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  1. My part of Cornwall incest has got to be above 90%. its probably fairly accurate in reality
  2. I agree its a big bullshit the whole thing. Ridiculous amounts of evidence to show this. The only people who think that the official narrative is true are idiots or were in on it
  3. Its dead because I was busy having my 0898 call with her Maj
  4. I haven't personally. Other members might not have read your topic. Don't give up hope of a response
  5. PM Ethel. If she agrees I’ll do it
  6. What helps this film work is the fact that you expect Rik to do something ridiculous and quite probably vulgar. Being so far out of character the words seem to take on a power and gravity. His tone also makes you sit up and listen Imo
  7. It could well be. I have often mulled over this. Ultimately our unseen and seen masters already own and control everything. They can give or take away on a whim. They decide who lives or dies. It all seems a lot of effort to do what they are already mostly doing. Physics is changing rapidly, at least what they tell us about. The likelihood is that there are far greater discoveries kept from us. Scientists are playing with the fabric of reality itself now. If they could somehow manipulate that fabric they could literally create man in their own image.
  8. MOD NOTE: Whatever your opinions on the whole Q and POTUS thing it would be nice to remain polite. Its only recently that the tone on this topic has changed. Lets go back to how it was NO REPLY NEEDED
  9. Don’t worry everyone. Scientists have found out why there are so many heart problems related to covid https://news.sky.com/story/scientists-identify-how-the-coronavirus-spike-protein-causes-heart-damage-12658815 Just remember, everything will be explained away and justified. No amount of praying, or otherwise, is going to change this. Everything is going according to plan imo.
  10. When you consider an idea of an ideal diet obviously there are divisions over what a diet should constitute. Regardless all would need the right vitamins, minerals and essentials. Its also quite clear when you go into a standard type shop of any size that the vast majority of products are unhealthy. Not things we need but want. Now if we genuinely need to reduce food consumption the logical first step would be to make all of these non essentials illegal. It would clearly have a massive impact for the better on a massive proportion of society's health. Then you get rid of an enormous amount crappy packaging and unnecessary manufacturing. In theory helping so called climate change. This is my argument with so called climate activist, dieticians etc. If the doom was rea the stuff would be gone. All it is, is a way to get you addicted so you buy more crap and need more medicine. Preaching to the choir Im sure
  11. So someone one the phone can diagnose you properly? At my Doctors there just Gestapo. Didnt realise they were interested at all. Only to tell you to call back.
  12. Ill go veggie first. I need to lose a bit of wait.
  13. Im not well off at all. A month without income and id be in the food bank queue as well. Most of the things I've done to prep have cost me nothing other than little bits and pieces. I go through all the skips etc to find bits to help. I built a 8ft x8ft greenhouse out of waste upvc windows i got from a skip. Cost me a new drill bit and a box of screws. If I come across as arrogant when Im talking about prepping its not my intention. I've been doing it so long I don't know any other way.
  14. I had a chest freezer for a while. I sold it about a year ago for this very reason. They would only need the power down for 2-3 days and everything I done would be for nothing. Since the all my prepping has been based on having no grid based electricity or gas
  15. This wouldn't surprise me at all!
  16. Im glad you pointed out that I had indeed been correct in view that I was definitely looking at chemtrails in my photos. whilst they appeared obvious, and I don't consider myself totally stupid, the skies where I live are constantly changing. We get virtually every type of cloud. There has been a huge increase in military activity over the last two years. Probably about the time lockdowns arrived. Maybe I was available more to notice them so may not be true. Since these crazy trails the other day the weather has completely changed. Its quite common where I am to go from one extreme to the other. We get a lot of what I call "dead" days. Days where the sky is blanket grey. No hint of sun. An issue I really hate in Cornwall is the standardized comment that its because "we live on a peninsula." Nasa scientists predicted the weather perfectly for Voyager fly by photos yet we cant get the weather right in our own backyard.
  17. MOD NOTE: Never could of imagined this would be a controversial topic! Regardless can we keep our replies as pleasant as possible. NO REPLY NEEDED
  18. After the thunderstorm a few days ago its practically Autumn
  19. I suppose its good forward planning really. As they want to reduce population they wont need so much food.
  20. MOD NOTE: Whilst I appreciate that a lot of topics on the Forum overlap somewhat can we consider if our posts would be more appropriate on a different topic. Thank you NO REPLIES NEEDED
  21. The BBC are the most obnoxious gits I can think.
  22. I agree. We have been conditioned to believe that an invasion from off planet would unite humanity. For me this is bs. Some divisions will remain until the world ends. As for good guys taking the cabal down. Nothing appears to be happening. Seems it could be a way of placating potential dissenters from taking action. Someone is doing it so I don’t need to etc.
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