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  1. Where I am, t depends on the weather. ideally I will be on a beach looking for agates and driftwood.
  2. This is kind of how I understand it. I know its not this simple an answer though. Too much distortion caused by conflicting parties to be the exact truth. So many groups and splinter groups in the Old Testament times.
  3. Bill Coopers, Mystery Babylon goes into this a bit.
  4. https://www.foxnews.com/media/marjorie-taylor-greene-stuns-60-minutes-host-lesley-stahl-pedophiles-attack-democrats-wow
  5. I wasn’t commenting on that.
  6. But they're correct on what they wrote.
  7. MOD NOTE: can we calm down please.
  8. As far as the NHS goes, I think there is good and bad. Same as any vocation. Yes they have to meet targets but some still work with the kindness and dignified treatment patients expect. Also, its easy to say they all lack the moral compass when they still have bills to pay and children to feed. Im not suggesting there are not really bad doctors etc. My Mum was treated like shite. On the other hand, I went to Treliske Hospital the other day. The people who gave me an ultrasound were great. We had a good laugh. The doctor was really happy when I asked to shake his hand. "Finally a normal person" he exclaimed
  9. Yet Musk is one of the main men involved
  10. When I took the dog for a walk Monday night it was full of trails.
  11. I've found if you ask it a leading question you will get the party line. Its sponsored by Bezos, Musk and Gates amongst others. Try asking things which are not in the msm agenda. Try asking it to write a poem that does not contain the bias that you see. Eventually it will listen to your reasoning.
  12. I was ultra lucky. After smoking loads for years, I tried Nicorette gum. It was so disgusting with just one piece it put me off smoking permanently.
  13. He did seem to have a decent soul. Genuine kindness beyond just a pay check.
  14. MOD NOTE: I asked last week to keep things on topic. Just hid shed loads of discussion much better of in other areas. PLEASE post in the right threads. For the odd off topic post I will place it in a more appropriate thread but with loads ots a different matter. NO REPLY NEEDED
  15. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/health/medical/young-women-had-3-5-times-higher-risk-of-death-from-heart-issues-after-astrazeneca-jab/ar-AA198stQ
  16. MOD NOTE: Back on topic please. There are already areas to discuss the last few posts.
  17. I might try identifying as a woman, it might work!
  18. I read "Washington Post," by mistake. Im doing a few things at once and clearly cant multitask!!!
  19. Not trying to second guess Bam. The Vitality project goes into a lot of the Covid scam. Twitter Files: New details on Stanford group's push for censorship on COVID and vaccines | Washington Examiner I don't trust the source, but it does go into the nature of the problem a bit.
  20. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-bristol-64758113 ex conspiracy theorist.
  21. While I understand your frustration, can you think carefully how you present youre posts. Anything suggesting violence is not ok.
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