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  1. I think your spot on. My concern is that we are running out of time.
  2. Doesnt say this. Talks about a threatening email. School going into lockdown for safety precaution,
  3. I was working in a boat yard in Genoa. Pretty much every protest passed by at some point. We had a rule that if the protests were not crazy left we took an extended lunch break and joined in. Many protest were everyday people fighting for the livelyhoods and rights. Would not have been right to not support them. Especially as I worked with their family members.
  4. Tyranny comes in many forms.
  5. So a topic I created is just derailled by bollocks nothing to do with the subject.
  6. Ok so youve called me out for what I believe is going on. How do you want to hold me to account?
  7. As mentioned before I accept the term Jack boots was not the best. Believing nothing much is really happening is crazy though. Jack boots or not its going down now. No amount of belief otherwise will change that. I will not sit and watch my families lives destroyed on the basis its not happening. Anyway off topic best to carry on conversation in another area.
  8. Its more a feeling based on how some western countries treated their citizens last time round and the evidence available. The baying of blood by people against anti vaxxers. I think that the people who demanded our compliance before will return if there is another attempt at any lockdowns. This time the government to win votes will come down harder, especially if it a government under starmer imo. With the WHO in theory in charge now of pandemic response what Britons have historically experienced could become irrelevant. There is so much official literature available on what is planned by WHO, WEF, IMF, WCB and all of the multitude of smaller groups doing there work. Dont get me wrong, i'm not living in fear but I feel it necessary to pushback against any and every incursion on my reality. Doesnt matter if there is something else seperate to this reality. If what we all believe is really happening outside of 3D world turns out to be rubbish we would have played right into the hands of our abusers. I would rather fight at every level. The term "jackboots" was maybe not a good one. But coming for our freedoms and control of this reality they are. Everything in plain sight imo.
  9. I’m as guilty as anyone of going off topic. Not aiming my moan at anyone in particular. It just feels that endless discussion is like sticking my head in the sand.
  10. A shot sharp shock and they won’t do it again. Used to work but now we need to worry about peoples mental health.
  11. Maybe the glasses are representative of 5he hex on Saturn. Symbolism? Or not
  12. Can we please discuss potential solutions and not get bogged down in discussions of the why.
  13. We’ve all know this. It needs to be presented to the cps by someone to look at.
  14. Im not disrespecting the views posted before. The point of my topic was on the assumption that most, if not all, here are aware of the different challenges we face on a spiritual or non how we percieve this reality way. In order to expand our understanding and consciousness we need an immediate percieved reality, however real, in which we can engage without fear or stress. Regardless of what we believe, it doesnt change the fact that sooner or later the Jack boots will kick down our doors and force their beliefs upon us. No amount of spirituality or belief will stop them harming us. Or at the very least fealing like they are. Now I fully believe in the battle for our souls, divine spark or whatever you want etc but I could not tolerate watching my Lady or children subjected to tyranical abuse. Something which is happening right now, We have a grand total of one MP with the balls to speak out. At least openly support him or let him know he's not alone. The point of my topic was to go forward in this reality by finding legal ways to stop the shit storm of all shit storms which is not something coming soon but something right here and now. Procrastinating on what is planned for us is pointless. What is planned for us is happening right in front of our eyes. What we do to create a better world seriously effects our childrens and loved ones future. @Macnamara talks a lot about getting together. Creating the world we want. And he's damned right. Many, many of you post reams of verifiable data on Corona Virus amongst other things. We need to collate this into an iron tight format which can be used by any who wish to push back. No one is coming to save us and if there is a demonic power behind this, its laughing it tits off at our bullshit attempts to change things. Lets use this topic to discuss real world, legal possibilties.
  15. Mod note: can we get back on topic please. There are plenty of topics here debating the why and how of things. This topic is to discuss genuine ways in which we can help change the way things are.
  16. Be interesting to see how many mp's turn up. They will use low turnout to justify AB's debate being of little inport. I respect the fact he has the self respect to fight for what he believes. Might be he is the only MP in the U.K. worth the title "Right Honourable."
  17. It was but msm just happened to forget about that. No charges. No anything. The system is embarassingly corrupt. Whats worse is the majority who support this corruption like its an episode a day of a soap opera.
  18. You asked why I feel it’s happening now, a few posts ago. I believe at the moment that everything is being directed at the west. All European, AusNz and North American leaders are in lockstep. If the powers behind this break the west it’s done imo. All the big armies gone. All the massive wealth reduced so that only corporations run things. Not far off now. The average westerner will lead a life more like the so called third world countries.. Add into the mix all the woke madness and you have the “troops” to remove any cultural beauty that is left. The rest of the world will be easier because of poverty Imo. Different tactics to keep them down. Plus predominantly not white. I think the west is an easier target because no two people seem capable of agreeing how to thrive.
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