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  1. Was talking about that c**t earlier with my wife after reading about this earlier on here today. She reckons he’s had taxidermy. In her words, “mangy, moth eaten stuffed looking prick.” She’s Italian but think she showed an exemplary command of English with this comment!
  2. Really weird 911. I hadn’t watched tv in years. Came over to U.K. to see friends. Turned on sky just as it was all happening. Straight away knew someone, somewhere was gonna get blown up.
  3. Sounds like when the pentagon was supposed to have lost billions. Then suddenly 911 happened. That’s why the plane/missile hit the pentagon right in the area where financial records were supposedly kept.
  4. Just went to show my wife this. Has to go in my history because couldn’t remember when I read it. Now showing an error page. Really annoying because was a good article. Do you have another source I can use please.
  5. I’m by no means an expert on the spike protein stuff in the post above. Had to look up a lot of medical terms etc. Looked into the company, all seems above board to me. If the info is correct and from a respected company/source I consider the above info and the other info on the same page to be pretty convincing argument material to not take this vaccine. I know some of you are much better researchers than I am so verification would be cool. I won’t be taking it anyway obviously. But maybe people on the fence might react to unquestionable evidence.
  6. This is from Sinobiological.com. Was trying to find out about the link to infertility Spike protein-based vaccines and antiviral therapies against SARS-CoV Vaccines* Advantages Disadvantages Full-length S protein Induces effective neutralizing-antibody and T-cell responses, as well as protective immunity Might induce harmful immune responses that cause liver damage or enhanced infection DNA-based Easier to design; induces immunoglobulin G, neutralizing-antibody and T-cell responses and/or protective immunity Might have low efficacy in humans; repeated doses may cause toxicity Viral vector-based Induces neutralizing-antibody responses, protective immunity and/or T-cell responses Might induce ADE effect; possibly present pre-existing immunity Recombinant S protein-based Induces high neutralizing-antibody responses and protective immunity Mainly humoral responses; need repeated doses and adjuvants RBD Induces highly potent neutralizing-antibody and T-cell responses and protective immunity Not identified DNA-based Induces neutralizing-antibody and T-cell responses and/or protective immunity Induces low responses; might not neutralize mutants Viral vector-based Induces neutralizing-antibody responses, protective immunity and/or T-cell responses Possible genomic integration of foreign DNA; viral vector instability Recombinant RBD protein-based Safer and more effective than other RBD vaccines; induces neutralizing-antibody and T-cell responses, protective immunity and cross protection Needs repeated doses and adjuvants
  7. Check out bbc questions and answers on van. Reads like a f ing comedy script
  8. Agree! Except it’s no longer a tip toe more of a frogmarch
  9. Think their protesting a proposed change to the law. Meaning illegal to film police in certain circumstances. France has done a u turn on the proposals now saying they will reintroduce the law change when it has been modified.
  10. I’ve never worn a mask either. When I go into my local shop I carry on as normal. If I see a member of staff in the narrow aisle I always offer to wear one if massless makes them uncomfortable. Always say they couldn’t care less
  11. Wondering what it is before I download pdf. If I. Missing the point, please explain as I’m a senile old git
  12. Article now on RT about using 77th brigade to combat anti van info.
  13. There’s a thread about gang stalking on here. Might be helpful
  14. Article on RT about George Soros being Europe gas chamber
  15. Don’t know if this counts but, Xbox, PlayStation rollout quite frankly pathetic. Plus Xbox series s miles under spec of series x. At least with ps is only driverless. Was really looking forward to release but can’t be bothered to be involved in a shit fight to get one. Probably wait until Easter. Plus no real new gen dedicated games at launch,
  16. Only ever watched six nations! Rugby World Cup
  17. Saw this earlier and I think Charlotte B sums it up very well
  18. Well clearly their going to need the money to deal with the non compliant, racist,fascist and conspiracy theorist nut jobs. I can just imagine now the tanks rolling through my little Cornish village. Streets lined with flag waving, mask wearing fools, Joyously cheering their liberation from the dangerous anti Vader’s and flat earthers destroying their way of life! Have actually knocked on probably about 90% of doors where i live. Said I’m just checking if anyone needs anything because of the current lockdown. During conversation I always ask if they or anyone they know has had covid. Not one yes yet!
  19. I agree with you totally. Luckily my lady who has never been into this sort of thing but never been a sheep has started telling people to their faces to shut the fuck up when they start harping the party line. Plus I’ve always encouraged my kids to be free thinkers. Only problem being when they use rational arguments to get out of doing stuff! All we do as a family is proactively make where we live and are surroundings as bs free as we can. Also teach my kids to be be ultra positive about the natural world around them so they always a good place to be despite the bombardment of crap.
  20. The problem then becomes that as Agent Mulder would say “trust no one.” who do you believe, who do you listen to and how do you know. I agree there are a lot of sock accounts but that doesn’t allow for the unrivalled idiocy of the sheep and their willingness to go along with the bs consensus.
  21. Yeah okay obviously I don’t! But I get the same opinions from a lot of people I talk to whilst walking my dog.
  22. Just hypothetically because I can’t seem to find a clear answer online. say someone received this bs vaccine and followed the rules etc set by the government. They are then considered to be vaccinated I presume. Was wondering once you have had all the vaccinations recommended by your government if you could still have if you come into contact with it, live virus on your body or clothes etc. Im presuming that you could because it seems logical. If that is the case then there would be no point in vaccination to stop spread of the virus because an inoculated person could still pass on through contact to other people or things, the virus. And because you’ve been vaccinated you would use eventually less government advised safety measures hence making all of the methods previously used pointless. Think cv is obviously bullshit. Just trying to find out if my logic holds up or if I am just as bat shit crazy as I’ve always been!
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