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  1. I’ve always found with so called New Age types that at first they’re ok then if you start to question anything they turn unpleasant pretty quickly. Used to know a guy who could “see” Native American spirit guides. He licked to tell everyone who theirs was. I only asked if there were any spirit guides who weren’t well known. He got rather pissed off.
  2. https://news.sky.com/story/world-health-organization-warns-covid-19-is-running-freely-and-global-deaths-are-unacceptably-high-12650851 WHO ramping it up.
  3. Just checking out Fox News latest for Alan 6th hearings. Seems very highly against trump. I reckon they will try to bar him from future office.
  4. These are the commissioners: Commissioners - WELCOME TO ELBERT COUNTY, GEORGIA (elbertga.us)
  5. Thank you for the time you took to find this out!
  6. A lot of members are considering that is the purpose of CERN.
  7. Usually the same here Velma!
  8. My lady has some pretty serious Nikon gear. various lenses probably cost the same as a small car in total. The problem is more a logistical issue. It doesn't matter how good your gear or skills if you are not in the right place at the right time. I tend to aim at an area of the sky and record over x amount of hours. I can cover about 80% of what I can see in front of me at anytime. Has the advantage of not spending endless hours for nothing. im looking into CMOS and CCD cameras now. Might need to save a bit!
  9. Whats the link between the Q post and the guidestones script?
  10. I get this totally. Was hoping if there was a physical document available it may be traceable now in ways not available years ago. Probably already been tried but my mind likes a good hunt for info!
  11. Its a pain regardless of your photography skills. Think moving object plus unsteady hand plus atmospheric interference. Its a pain even with a tripod etc. I spend a lot of time with a dragonfly photographer. The only person I've met who can get perfect pictures "on the wing." In one shot. Once I get a new adapter piece for my telescope Im going to try more daytime photography using it. Hope to have some good shots!
  12. You'll probably need a few terabytes just to list it all
  13. Im not an expert though I am heavily into astronomy. Even though the moon is visible in daytime at the moment,( at least where I am on the coast) you wont normally see a satellite so clearly. Regardless you could try informing a local UFO group. The one where I am in Cornwall is pretty good and these sorts of people love this sort of thing.! Top spotting!!!
  14. @Hermetix. As you are relatively close by. Is there any way for you to find out who owns the land the Guidestones were built upon? Townhall records or the like. Knowing who previous land owners were as well (if applicable) would be good. Maybe a link could be made through this and the purchases to who might be involved
  15. Nice post @Fluke. I've been looking online for this. Do you know where it was?
  16. Welcome. I think you will find a pretty open minded group here. Would love to hear more.
  17. Any opinion on what 11.3 represents?
  18. Sounds cheese but a mighty oak comes from an acorn. It will withstand all the forces of Mother Nature whilst sheltering multiple life sources. A small group can and will grow with the right nourishment. With hard times as a result of the crazy costs hike I believe more and more will start to embrace a more community based system. If they don’t start quick it’s gonna get real hard
  19. True British metal. love it
  20. Checking out Fox3. ,aybe to do with this? Fox (code word) - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Fox_(code_word) Fox is a brevity code used by NATO pilots to signal the simulated or actual release of an air-to-air munition or other combat function. Army aviation elements may use a different nomenclature, as the nature of helicopter-fired weapons is almost always air-to-surface. "Fox" is short for "foxtrot", the NATO phonetic designation for the letter "F", which is short for "fire". The radio call announcing that a weapon has been fired is intended to
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