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  1. Interesting. It's crazy how mind boggling this concept, and all the offshoots, are. I agree that "perception" is reality. Certainly on an individulistic basis. There is a film called the Mandela effect which goes into the concept that our individual reality i created as needed. We see the outside of a building, for example, but the inside does not exist until we enter. It's a concept I lean towards but is incredibly difficult to proove. It could be part of an explaination of why when multiple people are in vicinity of each other they have such varied experiences and views on what they experienced. It is a really deep subject in this topic but one that holds the answers to so much.
  2. It would be interesting to experience the real deal, so to speak. I wonder if we will be able to comprehend the new reality. Will we be set loose from our "Earthly" limitations or continue with the same perceptual capabilities in a new version of reality. If we are still limited to the same senses would we even be aware of the change?
  3. Enjoying this topic. Nice to see the Forum used as intended. Polite and researched debate. How would you describe 5D reality? My question is more for members who understand less about the subject. Also this question is for anyone to reply. Not at you personally.
  4. Played this album to death.
  5. On the day the grid goes down I will carry on as usual. Sitting in a nice warm house with a good book eating whatever I have stored or grown. I won't miss the internet either.
  6. Braun 6-in-1 All-In-One Series 3, Male Grooming Kit With Beard Trimmer, Hair Clippers & Precision Trimmer, 5 Attachments, Gifts For Men, UK 2 Pin Plug, MGK3221, Black/Volt Green : Amazon.co.uk: Health & Personal Care I don't clean shave often. find this ideal for the job.
  7. Topic is to discuss this particular anomaly. please use other space based topics where necessary.
  8. I won't lie. I hadn't heard the things you mention above in relation to the waves. Now I don't know what to think of what I have observed. I will create a topic then but mod more to remove off topic etc.
  9. Sorry. I probably misread. From my observations, it is clear that atmospheric elemants play a large part in what is viewable with equipment. Even Earths vibrations will distort what we observe. I didn't really think my response through properly. My telescope is more than up to the job but I was thinking in the sense of Earth's atmosphere and it's impact upon my observations. Not space conditions. I think Earths influence needs to be considered as a contributing factor but only from terra firma perspective.. Solar winds are confirmed and I believe that if we were to observe from outside of the Earths atmosphere we would still see a "wave" like phenomenen. How this is generated, I don't know. I imagine that the laws of physics in relation to space would explain these effects to, at least, a reasonable level of credibility. I'm not googling info. Just my own thoughts on this. maybe a seperate topic to discuss space, which is looking from a science and theory standpoint, is worth considering. No youtube videos but links to respectsble sites ok. Just to explain more complex theories etc. I could moderate it to sweperate it from the other space topics which are a slagging match. If you want.
  10. With my equipment it would be less visible. I dont use video recording so its hard to study. ideally I could record then go at my own pace to judge better.
  11. I cant see any issues for the future of humanity here. Not!
  12. MOD NOTE: Not meant to comment on mod process but in the case above there was more to it than just one post. No replies
  13. Not hard to check the meaning of. Trolls gone.
  14. Moderation cannot be discussed.
  15. Thats crazy. I presummed it would be more common in Scotland in general. I'm a few miles from the Lizard, most southerly point in U.K. Like I said before we've had aurora's a lot this year.
  16. Looking forward to seeing the results!!!
  17. Makes me think of when radio waves return years later. Some are really old so makesme wonder what they bounce off. Not wanting to open that can of worms but this would cast doubt on the flat Earth idea of a firmanent. Unless its vastly more distant than claimed.
  18. I have viewed a "rippling" effect across the moon on a few occassions. There will always be some environmental factors etc but not to the extent I have witnessed.
  19. I use an app to alert me of possible aurora conditions. Between 2011 and 2022 I had maybe one or two amber alerts a year.. These were vastly for Scotland more than in Cornwall. (I'm aware Scotland has loads more activity but my app is showing the extreme possibility of being seen so far south, not the localised Scottish possibilities). In 2023 so far I have had over 30 red alerts with visible aurora near me. Each time the aurora was seen clearly. Not where I am because every night has been cloudy for months.
  20. Guess that means anything they like, when they like then.
  21. Rained endlessly between January and the end of April this year. Council removed hosepipe ban in September. Clear drainage and lack of capacity issues. Not hard to resolve.
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