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  1. Thanks BC for that reply... cheers from Australia mate
  2. Thanks BC.... But why would the medical profession eg doctors, administer/inject such an evil vaccination? Surely, most doctors are aware of the evil Agenda perpetrators?.. No?
  3. My kitty waiting for her dinner lol
  4. Pix of my next door neighbour and his kitties, they are his life and reason for living, bless him x
  5. Little treasure, he has real rascal look, bless him xx
  6. Was just wondering about our pets, companions.... Im a bit uneasy should the covid 1984 rules extend to our household pets, eg house to house spread by pets by the fake scamdemic. My loyal and best mate "kitty" roams, jumps neighbours fences etc, the usual feline activity, lol... Also dogs in parks, out for a little exercise and stroll with owners, am I being paranoid thinking this? That our pets might be restricted, controlled, by the psychos dictating our lives,by possibly inferring our pets are suss at spreading this scamdemic!? I live alone, my kitty is my best pal, vital for my mental health, laughs and fun moments together, and lots of furry cuddles. Looks like anything that is fun, or gives meaning to one's life, TPTB are now systematically destroying as each day and new draconian rule is imployed,just like a pint at your local pub, a chat and social contact with pals has been all but taken from us......
  7. Before things get this bad,or when I just can't cope with the above stated future hellish near future possibility, I'm sadly considering taking my own life IF it gets this bad, it is unbelievable for me to even consider taking my own life at present, due to afterlife karma etc, I would truly appreciate your views and thoughts, thanks
  8. Your quite a word smith and a naughty little boy yourself lol
  9. Thanks for sharing that EW.... very interesting, total saturation of number 6, its a bit of a head f*ck for me, however, that cemetery 'Corona del Mar' wtf! Intuitively I feel much dark, sinister subliminal messages are deliberately being made visible to the public at large, defo no coincidence there imho, again thanks for sharing.....
  10. Thanks for that Oz, your reply seems to resonant on a deep level with me personally, regarding entity attachments, ET's, messing with our soul, our divinity, causing much personal suffering, and on a collective level also, as I too resonate with Karl Mollison's get wisdom channel, his message and our only hope being divine prayer,/intervention to save humanity, personally this is my 'truth' also... Blessed be...
  11. The advert I saw on the bus stop billboard was for health cover 'Bupa', clearly 666 is viable indeed, on the balloons, why not butterflys for example on the balloons, or smiley faces perhaps, obviously the 666 was the intended subliminal message.... bit odd imho
  12. Hi there, I presume you believe 666 represents the beast symbol then? After Oz's reply I'm rather confused myself now.......
  13. Thanks for your reply Oz. As always your imput intrigues and informs me..... As I ponder now the 666 implied message on that billboard, to include the possible mason hand behind said advert G'day to you from Oz... tralia
  14. Saw this at bus stop, advert for Bupa health insurance, clearly showing three 6's on each balloon
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