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  1. There is a small group of people where I live choosing to get self sufficient etc. .Not vaxxed up. 99% are pure idiots though
  2. That so true. Online you can only really trust yourself 100%. Though after a few pints that might change. Logically it is best Imo to look locally as it is more realistic in the first instance
  3. Ok I did say no reply was necessary. As I said before. Regardless of how desperate things are becoming, discussing open criminal actions can’t be allowed. You may believe this site ha freedom of speech but it still has no choice but to adhere to legal standards. I’m sure the authorities are waiting for any excuse to close the forum down. I think also you don’t realise how many members are involved in taking action in the real world. Most know not to discuss it openly.
  4. MOD NOTE: Suggesting violence etc is a sure way to get the forum closed down. The same goes for suggesting any illegal activity. Whilst I totally agree something needs to be done. It might be best to think about how we word our posts. Let’s get back on topic. No reply necessary
  5. I live a few miles from RNAS Culdrose. As a result you see air traffic from time to time. Recently it has gone crazy. Loads of military aircraft and helicopters
  6. Had a look. It wants a phone number. It can go shove it!
  7. The difficulty with measuring the increase or decrease of insects is that there can be massive fluctuations even without human interference. Quite Cleary our actions are not helping. A good example is that a couple of years ago in the U.K, there were 10's of thousands of Painted Lady butterflies. I didn't see one despite having 30 acres of land primarily for wildlife habitat. Which I actively record. The problem as well is that sometimes its difficult to pin point the source of a problem. Im in Cornwall but for all I know a decrease in a particular species could be as a result of a problem 1000's of miles away.
  8. Ok I’ve sent an email to admin. As soon as I get a reply I’ll let you all know what’s going on
  9. I’ll ask admin
  10. Maybe God has a plan for Rishi Guantanamo Bay sounds good God if you're open to suggestions
  11. MOD NOTE: Was wondering if anyone knows what has happened to Mr H or MacNamara. They haven't been around for a while so was wondering if they're ok. Asking on this topic because is one of the most popular. PM if you know anything you can share
  12. This is great. where I am in Cornwall a few farms do this.
  13. Totally believable. I’ve learnt the hard way when dealing with any government department, doctors and builders etc. Now whether I call them or they call me I make them aware that I am recording for legal reasons. The amount of times Ive been in a situation where people have twisted my words or down right lied is crazy. Anyone here who doesn’t record their calls should seriously consider it
  14. Agreed. And with this so called leadership debacle they will try to distract us even more.
  15. What a surprise https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-restrictions-could-be-reintroduced-if-rise-in-cases-hits-nhs-backlog-minister-warns-12650185
  16. So then we should sit back and do nothing?
  17. Not sure about telegram app. Advice for or against?
  18. Do you have a link or any more info in relation to this?
  19. presumably they need more customers
  20. Sadly, it wouldn't surprise me.
  21. Bombadil


    A bit early Pink Floyd!
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