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  1. 1 hour ago, bamboozooka said:

    benjamin fulford mentioning a 3 day blackout


    The next phase of the plan, called Project Zyphir is scheduled for 2024 and 2025. It is the extermination. Goldberg says they are going to tag people for anti-semitic speech, charge them with crimes and eliminate them completely…What they are talking about now is power outages followed by a purge. They are going to come to you in a military vehicle and place you in a camp. It is a very, very big operation that they are planning. They will do it under the cover of night during one of these brown blackouts. They have a three-day blackout, they have a nationwide blackout that lasts two days and a lot of localized blackouts. They are going to blame it on Iran. They are planning this next year and the year after. They are not done tracking and identifying everyone.

    Any links?

  2. MOD NOTE: Really sad news. For those who don't already know. David does not look at the Forum so he will not see any posts intended for him.

    I fully understand that we will be pissed off that news articles will most likely take the chance to stick the knife into David and his family. Maybe, out of respect for the Ickes we could not post anything from other sources. Gareth will eventually be around again and i'm sure this topic will catch his eye. It's possible that he could end up reading stuff published by the media that he would rather not see.


    i hope you all appreciate what I am proposing, even if it seems a bit over the top.



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  3. 15 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    i doubt it was that many


    a figure bandied around in the truth arena is 18 million unjabbed out of a population which is probably around the 70 million mark if we include the hidden, illegal migrants in the black economy. So even if we go with that number.....and to be honest i would well believe it if it was less than that as i have barely met anyone unjabbed that is still not 1 in 3

    Can't prove it but I believe it will be a single figure percentage of unvaccinated. As yourself, I have met virtually no one outside my immediat family who are unvaccinated.

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  4. 45 minutes ago, Origin said:

    Birds are often used as explanations. What if you see swarms of birds that are moving hundreds of metres within a second and that radiate like the sun at night? I have seen moving wings that were transparent in an impossible mathematical construct. And that's nothing at all. It imitates everything you can imagine. And especially the things you have never seen before in your entire lifespan. But to remain neutral it may be a mistake, it's been too long. It was on a couple of channels, and not so destroyed. Experiencer may perceive certain things differently than others..And I know that..

    Yeah I hear you. I don't claim to be correct. It is also possible that family associated what they saw with the brains most acceptable solution in trying to make sense of it.  I also acknowledge through personal experience and an understanding that humans know virtually nothing. That there are uncountable truths beyond our understanding. Spending far too much time, through health, awake through many, many nights I muse on these things. As always musings lead to more questions.


    51 minutes ago, Origin said:

    Birds are often used as explanations.

    I guess it is the easy way out.

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  5. 2 minutes ago, Origin said:

    Unfortunately, the original is not available. I haven't seen it for years. Most of it has been cut including the top and bottom and enlarged. Videos that are too strange don't last long. That's why you have to download the most important ones immediately. And guess how terrible it was for the little girl..





    The top video, if it's the same one, is a starling murmuration. Family in Montelepre near Palermo sent us a film at the time (if correct) as my Lady is a bird lover. Like I said maybe a different video. I do remember this one at around the same time. Shame the film quality is low.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Talorgan said:

    Yes I find  council tax is high ,I think Eire, Ireland ,it  is  much less  ,but probably other considerations but l really should go self sufficiency ie more land 



    The initial effort and time can be overwhelming. I found by forward planning and anticipation of the sorts of difficulties that arise it is genuinely possible to make it a pleasant experience. After a period of time a lot of things take care of themselves or involve very little time. For me it's a bit like going camping. When you first go you take loads of things you think you will need. After a few trips you have got it down to only what you need.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Talorgan said:

    Well  that's ok ,off grid is the answer really anyway  some where left alone ,if that is still possible eventually bit like outside the system .Back in physical world grounded in earth .





    I'm doing quite well. The biggest issue is the constant need for more money to pay their mandatory bills. I would love to be completely independent from the U.K.

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  8. 2 hours ago, Origin said:

    I completely failed to understand the question. But then the answer would be no. It's about interdimensional, the Spanish speaking world always associates it with the supernatural and legends. The Asian region associates everything with their legends and imaginary worlds. You are welcome to delete my previous post.

    Thank you. I am fluent in Italian so some Spanish is similar. Haven't got time to translate myself.

  9. 1 minute ago, Macnamara said:


    i think we all have a choice over whether we want to make this reality a heaven or a hell


    for as long as we refuse to speak truth and then act on it to ensure justice, then we will continue to slide into hell. Hell is the price paid for cowardice and ignorance

    True. We can only effect this reality by our actions or inactions. I'm to content in my little bubble. Not needing anyone outside of my family, except on rare occassions, makes it too easy to sit and procrastinate.

