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  1. I remember when living in italy a lot of protest about water not being free. Where I lived it wasn’t potable anyway. I guess if you want to drink tap water etc you have to accept a cost involved in its production. Its pretty worrying when the most important human need is being made not a right though. Along with oxygen etc
  2. 6,000 cases now confirmed in 58 countries. Out of 7.5 billion people. Some health emergency
  3. Am I correct in assuming that Boris hasn't really resigned though. That he's going to go in the Autumn. Effectively that's not a resignation. Its a dictation of his own terms. I reckon by the Autumn he wont go. Claiming things have changed etc.
  4. Bombadil


    Never a true sentence spoken! For every failure I’ve had, I’ve had another success. At least we will be able to provide some food for our loved ones if needed. And it certainly seems it will be
  5. This site discusses 8 conspiracies linked to the guide stones. Number 3 has now been disproven. https://www.onlyinyourstate.com/georgia/conspiracy-theories-ga/
  6. This site is not too bad for general info https://www.historicmysteries.com/the-georgia-guidestones/
  7. This is an article about the guide-stones https://press magazine.com/who-looks-better-than-you-in-a-suit-your-tailor/ The link looks dodgy but does go where I wanted it to. Discusses the manufacturers of the stones and a bot about who asked for them.
  8. What’s your opinion on these stones? Cant tell if theyre put there to try and wake some people up or just telling us what to expect. It would certainly be nice to know who made them
  9. What vIle humans we share this reality with.
  10. Eve has made a new topic about this:
  11. I’m seeing French and English is the same
  12. em·bolus [ˈɛmbələs] NOUN emboli (plural noun) a blood clot, air bubble, piece of fatty deposit, or other object which has been carried in the bloodstream to lodge in a vessel and cause an embolism
  13. I’ve seen just the obvious sites discussing this at the moment. Reckon they would’ve done a better job with a sledgehammer.
  14. It’s a strange one isn’t. I find it hard to believe somebody can be such a genuine buffoon. If he goes the new pm will be ultra pro vaccines etc. If he stays Boris will probably need be more extreme to placate his enemy’s. Lose lose for us either way
  15. Where I live everything’s up north
  16. My daughter visited Parliament today. Whilst there she had the clear lack of privilege of meeting George Eustace. They were asked if anyone had any questions. She asked about his position on Fox hunting and lgbtq rights. He said that he had not voted in the past the way she implied. She then brought out printed evidence of his voting history from the government own website. Apparently he replied that he didn’t recall the votes and the info was most likely incorrect. She’s only 14, already couldn’t stand the bloke and now she has her suspicions confirmed.
  17. Does anyone have any hard evidence of any new measures about to be introduced? I have the feeling if Johnson goes, whoever follows him will want to appear to be in charge. The masses will love it. I have a feeling things are about to go from bad to worse.
  18. So that ALL members are aware. NO discussion of moderation is allowed on the forum. This is clearly set out in the guidelines on the topic above. There are clear guidelines of what to do if you have grievance or issue that needs to be looked at. Discussing moderation on the forum give some members the idea that they can abuse the rules. This is not the case. So that all members, established and new, are fully aware. Moderators will treat you the same, regardless of your time as a member of this forum. We are all here, in theory, to learn and share knowledge.
  19. It certainly has the hallmarks of ending in disaster. Isaac Asimov could have wrote it.
  20. Whilst I agree in one sense because of the symbolism. I reckon more likely they will try to achieve something where control of the plebeians is easier to do. Manipulating reality for their own ends.
  21. Ok. If there is a problem with a post or another member, please report it to moderators. Making claims without evidence is not acceptable.
  22. OK. The simple solution @sock muppet can create a Mcfee Topic. I could do this myself but the problem is that some replys wont make sense because of missing moved posts. Can you please create a thread for Mcafee. I wont move anything already posted. You can repost the old stuff again in the new topic yourself
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