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  1. 6 hours ago, alexa said:


    And also on a clear night you can witness the stars moving in the firmament.

    You can’t though, can you. Learn some trigonometry and basic precession. Precession is easily observable and recordable, It will not work in a firmament, unless of course the firmament is billions of light years in size and ever expanding.

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  2. 2 hours ago, Mr H said:

    Looking in newspapers sounds like climate change has caused Europe to get hot.


    Or could it be that it's summer..


    Seeing it's hot in Sicily in July well fk me!



    I remember my friend Vito showing me a film he made, frying an egg on the bonnet of a Car. It was 47c then plus temp increase of the metallic surface. After like all normal Sicilians he went in the sea.

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  3. 6 hours ago, RobinJ said:

    Yes that was on the solstice. Watch out for the 8th August - 8.8.23.That's what's called a "Lionsgate portal" - very big event astrologicaly, and very rare. Numerologically significant too.

    Since I had all the spiritual stuff happen to me I am much more aware of frequency changes.

    There is also a lot of sun spot action and CMEs. Big changes afoot.

    I have filters to view the sun for my telescope. I’m certainly no expert in what I observe but sometimes there is a really clear difference in activity


  4. 5 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    there is now so much good content out there in the independent media that i can't keep up with a lot of it even from people i like and respect. I make sure to keep room for book reading as well as the online articles i read everyday. Music or silence while i work

    I’ve started listening to classical music at night. Always liked it but it really seems to relax my mind. Great for those restless nights where reading or other media is too much.

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  5. 22 minutes ago, Macnamara said:

    The technocrats want us to believe in a climate crisis as this is the excuse they are using to bring in a technocratic system

    Listening to Black Genesis by Robert Bauval today whilst working. He discusses the period i Europe when we underwent a mini ice age as a result of the Tambora eruption. Thames freezing over for two months at a time.

    Whilst you are surely aware of this, it is good to bring up the most important point Imo of this mini ice age. A mini ice age presumes a warmer period before snd a return to the norm afterwards.




    This is more relevant as Tambora was much more recent.



  6. 30 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    you've already been through your insatiable video consuming faze......but for anyone else out there who is new to this info it will give them plenty to chew on

    Agreed. I tend to do my watching in the small hours without sleep. Audiobooks whilst working. If I read late at night, I have forgotten most of it by morning! A lot of videos here I have to flick through because of time constraints.

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  7. 23 minutes ago, pi3141 said:


    For that to be true, the conspiracy would have to be fantastical - that there are 100's of engineers manning fake stations, mine included, without figuring it out, and a whole subset of secret engineers, working in secret locations to supply us the signals, and nobody ever blowing the whistle. 


    The Secret engineers would have to be recruited from school and sent to a university where they are taught the real physics while the rest of us go to other universities to be taught the fake science.


    Teachers and lecturers would be in on it and of course all the MP's and education bodies.


    it would require society to be operating with us normals believing a fantasy and millions of people working for 'them' to maintain a total fantasy, teachers lecturers business men all in on it. In the office some normal pretending to be working on something and believing he really is and being paid for it, when all along what he does is worthless because the secret people do the real work in a secret office in a basement somewhere and put the results on the normals computer to make him believe he did the work!


    Alexa, if you believe all that rather than the simple truth that satellites exist - well I don't know how to respond. 


    I am someone doing it daily for a job and I can tell you, I know where those signals come from, for it to be any other way, I would have to accept that reality is not real.


    But secret equipment would not explain how we get a signal out of a satellite dish - I can measure the signal at the LNB on the dish itself and if we couldn't, we would soon work out something was going on - we're not idiots.


    I'm sorry Alexa, satellites are real, there is a grand conspiracy, but it is not to the level you believe.


    Universities, institutions and large technical facilities are all fake with people doing stuff without knowing what their doing is fake cos someone else is secretly doing it instead is just unbelievable. 



    I think you’re absolutely right to say that the level of deception would be enormous. Would be hard to keep under wraps.

