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  1. Thats crazy. I presummed it would be more common in Scotland in general. I'm a few miles from the Lizard, most southerly point in U.K. Like I said before we've had aurora's a lot this year.
  2. Looking forward to seeing the results!!!
  3. Makes me think of when radio waves return years later. Some are really old so makesme wonder what they bounce off. Not wanting to open that can of worms but this would cast doubt on the flat Earth idea of a firmanent. Unless its vastly more distant than claimed.
  4. I have viewed a "rippling" effect across the moon on a few occassions. There will always be some environmental factors etc but not to the extent I have witnessed.
  5. I use an app to alert me of possible aurora conditions. Between 2011 and 2022 I had maybe one or two amber alerts a year.. These were vastly for Scotland more than in Cornwall. (I'm aware Scotland has loads more activity but my app is showing the extreme possibility of being seen so far south, not the localised Scottish possibilities). In 2023 so far I have had over 30 red alerts with visible aurora near me. Each time the aurora was seen clearly. Not where I am because every night has been cloudy for months.
  6. Guess that means anything they like, when they like then.
  7. Rained endlessly between January and the end of April this year. Council removed hosepipe ban in September. Clear drainage and lack of capacity issues. Not hard to resolve.
  8. Nowadays it's 3 moderators. Admin don't have a lot to do on the Forum.
  9. MOD NOTE; All is good at the moment. Just make sure not to start promoting religion. Mods would have no choice but to close it down. No replies.
  10. It's nice having a non Christian perspective on things. I've read the Quran, or at least some version of it, as i've read most major religiuos texts. Logical if you are going to form opinions about religion.
  11. Welcome! I get through it all by not giving a monkeys. I have a core group who I will die for. People such as members here as well as family. The rest can sleep walk into oblivion.
  12. I always thought I was shite at art but after seeing this crap I will accept that I am a modern day Bernini
  13. O.K. When you do have time can you post the long version? So many members have claimed to have knowledge that is important to then never post that info. As a member, not a mod, it just becomes meaningless. As a mod. If a member makes claims they dont back up in relation to knowing something they end up looking like a troll. Not implying you are though
  14. You asked @pi3141 a while back about what they understood about the Matrix films. Or near enough along those lines. You alluded to having an understanding that is significant. Im interested in this.
  15. MOD NOTE: Can we please debate the topic and stop the personal stuff. NO REPLIES
  16. Closed Mouth reminds me a bit of the Fields of the Nephilm. One of my favourite bands.
  17. My lady reckons it could be to put people off of buying second hand material based goods not controlled by corporations. No more local cash sales of materials etc. Would be a good way in fairness. Especially as most muppets believe everything "Auntie" tells them.
  18. Unfortunately embarassingly true.
  19. I mention this below. If you trust your information sources then you will use them to make certain choices or opinions. Its relevant even now in relation to Ukraine or Israel. Msm articles tend to paint a certain picture by writting in a fiction story format. By the time any information is presented you are already emotionally invested. Hence why so many do as they're told.
  20. Always easier to make people believe that their choices are their own. I can imagine people making "informed" decisions based upon Msm literature or tv. They would consider themselves to be well informed.
  21. Sorry Mac. I type slow. Im a response behind!
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