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  1. I thought humanity couldn't go any lower
  2. in theory they should show up immediately. unless issue on the net etc. Mods have to approve the first few posts so if we haven't checked that could be the delay. after that its sll open and down to you.
  3. I thought we talked about this! Post it an the meme page. I wont move this one but any more go to room 101
  4. It will never be my intention to stop any conversation on this site. I do have to respect the rules given to me by Admin though. Any previous mod would likely have shut this thread down a long time ago. Myself and Anti have let it run because there is a lot of bad blood out there. We wanted people to say their bit. The line is drawn when personal insults begin. I am first and foremost a member seeking my own truths. Something I believe is core to all members. Im not going to spend hours again today moderating bitching and endless slagging matches. I have plenty of other stuff to do. Keep it on topic and polite.
  5. Yet the mods have allowed entire discussion to continue. That in itself shows transparency
  6. There are ways put in place to resolve issues. You can contact a mod of choice. You can private message anyone to try and resolve any issues this way. If you are not comfortable out in the open. You can in respect to what you feel is a big error of judgement with being moderated heavily. Contact Forum advisors. @Mitochondrial Eve and @Mr H are not on the mods side. Believe me when I say to you that Eve and Mr H have no problem telling me what’s acceptable or not when I make enquires Admin are obviously a last resort. Can more be done maybe. It’s not my call to make. I can only moderate in as fair and reasonable manner as possible
  7. You make fair points I agree. There is actually a thread somewhere to make suggestions on how you feel the forum can be improved.. this thread has become more a slagging match. No one actually offering solutions. You’ve made one of the first rational suggestions of what needs to be done today
  8. I believe I am being neutral. A lot of the issues are from before my time. The others are being discussed in pm’s. I’ve always treated fairly Imo for example in Q potus thread for an example.. admitted I didn’t know emough about the subject to mod fairly in first instance. Suggested a compromise which seem ok with you guys.
  9. It’s not about that. These are rules that admin have put in place. Not me or other mods.
  10. Letting things go on hasn’t exactly worked out well.
  11. It’s not my rules mate
  12. A reminder Discussing moderation on the forum While we appreciate that everyone has an opinion, moderation issues may NOT be the topic of thread discussions, no matter how strongly you feel about what may or may not have happened to yourself or another poster. Very often other members are not aware of situations that have transpired if threads and posts have had to be deleted. The Moderation team is NOT at liberty to discuss such matters on the forum threads.
  13. Can I remind everyone that issues can be resolved by messaging a moderator, flagging issues or putting an annoying member on ignore.
  14. Okay. Look at it this way. Some don’t want us to be mods lers say tomorrow we have new mods then people don’t want them. we can always change again each day Ivpersonally don’t care about any of this. Whilst I’m looking at this I’m not moderating anything else.
  15. And maybe you can admit that you did delete shed loads of content. you put a member on permanent mod of content who had done nothing wrong.. you refused to acknowledge the rules we had to follow as mods. Even after Lake bollocked us twice .
  16. I admit I was very rude to you. That’s the only rule I broke. My errors in moderation at first were down to lack of experience like all of us
  17. The posts were hidden as you full well know because it was a petty slagging match between you and Macnamara. It was derailing an attempt by other members to discuss tgecproblem
  18. Enough Everyone. All this petty bullshit is destroying the Forum. One party constantly stirring up the other. And on and on we go. You all know full well that in a normal thread this would have been stopped ages ago. The Moderation is no different in a general sense than it has ever been. This needs to end
  19. At the moment everybody is as bad as each other. Currently it seems no one wants any rules etc Tgecwhole discourse on here is not exactly pleasant.
  20. And you agreed to back off and let things calm down yet here we are again
  21. It’s just ego. Not comprised as far as I’m aware
  22. I’ve just spoken to Jed. And you know I’m listening to you as well as was abundantly clear in the chat I had with you earlie on pms as well
  23. Just checked and I can confirm Grumpy is correct.
  24. I think youve got the wrong idea here totally. I have no preference in members never have had. except maybe Enigmatic world who’s new tech thread I particularly like. You said to end free,as on scum earlier “unless you know the full story from both sides why comment.” Yet you’ve done exactly that
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