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  1. 2 hours ago, FrankVitali said:

    Is it true the MPs are debating mandatory vaccination today?

    I had an email from the  egov petitions a week or so ago, it said a petiton I signed " Dont put restrictions on people who dont want the vaccine" will be debated in Parliament on Dec 14. I think thats what its about.

    My husband got a letter in the post today from the NHS and Imperial College London , his name chosen at random it said,  to ask if he would participate in the January 2021 covid testing research study, it says to sign up and they send a test kit and that the swab  will cause some "mild" discomfort, its to see how many people have covid it says, but on the back of the letter it states the tests arent 100% accurate.  They know where they can stick their swabs.

  2. Hi everyone. Ive just joined. I used to be a member on the old original forum but didn't post very often.

    I read the forum daily though and decided to join up again because when the site was down for days I realized how much I missed it and relied on it so felt I wanted to be part of it again.

  3. 1 hour ago, owen said:

    I just called the doctor to see about getting a letter of exemption re masks. I have an element of claustrophobia but of course thats not my main reason. I was stunned to hear they do not provide this service, unreal. She suggested I wear one of those plastic things, visors  ?, instead. Disgraceful state of affairs. What can I do now, call another doctor, go to a lawyer?



    Hi Im the same, I have asma and claustrophobia, I emailed my MP and told him I cant wear one, (but even without those I still wouldnt wear one) he told me I didnt have to wear one and to to call my doctor for a letter of exemption, she said they dont do that but told me to go to the above link and print off one of the labels on there to show to shops etc. I did that and tried it at my local co-op this morning and it worked fine.

    The guy behind the till was almost passing out from wearing one. Ive also ordered one from that hidden disability website lsaw on here before the site went down.

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