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  1. Didn’t mean anyone here. Meant in the people I interact with offline.
  2. I find most who claim to be fully awake are really obnoxious. They use it more as a tool to appear better than you in front of others. You know the ones I mean. The ones who spend all their time telling you how best to do things
  3. The worst thing is that the cabal could do it soooo easily
  4. Maybe we’re due an internet shutdown
  5. Was checking out mcafee docs being released. Found this Reddit page that referred to an internet outage in 2016. The theory being that it was to stop a dead man’s switch being activated https://mondo.com/internet-outage-2016/
  6. I think you’re most likely right. Two sides of the same coin!
  7. Read about it in the past. Nice little read for later me thinks. Been a few years
  8. I agree. It would seem in general, if you’re in law enforcement etc, you are a credible witness. You wouldn’t lie
  9. I’m not an expert at all. This is how I’m understanding it so far.
  10. I’m open minded so will try at some stage. And I enjoyed his disclosure book anyway. My issue isn’t so much believing that the ufo thing in some way or another is real. It’s more the messenger. Doesn’t help that the vast majority is focused on the USA. (I’m aware there are 10’s of thousand in other countries). I’ve read a lot and find the lesser know cases more credible.
  11. I’ve read a book of greers a while ago. Tgecproblem for me is no one ever produces any evidence. Just credible witnesses
  12. I don’t know a lot to be honest. So much crap to trawl through. What avenue do you feel most likely if not Q. I’m still learning so a hint to the right path would be great
  13. The difference is that the mechanism has been produced in a completely different way. The Hall effect could not have been done in 2d before. It opens massive possibilities for development. If that’s you’re thing Plus I didn’t coin the term quantum Hall effect.
  14. The way a lot of the Q stuff is presented, it feels more like someone fucking with you for a laugh
  15. I understand this but it’s not the same thing The quantum Hall effect has been the subject of several Nobel prizes and occurs in very thin conducting layers that are essentially 2D in nature
  16. Read what I posted. O know full well it’s the Hall effect. And on physics it’s known as the quantum Hall effect
  17. I’m talking bollocks. I’m in the wrong thread
  18. Sorry O posted so,etching a while a go about this. At the time I was clarifying what consultant or sock was on about. 4d and 5d mean different things depending on whether they’re spatial or quantum
  19. This is about 4d quantum hall effect https://physicsworld.com/a/quantum-hall-effect-in-4d-is-created-in-the-lab/ What I posted before is correct outside of quantum physics. It’s totally and absolutely impossible to see in 4D. We see in 3D and have not evolved eyes for 4D etc
  20. Just finished watching it. Especially with having Musk in it, it makes me think of his neurolink project. Though regardless of that I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of this in the next 10 years or so. The other side of the coin is a hint towards a massive reduction in modern tech available to the average person. To me that doesn’t sound so bad. You should run it past @EnigmaticWorld. Their new tech thread has probably discussed hAlf of this already.
  21. Give me some time. I need to check for certain
  22. I can remember getting a coin, maybe 50p can’t remember, when Charles and Diana got married. Took it down the shop and got loads of sweets and a 2000 AD comic
  23. When you use the terms 3d,4d and 5d, does it have a different meaning to the usual concept of 3d, 4d and 5d. I’m asking because as humans we can only see in 3d in respect to dimensions ( in a standard scientific explanation). Do these terms mean something different in regards to quantum?
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