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  1. I’m looking forward to David’s new book. Really pleased to see an Audio version as well. Great way to listen whilst busy. I think he spent way too many pages talking about his background in the last book though. I do get that someone is always a new reader though.
  2. Even questioning whether God does or doesn’t have responsibility is questionable imo. There is no absolute proof of any higher entity in the way the average human considers there to be. As far as I understand, all humans are born with a moral compass. Inheriting an ability to know right from wrong. Regardless of any third person interaction or indoctrination. Too many justify their actions by using a God or Gods. Is there something which connects us all. Imo absolutely yes. What that is and how it interacts with us is beyond are ability to understand. Yes we can conceptualise a higher power, ( for want if a better way to describe it), but believing we can grasp its intentions, if any, is where we all go wrong. I guess it comes down to whether we believe this higher power has a plan involving us, or if we are treated with the same regard as any other thing in existence. If we then add in the matrix and all the other beliefs members here have, about what is really going on, it multiples the possibilities endlessly. This isn't judging what you wrote. Just musings on the subject.
  3. There are pertinent news articles everyday on Fox News. All discussing the criminality of the Bidens. Many discussing how far ahead in the polls Trump is over Ron Desantis of Florida. Trump was on 53 points and Desantis 19. Every new allegation or charge increases Trumps lead. when I have more time I will post some links, though they are easy to find.
  4. Same crap going in as FE topic.
  5. Great heads up. I was reading about this last week. At the time I knew I wanted to know more about this. Then as usual, I completely forgot.
  6. Nice! Would be great if he would do the back catologue as well.
  7. Don’t know either. I’m the same and listen to audiobooks.
  8. Nice to see some debate going on here. Is it not possible that returning here is necessary to change this reality. I am onboard with the ascension, progression etc but consider that reincarnation is not bad if you can break free of the forced reality on Earth. Maybe in its purest form reincarnation is waiting for an incarnation to break the chains. Otherwise the evil that controls will do so forever. Im going on the basis that more are born than escape reincarnation. Imo. This way the powers controlling the Earth will always have a supply of new souls to abuse. It all depends on what awaits in the escaped to reality. In that reality is it possible to influence this one. For good or ill. Does it become irrelevant. Whatever happens, I can’t believe that even if we can transcend, that we should not fight to create a better potential here.
  9. It doesn’t help that at all levels, no critical thinking is being taught. My daughter will spend the last year of secondary school doing only revision. No new teaching. Just reinforcing the indoctrination.
  10. Wild fires are natures revitalising method. Aborigines in Australia carry out controlled fire to spur new growth. I’m sure you know this already!
  11. If potential is all that is and ever will be, the majority of humans on Earth prefer a potential where evil men hold sway. Anon.
  12. We are barely able to understand the basics of quantum physics. Though in our arrogance we claim to understand the will of God. Or that he exists. Me.
  13. I heard a lot about what went on from a friend who was in what is now Croatia. The un sanitised version. He always insisted that KFOR was on its own side.
  14. Have you got a link to the discussion? Not much use without it.
  15. I imagine, but don’t know, that somewhere in their research they liaise with government departments. At the very least with attempts to gain freedom of information documents. They probably have to toe a fine line so as not to upset them.
  16. Agreed. It’s off putting when a potential interesting site is badly presented. I don’t need bells and whistles but easy to the eye helps a lot.
  17. I’m open to any possibilities whatever the situation that arises in our perceived reality. What ever way we view our existence there is an unfathomable amount we don’t understand. Ultimately it’s all potential. Frequencies are a major part of our reality without a doubt. @lake made a great topic about this.
  18. This will sound daft. I observe the moon a lot compared to other solar objects. Mainly because there’s a lot to look at compared to deep sky objects. Plus it a lot cheaper on accessories. Over time it appears that I can see more at the edges of the moon. The areas where it fades to black. Now I know that is reasonable allowing for atmospheric conditions amongst other things. I feel it look like the curvature of the moon becoming more prominent. It could also be in relation to distances etc.
  19. Plus movement of planets and stars and every other observable object in the night sky.
  20. You can’t though, can you. Learn some trigonometry and basic precession. Precession is easily observable and recordable, It will not work in a firmament, unless of course the firmament is billions of light years in size and ever expanding.
  21. I remember my friend Vito showing me a film he made, frying an egg on the bonnet of a Car. It was 47c then plus temp increase of the metallic surface. After like all normal Sicilians he went in the sea.
  22. I have filters to view the sun for my telescope. I’m certainly no expert in what I observe but sometimes there is a really clear difference in activity
  23. Some good folk music in Cornwall. Must be the Celtic roots.
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