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  1. They do a lot of reintroduction work. They're not government funded. They rely on footfall and donations. Its places like this that are becoming the last front on wildlife survival. On that note. A heads up. If you find a wild animal of any type that has been so called domesticated. Please dont take it to the RSPCA. They have a euthanasia policy for animals that cannot in theory be reintroduced. Its possible but not 100% sure yet that we may be having a fox cub to stay with us. It was found half starved. Parents most likely killed on the A30. It cannot go back in theory because it is too used to humans. I am fully aware that foxes will never be tame and are really chaotic but should be amazing. Im used to my crazy children so a fox should be easy!
  2. The leg in the picture isn’t very good to look at. Nothing to do with my clan!
  3. I went to a place called Screech owl sanctuary. They do a lot of rescue work. Depending on DEFRA decisions all the birds may need to be put down as a consequence of avian flu. This will apply to any and every captive bird in any controlled environment if it goes ahead. Another place called Paradise park has some ultra rare birds. On the critically endangered list. They will still be euthanised. I suggested they fix their enclosures properly to stop local birds entering and so helping the spread of bird flu. The answer I was given was that it’s a cost issue. I came back later with a pair of pliers (£3), a ball of wire (£2.50) and a roll of polythene(£18 from local hardware shop). If they can’t afford £23.50 they are taking the piss. Anyway I met up with @Grumpy Owl at Screech. He did look miserable but totally magnificent.
  4. I wont lie. Radiohead is not really my thing. A bit to glum the songs ive heard. Though Creep was wonderful.
  5. Beach today counted 27 chem trails at the same time.
  6. I’ve been to loads of concerts over the years. In the hundreds. One thing I always saw was when so,done would stage dive. The crowd bellow would always part so that they landed on their face. I don’t know if it was the same idiot who never learnt or a entire sub species. It was funny though
  7. Both links above give clear about the manner in which we need to act on the forum This section of the Forum guideliness is very clear Racism People are welcome to discuss issues surrounding race. Racist remarks will not be tolerated on this forum. Political stances can be discussed without resorting to racial stereo-typing and abusive remarks towards a race of people. Anybody trying to stir up racial hatred will be banned without warning. The issues surrounding Israel are legitimate subjects for debate and David Icke has not flinched from addressing them despite the attacks on him this has triggered over the years. However, this debate can be conducted without falling into the cesspit of gratuitous racist and anti-semitic abuse. There is no need for this for a view about Israel's policies to be expressed and this is not a place to dump such bile. There are many forums that would welcome it, this one does not. We do not shy away from discussing controversial topics. We welcome debates where other mainstream media outlets would not. However, this is not an opportunity for anyone with any kind of racist agenda to spread their propaganda or to recruit others.
  8. Saw these guys a few times. Always bloody good, bloody loud and bloody hammered
  9. Recently the has been a sharp increase in content that is clearly racist or anti Semitic. I need ALL members to fully understand that this is not acceptable or legal. Whilst I fully understand that there are a lot of controversial issues that we discuss on the Forum they must still be done in a manner which does not overstep the law. The clear and obvious result would be the Forum being closed down through sanctions. This is something none of us want. (I hope). All members regardless of post count need to fully understand what I am saying. Anyone who continues to post against Forum rules will be removed from the Forum. I don't want to have to sanction any member. Please just consider your posts content properly before posting. Mods would be grateful to have content flagged if you find a problem.
  10. Have you got a link to the Dark Winters thing? I don't have a lot of time to search right now but seems real important to get out there
  11. For me the most obvious solution is to be as self reliant as you possibly can. I totally get that depending on individual situations its a nightmare but short of refusing to pay and facing losing everything there are not many realistic solutions. It doesn't matter how high the bills go imo. A lot will do nothing and wait for someone to help them. Another lot will kick off and destroy their own communities. By now I imagine most if not all on here are about as prepped as they can be.
  12. Can we get back on topic please. There are otherer threads to discuss the issues recently brought up
  13. The topic is nothing to do with Blacks as can be clearly seen in the video. If members want to make this topic into anything anti black the will be banned. Posting blatantly racist material will only end up with the forum being closed down. No need to reply.
  14. Your ight in thinking about alternate ways of education. There isn’t much around where I am so I’ll home school if I have to.
  15. Im dreading my youngest starting secondary school in two years time. She has a lovely, kind soul. Makes friends easily and is constantly questioning her reality. Secondary school will do its best to break her but we have brought her up to be mentally tough. No one will speak to her or any one else I love like crap. At least not without getting a load back
  16. Would you like me to give @Fluke a warning for their disrespect?
  17. Its ridiculous in honesty. I wrote essays in primary school as well. I really enjoyed creative writing at the time.
  18. I thougt he had a gimp ball in his mouth. Or maybe its my perversions coming to the fore.
  19. Those were the days when some teachers still encouraged pupils to challenge themselves. My daughter is going into year 10 soon. In four years of secondary school she has never been asked to write an essay. The most homework of any sort is a few multiple choice questions. Now Im all for not indoctrinating anyone but now they're not even pretending to give an "education."
  20. I never went. Got on a ferry the day after I left school and went to France. Grape picking and agricultural jobs until Italy and Boat building. I've always read a lot. I read a lot of Greek and Roman classics as well as Dickens when young. I read Tolkien as a primary school kid. The tripe they pushed on me then was atrocious. In secondary school I remember having to read the Outsiders by S.E Hinton I think. Pointless American twaddle. They wonder why I wasn't interested. I was to busy travelling the Aegean with Plato and reading Plinys thoughts. I can also remember doing a book quiz in the last year of Primary school. As I was getting all the answers correct the teacher decided to try and humiliate me. He got really pissed off when I knew the author's for King Solomon's mines and the Tarzan books. On another note my daughter was tested in year 6 and found to have Uni level standard in English Language and Literature. Not bad for a kid who never spoke English much until she was 6 or 7. She applied to goto a Nexus school. (American concept). The snobby principal didnt like it when she question, correctly, what was told to her. Needless to say she never got in. Im actually really happy about that. When going into a classroom for a look it was like Children of the corn. Robotic and soulless. Excuse the essay. I just hate the way the education system dos the opposite of its name.
  21. Same here. We visited a nature reserve last night also full of Canada Geese amongst others. Water level in the lake maybe slightly lower than usual but the birds were thriving as always. My lady goes out with a lot with different conservation groups. (I go as well but not so much). Mainly Insects and birds. She has recorded more of everything this year. Plus a lot of newcomers. She is very thorough with her interest and I trust her more than any government agency. I have quite a bit of land. I have deliberately over the years nurtured it for nature. This year has been teaming with birds. Probably because there are more insects everywhere. Full of dragonflies and Lepidoptera. Perfect for me as this is my passion. They recently found Praying mantises in Devon and Dorset
  22. Welcome to the Forum. It amazes me how the average person believes exactly what their told about 911. There is so much evidence out there.
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