    That said, and I appreciate it was a very different era, the Manhattan project involved thousands and was kept under wraps. I understand though that it was probably easier to keep things hidden by small jobs being done. Not knowing what the whole of the project was.

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  8. 18 minutes ago, pi3141 said:


    Yeah, not much going on down there now - when I heard about the place it was my dream job. Get out of London, live and work in the countryside doing a technical job, no rush hour - heaven .


    I think k it's mainly just a visitor centre now with maybe a few bits going on.


    I think its demise was down to transatlantic fibres. I think (bit before my time) it was the main Teleport/Earth station for American traffic.

    I’m not sure if it’s open to the public at the moment. Last I looked it was being used by s new group. I’ll check the site out later.

  9. 28 minutes ago, Macnamara said:

    RFK Jr. Blows the Lid Off Operation Mockingbird and How the CIA Manipulates American News Media

    July 9, 2023

    The CIA and Deep State rule America with an Iron Fist, that they keep hidden behind total media control. Super-Thread on their Mockingbird program

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: “The United States funds journalism in almost every country in the world. It owns newspapers. It has journalists, thousands of journalists on its payroll. They’re not supposed to be doing that in the United States. But in 2016, President Obama changed the law to make it legal now for the CIA to propagandize Americans. We can’t look at the Ukraine war and how the narrative has been formed in the minds of Americans and say that the CIA had nothing to do with that.”

    Operation Mockingbird is a CIA program initiated in the early years of the Cold War, aimed at influencing the international and domestic media. This covert project, revealed to the public through declassified documents and investigative reporting, shows a darker side to the battle for ideological supremacy between the U.S. and Soviet Union, played out in newspapers, radio, and television broadcasts worldwide.

    The inception of Operation Mockingbird can be traced back to the post-World War II period, when the Cold War began. Fear of Soviet influence and communism was rampant in the United States, leading to a surge of intelligence operations. Frank Wisner, a prominent figure in the Office of Strategic Services, predecessor of the CIA, was selected to spearhead this propaganda program.  Continued below the video

    Operation Mockingbird reportedly originally included about 25 media organizations and 400 journalists. These journalists were covertly paid by the CIA and acted under its guidance, producing content that propagated U.S. propaganda, skewed international perception, and manipulated public opinion in favor of U.S. policies. The list spanned from renowned journalists to student interns, embedded within influential newspapers, magazines, television networks, and radio stations, both domestically and internationally.

    Operation mockingbird pic.twitter.com/hcuTUBfqZG

    — Johnnie o (@Johnnieo88) June 30, 2023


    The CIA’s media manipulation went beyond just spreading propaganda. It included direct information warfare, such as publishing fake stories, silencing critical voices, suppressing unfavorable news, and even running a full-fledged media campaign to overthrow foreign governments. Perhaps the most glaring example of such manipulation was in the overthrow of Iran’s Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh in 1953, where CIA-funded media outlets ran a series of negative stories to destabilize his government.

    The existence of Operation Mockingbird was fully revealed during the Church Committee investigations in the mid-1970s, causing public outrage. The Church Committee was a U.S. Senate Select Committee tasked with investigating the abuses of the CIA, NSA, FBI, and IRS. Its reports showed how the CIA had, for decades, used media outlets to manipulate public opinion and infringe on the free press.

    Shout out to @TuckerCarlson & @rustyrockets for having the bravery to do this interview & challenging the Mockingbird Media's polarizing propaganda!
    Here's a short clip where I respond to the things Tucker said about me & my case.
    Plus, why I agree & disagree with his perspective pic.twitter.com/gSuJZXVUUm

    — Jake Angeli-Chansley (@AmericaShaman) July 8, 2023


    In response to these revelations, the then CIA Director, Deep State George H. W. Bush, announced a new policy in 1976, declaring that the CIA would no longer enter into paid or contractual relationships with full-time or part-time news correspondents accredited by U.S. news service, newspapers, periodicals, radio or television networks or stations.  Rather, they now control various investments and companies and through them pay even more journalists today, showing absolute control over Left and Right media.

