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  1. 13 minutes ago, peter said:

    You obviously know what I'm talking about, weather your equipment is up to snuff or not is by the by ,I was interested in you opinion as to what you think it is ,if indeed you believe it is an actual phenomenon   

    Sorry. I probably misread.


    From my observations, it is clear that atmospheric elemants play a large part in what is viewable with equipment. Even Earths vibrations will distort what we observe.

    I didn't really think my response through properly. My telescope is more than up to the job but I was thinking in the sense of Earth's atmosphere and it's impact upon my observations. Not space conditions.

    I think Earths influence needs to be considered as a contributing factor but only from terra firma perspective.. Solar winds are confirmed and I believe that if we were to observe from outside of the Earths atmosphere we would still see a "wave" like phenomenen. How this is generated, I don't know. I imagine that the laws of physics in relation to space would explain these effects to, at least, a reasonable level of credibility. I'm not googling info. Just my own thoughts on this.


    maybe a seperate topic to discuss space, which is looking from a science and theory standpoint, is worth considering. No youtube videos but links to respectsble sites ok. Just to explain more complex theories etc.

    I could moderate it to sweperate it from the other space topics which are a slagging match.


    If you want.



  2. 2 hours ago, Hegel Schmegel said:

    This thread alone (as with the DIF in general) is so glaringly lop-sided in favor of Palestine/Hamas (maybe it's an inverted, Islamicized Europe thing?) that to even question what appears to be the preferred forum narrative or to side with Israel you're thought of and/or labelled a 'troll' and/or a 'shill' for Hasbara. This convenient tactic is highly unfair and is group-think taken to the nth degree.

    MOD NOTE: Not meant to comment on mod process but in the case above there was more to it than just one post.


    No replies

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  3. 1 hour ago, Manuel1 said:

    I posted something a few days ago which I consider to be extremely significant to the Gaza and other issues but it does not seem to be accepted. Do let me know why

    Moderation cannot be discussed.

  4. 2 hours ago, Velma said:


    I was born in Scotland and lived here for most of my life and I have never seen the aurora, although I am not in the far north, but it was seen in the South-East of England!





    Thats crazy. I presummed it would be more common in Scotland in general. I'm a few miles from the Lizard, most southerly point in U.K. Like I said before we've had aurora's a lot this year.

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  5. 6 minutes ago, sock muppet said:

    frequency that reflects back and forth between the earth and the moon

    Makes me think of when radio waves return years later. Some are really old so makesme wonder what they bounce off. Not wanting to open that can of worms but this would cast doubt on the flat Earth idea of a firmanent. Unless its vastly more distant than claimed.

  6. 4 minutes ago, sock muppet said:


    I have come across reports of the moon back in the day, was depicted with green on the surface, i have also seen videos of the 'moon wave' that rolls across the surface occasionally, how true this all is i don't know, is it possible that a hologram is being projected of its surface, i would say difficult to do and i can't fathom a sensible reason as for why.

    As for the Moon itself and why it is there, is beneficial for life on Earth, the interaction of the moon with the earth should be changing with this epic cycle, there must be a frequency that reflects back and forth between the earth and the moon and not just gravitational nor electrical, possibly by some other unknown phenomena that has yet to be discovered/detected, that may explain headaches  by people such as what you have described, thinking further along this line of inquiry we might notice changes in animal behaviour, particularly with migration patterns, 👍

    I have viewed a "rippling" effect across the moon on a few occassions. There will always be some environmental factors etc but not to the extent I have witnessed.

  7. 5 hours ago, Velma said:


    This is 'Steve' https://www.aol.co.uk/haarp-experiments-could-cause-artificial-220500277.html


    Nov. 4—Watchers of the night sky along much of Alaska's road system may catch a colorful splotch of light up high in the air over the weekend. Though it might look like the aurora, the red or greenish "airglow" in the ionosphere is a byproduct of a rare, four-day-long set of experiments at the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program — or HAARP — in Gakona.


    "Each day, the airglow could be visible up to 300 ... miles from the HAARP facility," according to a statement from the Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.


    By creating an artificial aurora with equipment on the ground, researchers hope to learn more about the natural aurora.


    The research campaign was scheduled to take place from Saturday through Tuesday.