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  10. 1 hour ago, Origin said:

    I will never answer that question. What is the probability that Colonel Jack O'Neill (Stargate) can connect to the Nox? At their evolutionary level. It has been determined by humans that there can be no anomalies among humans. This refers to the totality of all human experience since the beginning. Because then it can no longer be a normal human being, something else would be present in it. Two. So the answer is no.


    To distract from this, I recommend studying this video. In it, all the major questions about what human existence is have been answered. It is more sophisticated than the entire written word of man.



    All I was asking was if you could translate the voicew over.

  11. 4 hours ago, Origin said:

    Source pattern is a kind of language. The first humans did not need language to be able to grasp them directly. It could be that there is something in people that is able to understand these patterns and also place them in context. Arrival 2016 echoes it. The pattern always start very simple and this is repeated until it is successfully mirrored. At first you don't understand what you see. When you are directly exposed to these patterns, it breaks this absurd programming that humans have been forced into. Letters or sounds, human explanations lose their meaning. You also lose the illusion that it was you who did it. You grasp more and more complex designs. You begin to glimpse something tremendous and of great consequence. The human system tells everyone how uncapable we are. In that case, so be it. I can't tell you because I just don't know anything, I mean the human spectrum, and that is limited in time..

    So you can't translate then?

  12. 2 hours ago, Origin said:

    Do you want to know a little secret about how Source influences human development? In their dreams. Also in other ways. Scientists discover something, authors have fantastic inspirations. The list is endless. It has always done that. Elves became angels and dragons were transformed into UFOs. Legends are constantly being adapted. 

    Tell me what you see. You will immediately associate it with human legends. But in reality there is nothing inside you that can translate it. The context exceed the currently known..



    @Origin. Hi. Was wondering if you can translate. Interested to know what they're saying.

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  13. 2 hours ago, pi3141 said:



    Well I would really like to see evidence of this. I don't expect you to name them but at if we could read the process by which they successfully argued the Freeman case and what the exact judgement from the courts that has allowed them to keep their children unregistered.


    You see, from my own experience, you register the names of your children in a Family Bible, like the travellers are supposed to do. The fine for non registering of children back then was £1


    So I figured I would go to court, refuse to provide the names, get fined £1, case close. Contract fulfilled, no more obligation. 


    Except it don't work that way.


    The court will simply instate a member of the local council as a guardian, they will enter a name and the process goes ahead.


    But you don't get your £1 refunded.


    If someone has been able to keep their children off the register then I would suggest that somehow they have slipped through the cracks and are getting away with it and almost certainly will have to be home schooled unless, again, the school has failed to follow up and they've slipped through the system.


    But when the child seeks a Passport or other official documentation, they will be rejected and then they will face the choice of living with their parents for the rest of their lives, not working, having no access to health care and never being able to leave the country and of course, not be entitled to benefits and a state pension. 


    If they're happy to live like that then sure they may get away with it.


    Bit if your claiming there is a legal process by which you can extricate your children from the system but they still have full rights to education, health services, state benefits and a driving licence. Then I would like to see proof of that, and all I mean by that is an explanation of the process they went through to achieve it.

    I don't think it can legally be done, I would love to be proved wrong.


    I just checked Menard's Freeman channel on youtube, doesn't seem to be an update from 7 years ago.


    If you read the reports about Menard you will find he tried to argue the Freeman case for custody of his own child and you will see he lost the case. Although that wasn't registering the child it was a custody battle but none the less, the leader of the Freeman movement was unsuccessful in arguing his own cases.


    As were other leaders of that movement when they finally was challenged in court.


    So if Rob Menard was unable to successfully achieve this, I would really be interested in how someone else has.


    They've obviously figured out the truth, where many before them have failed. Including myself.


    (Edit: Sorry, may be mistaken, I can't find reference to Menards Custody case but one by a Meads)


    In 2012, Dennis Larry Meads of Edmonton, Alberta, used freeman on the land arguments during his divorce and matrimonial property case, notably demanding that his spousal and child support obligations be paid by using the money from his "strawman"'s purported secret bank account. In his court decision Meads v. Meads, Alberta Court of Queen's Bench Associate Chief Justice John D. Rooke coined the phrase "Organised Pseudolegal Commercial Arguments" to describe the techniques and arguments used by freemen in court, describing them as frivolous and vexatious:[54][55][20]


    In refuting each of the arguments used by Meads, Rooke concluded that "a decade of reported cases, many of which he refers to in his ruling, have failed to prove a single concept advanced by OPCA litigants".[56]


    Dennis Larry Meads eventually abandoned pseudolegal strategies and retained counsel for a time. Even though the divorce was only finalized in 2017, he continued the rest of the litigation in an orderly fashion.[9]


    Edit 2


    Robert Menard
    But the most bizarre example of OPCA strategies in the Canadian experience of family law turns out to be founder and principle guru of the Freeman-on-the-Land community itself – Robert-Arthur: Menard. 