    👉Operation Mockingbird: The CIA and the Media👈 pic.twitter.com/bJC8X1um3L

    — El Boss (@melvyn3411) July 8, 2023


    While the CIA officially disavowed such practices, there remains concern among some observers that intelligence agencies continue to wield total control and over media organizations covertly. Given the clandestine nature of such operations, the extent of the truth may never be fully known.  Unless We can get President Trump into office, as he pledges to take down the Deep State. This above all makes him target number one and why informed Americans love him more and more.

    Joe Rogan was talking about mockingbird media🔥🔥🔥 TELL EM JOE pic.twitter.com/DaG1DKicI6

    ✨💫BufFeFe✨🌙 (@RacheleMalone) June 30, 2023


    Great posts here in general mac. I don’t have time to watch all the videos. Have read loads in the past to now what’s being said,

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  10. 23 minutes ago, pete675 said:

    To my mind, the list of symptoms sounds like it could be anything.


    Will millions of the fearful and ignorant be willing to try experimental drugs, on the off chance they have a rare disease? 


    Does all of this sound familiar?


    Is it time for a re-run?


    Will Dr Bill be buying back into Pfizer soon? 

    This time, whether you are willing or not, will be irrelevant. 

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  11. 18 hours ago, pi3141 said:




    Tried looking for a free version but couldn't find one - I'm certainly not paying any money for it.


    Don't know if you know Alexa but I'm currently a Satellite engineer working in an Earth station. As such, satellites orbiting a globe Earth are an every day reality or normality for me.


    If there were really secret fibres connecting everything - I would know. If satellites really were fake - I would know.

    Goonhilly earth station near me is great for short eared owls.


  12. I guess it depends on the honesty of the reports given and the presentation of that information. Undoubtably, somewhere there will be hidden money and interest groups. Groups that have other agendas.


    Im looking forward to some good info here. 

  13. 2 hours ago, Sarahjane said:

    Mainstream media is doing their absolute best to persuade the masses that ZPP power plant is rigged to blow, as is Zelensky. IDK, I'm no military expert but the moment mainstream news pushes an agenda and villain, it's likely time to worry. FF event? Theatre of war. It all just feels off and extremely set up. 

    Was reading Sky news version of events this morning. Their reporter instructed the readers that Russia would try to claim a false flag narrative. The Npc's have their information. Now they need MSM to give them their instructions on how to react.

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  14. Easy method to get help removing old pictures, videos or gifs etc:


    1. Top right of any post you make are three dots

    2. click here and select “report.”

    3. Write the reason for repot as, remove pictures etc, or anything soecific.

    Mods will sort out the report when they see it. You won’t get a reply that it’s done.

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  15. 2 hours ago, Incontinentia_Buttux said:

    Apart from the bottom of the oceans, which are inhospitable anyway and impractical to exploit, i fail to see how the majority of the earth's surface is unexplored.

    Large amounts of the Amazon rainforest are unexplored. Recently satellite imagery has started to find masses of unknown structures. They have only just found markings larger than Nazca.

    8 minutes ago, Incontinentia_Buttux said:

    I think we know why now!


    2 hours ago, Incontinentia_Buttux said:

    Apart from the bottom of the oceans, which are inhospitable anyway and impractical to exploit, i fail to see how the majority of the earth's surface is unexplored.


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  16. 1 hour ago, cinder_darkskys said:

    hi yea question here ; how can i delete imagery from my person image set that is doubled up in order to keep the site cleaner.. a lot people do not scroll back. an imagery that was important then for people to see then. Can be more important for people to see at another time or topic. So i like to clean up my files saved in my personal account file.


    I dont mind if the imagery stay up in the topics as they placed there for a reason


    your friend Skys much love and thank you for any help

    If you want to clean up any old posts of images, the best way is to report the post with a note saying what you want removed. Takes no time at all so not a big job. Plus you may find you need to remove older images if you reach your limit.


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