will, humbly seek it. Peace xx

    10 hours ago, oz93666 said:

    Karl Mollison appeared on the scene fairly recently ...He had spent 30 years of his life working in main stream medical research , becoming disillusioned he retired early and began exploring alternative approaches to wellness ..hypnosis .... he met people who were channeling Angels and being very effective in healing , he tried this himself with success ... finally he realized he could channel "Creator"  not just healing others , but connecting with a steam of truth and information ... 


    Working with Denny , within a few years there accumulated a large body of work , over a 100 2 hr videos ...channelings of many dead people 'in the light ' and channelings of Creator .


    The outstanding quality of this material was apparent to many .... Laura Eisenhower  (Karl Channeled Dwight Eisenhower)  .... Elena Kapulnik , an SSP whistle-blower (Karl channeled her oversoul ) ...


    Karl's information confirms the existence of the SSP and off world advanced cabal run breakaway civilization with millions of humans , mostly slaves.


    He also confirms Icke's reptilian hypothesis ... that many prominent people , all throughout history , have been killed and replaced by reptilians ET shape shifters .... That his planet is controlled by a coalition of 3 malevolent ET groups who direct the cabal (Rothschilds , Royalty and others) .. 


    These ETs are behind corona and the planned extermination of humanity ... Karl's main message is that these ET groups are so advanced humanity cannot deal with them alone .... Only by inviting the Divine Realm and Creator to assist can they be dealt with ....


    This is a freewill universe ...rules dictate higher beings can only take action if we invite them ... 


    The way to explore Karl's work is by listening to the channelings .... pick a person you fancy from the 100 available ...Queen Victoria .... Jeffrey Epstien ...Michael Jackson ... they are all now in the Light and can see our predicament clearly ... they say we have only a few years to turn things around , or it's curtains for humanity!







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