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  1. Nice to see some debate going on here. Is it not possible that returning here is necessary to change this reality. I am onboard with the ascension, progression etc but consider that reincarnation is not bad if you can break free of the forced reality on Earth. Maybe in its purest form reincarnation is waiting for an incarnation to break the chains. Otherwise the evil that controls will do so forever. Im going on the basis that more are born than escape reincarnation. Imo. This way the powers controlling the Earth will always have a supply of new souls to abuse. It all depends on what awaits in the escaped to reality. In that reality is it possible to influence this one. For good or ill. Does it become irrelevant. Whatever happens, I can’t believe that even if we can transcend, that we should not fight to create a better potential here.
  2. It doesn’t help that at all levels, no critical thinking is being taught. My daughter will spend the last year of secondary school doing only revision. No new teaching. Just reinforcing the indoctrination.
  3. Wild fires are natures revitalising method. Aborigines in Australia carry out controlled fire to spur new growth. I’m sure you know this already!
  4. If potential is all that is and ever will be, the majority of humans on Earth prefer a potential where evil men hold sway. Anon.
  5. We are barely able to understand the basics of quantum physics. Though in our arrogance we claim to understand the will of God. Or that he exists. Me.
  6. I heard a lot about what went on from a friend who was in what is now Croatia. The un sanitised version. He always insisted that KFOR was on its own side.
  7. Have you got a link to the discussion? Not much use without it.
  8. I imagine, but don’t know, that somewhere in their research they liaise with government departments. At the very least with attempts to gain freedom of information documents. They probably have to toe a fine line so as not to upset them.
  9. Agreed. It’s off putting when a potential interesting site is badly presented. I don’t need bells and whistles but easy to the eye helps a lot.
  10. I’m open to any possibilities whatever the situation that arises in our perceived reality. What ever way we view our existence there is an unfathomable amount we don’t understand. Ultimately it’s all potential. Frequencies are a major part of our reality without a doubt. @lake made a great topic about this.
  11. This will sound daft. I observe the moon a lot compared to other solar objects. Mainly because there’s a lot to look at compared to deep sky objects. Plus it a lot cheaper on accessories. Over time it appears that I can see more at the edges of the moon. The areas where it fades to black. Now I know that is reasonable allowing for atmospheric conditions amongst other things. I feel it look like the curvature of the moon becoming more prominent. It could also be in relation to distances etc.
  12. Plus movement of planets and stars and every other observable object in the night sky.
  13. You can’t though, can you. Learn some trigonometry and basic precession. Precession is easily observable and recordable, It will not work in a firmament, unless of course the firmament is billions of light years in size and ever expanding.
  14. I remember my friend Vito showing me a film he made, frying an egg on the bonnet of a Car. It was 47c then plus temp increase of the metallic surface. After like all normal Sicilians he went in the sea.
  15. I have filters to view the sun for my telescope. I’m certainly no expert in what I observe but sometimes there is a really clear difference in activity
  16. Some good folk music in Cornwall. Must be the Celtic roots.
  17. I’ve started listening to classical music at night. Always liked it but it really seems to relax my mind. Great for those restless nights where reading or other media is too much.
  18. Listening to Black Genesis by Robert Bauval today whilst working. He discusses the period i Europe when we underwent a mini ice age as a result of the Tambora eruption. Thames freezing over for two months at a time. Whilst you are surely aware of this, it is good to bring up the most important point Imo of this mini ice age. A mini ice age presumes a warmer period before snd a return to the norm afterwards. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_Ice_Age This is more relevant as Tambora was much more recent.
  19. Agreed. I tend to do my watching in the small hours without sleep. Audiobooks whilst working. If I read late at night, I have forgotten most of it by morning! A lot of videos here I have to flick through because of time constraints.
  20. I think you’re absolutely right to say that the level of deception would be enormous. Would be hard to keep under wraps. That said, and I appreciate it was a very different era, the Manhattan project involved thousands and was kept under wraps. I understand though that it was probably easier to keep things hidden by small jobs being done. Not knowing what the whole of the project was.
  21. I’m not sure if it’s open to the public at the moment. Last I looked it was being used by s new group. I’ll check the site out later.
  22. The CIA’s media manipulation went beyond just spreading propaganda. It included direct information warfare, such as publishing fake stories, silencing critical voices, suppressing unfavorable news, and even running a full-fledged media campaign to overthrow foreign governments. Perhaps the most glaring example of such manipulation was in the overthrow of Iran’s Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh in 1953, where CIA-funded media outlets ran a series of negative stories to destabilize his government. The existence of Operation Mockingbird was fully revealed during the Church Committee investigations in the mid-1970s, causing public outrage. The Church Committee was a U.S. Senate Select Committee tasked with investigating the abuses of the CIA, NSA, FBI, and IRS. Its reports showed how the CIA had, for decades, used media outlets to manipulate public opinion and infringe on the free press. Shout out to @TuckerCarlson & @rustyrockets for having the bravery to do this interview & challenging the Mockingbird Media's polarizing propaganda! Here's a short clip where I respond to the things Tucker said about me & my case. Plus, why I agree & disagree with his perspective pic.twitter.com/gSuJZXVUUm — Jake Angeli-Chansley (@AmericaShaman) July 8, 2023 In response to these revelations, the then CIA Director, Deep State George H. W. Bush, announced a new policy in 1976, declaring that the CIA would no longer enter into paid or contractual relationships with full-time or part-time news correspondents accredited by U.S. news service, newspapers, periodicals, radio or television networks or stations. Rather, they now control various investments and companies and through them pay even more journalists today, showing absolute control over Left and Right media. Operation Mockingbird: The CIA and the Media pic.twitter.com/bJC8X1um3L — El Boss (@melvyn3411) July 8, 2023 While the CIA officially disavowed such practices, there remains concern among some observers that intelligence agencies continue to wield total control and over media organizations covertly. Given the clandestine nature of such operations, the extent of the truth may never be fully known. Unless We can get President Trump into office, as he pledges to take down the Deep State. This above all makes him target number one and why informed Americans love him more and more. Joe Rogan was talking about mockingbird media TELL EM JOE pic.twitter.com/DaG1DKicI6 — BufFeFe (@RacheleMalone) June 30, 2023 https://daily.whatfinger.com/rfk-jr-blows-the-lid-off-operation-mockingbird-and-how-the-cia-manipulates-american-news-media/?utm_source=papa Great posts here in general mac. I don’t have time to watch all the videos. Have read loads in the past to now what’s being said,
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