    HAARP is composed of instruments designed to study the ionosphere, the area roughly 50 to 400 miles above Earth, separating the livable surface of the planet from space.




    Aurora in Ukraine

    I use an app to alert me of possible aurora conditions. Between 2011 and 2022 I had maybe one or two amber alerts a year.. These were vastly for Scotland more than in Cornwall. (I'm aware Scotland has loads more activity but my app is showing the extreme possibility of being seen so far south, not the localised Scottish possibilities).

    In 2023 so far I have had over 30 red alerts with visible aurora near me. Each time the aurora was seen clearly. Not where I am because every night has been cloudy for months.

  8. 3 hours ago, Velma said:

    Government officials have drawn up proposals to broaden the definition of extremism to include anyone who “undermines” the country’s institutions and its values.


    The proposals have provoked a furious response from civil rights groups with some warning it risks “criminalising dissent”, and would significantly suppress freedom of expression.



    Guess that means anything they like, when they like then. 

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  9. 38 minutes ago, k_j_evans said:

    No heat wave. Still f-ing raining. MSM is saying that October was the wettest "ever" - so at least a small change from the "hottest ever". Might help if councils and water companies actually looked after draining - don't need an official climate lockdown, fiddling with the weather is doing it anyway. 3 month bus strike and flooded roads


    Rained endlessly between January and the end of April this year. Council removed hosepipe ban in September. Clear drainage and lack of capacity issues. Not hard to resolve.

  10. 5 hours ago, shabbirss said:


    13.2 When you were formed, I was cast out from the face of God and was sent forth from the company of the angels. When God blew into you the breath of life and your countenance and likeness were made in the image of God, Michael led you and made you worship in the sight of God. The Lord God then said: 'Behold, Adam, I have made you in our image and likeness.' 

    14.1 Having gone forth Michael called all the angels saying: 'Worship the image of the Lord God, just as the Lord God has commanded.' 

    14.2 Michael himself worshipped first then he called me and said: 'Worship the image of God Jehovah.' 

    14.3 I answered: 'I do not have it within me to worship Adam.' When Michael compelled me to worship, I said to him: 'Why do you compel me? I will not worship him who is lower and posterior to me. I am prior to that creature. Before he was made, I had already been made. He ought to worship me.' 



    Islam says :

    When Allah created the first human being, Prophet Adam (AS), He commanded all the angels and a Jinn called Iblis to bow down to Adam. Iblis considered himself more important than Adam and refused to prostrate. His refusal to obey Allah, got him kicked out of Heaven.


    its the same thing


    It's nice having a non Christian perspective on things. I've read the Quran, or at least some version of it, as i've read most major religiuos texts. Logical if you are going to form opinions about religion. 

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  11. 13 minutes ago, Maximus2403 said:

    I don’t have time, I’m pressed for time right now. But short answer, Satans real, everything you watch on the media (mediator) is real. 

    Anyway, the entire system you live in, is nothing but a simulation, a computer, ran by programs. Look down at every city. It’s just a computer circuit board. A grid, just open your eyes, 








    O.K. When you do have time can you post the long version? So many members have claimed to have knowledge that is important to then never post that info. As a member, not a mod, it just becomes meaningless.


    As a mod. If a member makes claims they dont back up in relation to knowing something they end up looking like a troll. Not implying you are though

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  12. 5 hours ago, Maximus2403 said:

    Can I ask you a question, how much of your life, your perception, do you base off the matrix movies. You’ve quoted the character Neo, to me multiple times in our discussions

    Im tempted to reveal to you, a big secret in relation to those movies. One of the bigger secrets of this world. 

    But I think it will be to much for you, for as they say: “people, can’t handle the truth.”

    🤔 I got a question for you, I’ve answered many of yours, truthfully, revealing many things to you, even though I’m convinced, you gave no real consideration to those things, that I was actually taking, my time out, to reveal to you in our exchange.

    So my question for you is this, again, you seem to base a lot of your life philosophy on the matrix movie series, and the concepts taught in that movies series. But do you think you really understood what that movie series was actually revealing to you, do you really believe you have things figured out?

    Do you want me to give you a glimpse of what, the matrix’s system really is, do you think you can really handle it?

    You asked @pi3141 a while back about what they understood about the Matrix films. Or near enough along those lines. You alluded to having an understanding that is significant. Im interested in this. 

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