Menard, back in the early 2000’s, was the one who collected a number of pre-existing OPCA ideas and combined those to create the characteristic Freeman-on-the-Land concept set: that everything is a contract, you are only controlled by the government through a ‘strawman’ legal entity attached to you, and that you can unilaterally ‘contract out’ of that strawman bond.


    But that wasn’t his first obsession. It was his daughter. Menard claims to have a daughter he fathered with a underage street child he met in a bar. The newborn daughter, Elizabeth Anne Elaine, was then ‘abducted’ by child welfare services. Menard’s initial obsession was an idea that a parent signing a birth certificate turns a child into the government’s property. Here, the mother of his child did that, and that’s why Menard believes he could not keep his child.


    Rather than provide more detail, I’d suggest those interested read Menard’s book on the subject “Your Child Or Her Life! DECEPTION AND EVIL IN THE Ministry of Children, Family and Community Development”, by Robert Arthur: – www.angelfire.com/planet/thinkfree/childorlife.pdf

    It’s pretty extraordinary.


    Menard entered into a relationship with a much younger individual, probably a very troubled person. A child resulted. The mother appears to have voluntarily given up the child for adoption. So, Menard faces a challenge:

1. the nature of his relationship with the mother;

2. his inability to parent, his absence of any useful work or life skills, probable drug use and addictions, and lack of finances;

3. the fact the mother of his child wants him no-where near the kid, and probably herself; and

4. his genuine emotion and bond to his child and his wish to be a parent.



    Honestly, I don't know what process they went through to achieve their end goal. Never really asked much about it. As I had already registered my children there seemed little point as it was too late. I don't go out much but if I bump into them I will endeavor to find out more.

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  14. 1 hour ago, Origin said:


    If you are interested, you need to study everything from Crrow777. All videos what he understands as Moon UFO's and as Moon Wave (Hologram) Footage. He was one of those who had to detect it. There were others. He has no 'answers' because it was never his responsibility to solve it. It shows a tiny fragment of a significantly larger phenomenon that will ultimately include the entire existence of reality. There are countless other anomalies that others record. It is testimony to a remarkable level of sophistication. I can say that you are dealing with an incredibly design that is timeless, and in the process you will realise it for what it is. Do you know what true greatness is?






    Thanks @Origin. Good morning material!

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  15. 6 minutes ago, Campion said:


    My take on it is that there are either alien &/or transdimensional beings which look a bit like reptiles, or that's the nearest thing which ancient humans had as a reference in their experience. They're also described as demons, so perhaps the real creatures are somewhere inbetween the two. 

    Another theory from Ancient Aliens is that the aliens would be travelling in some kind of space suit which is what may give the reptilian appearance. 

    It's definately compelling. When you consider so many of these peoples had no contact other. That or the memories are before the great human migrations. Or imprinted in our collective consciousness. I also appreciate that there are an awful lot more "or options."

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  16. 1 hour ago, Grumpy Grapes said:


    1) the lack of any solid evidence. 

    2) It's being used to discredit conspiracy theories. 

    3) I believe serpent/reptile symbolism is more cryptic and abstract than the more literal interpretation. Serpents represent the inanimate physical/karmic forces of nature,IMO.

    I think the Serpent is considered more relevant because it appears in a very large proportion of creation myths. I won't question that it is used to discredit though.

    As far as evidence goes there is no physical evidence that has been produced as far as I am aware.

  17. On 11/3/2023 at 10:14 AM, Mr H said:

    Jesus is a real historical person..

    There are records available that show Jesus as a real person. That is not to say the biblical version of Jesus. Just the man. They used to be available in the Vatican upon request but if i am to understand correctly permission is no longer given.

    Personally, just because I may be able to read a record of said existence does not mean the record is not falsified or manipilted in some form or another.

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  18. 25 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:

    i'm in a village with a lot of old people.

    every day an ambulance with lights flashing drives by

    I'm near a village with a lot of miserable and unpleasant old people.

    Unfortunately I rarely see lights flashing near by.

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  19. 23 hours ago, pi3141 said:


    Oh, so I could state the most vile ideology designed to incite hatred and violence, and it should be allowed to go unchecked or challenged because I have the right to post anything I want without criticism?


    Is that how these Public Forums work? Anyone can post anything and we should leave them to it and allow anyone reading to make up their own minds without reference to debate?


    I don't know, maybe the purpose of these forums have changed but I thought they were designed to spread and debate information.


    You Christians don't like debating your religion much though, your like the Muslims, no room for discussion on your beliefs, and yes, not all religious people believe the same things, so there are different denominations in both systems, but still, the fact that they are all religious makes them better people than everyone else.


    Doesn't it?




    Fear and Division.


    'The Satanic System' exposed.


    Wake up Maximus, your an agent of Satan.


    Mod note: On this particular Forum, which is not a free speach forum, members cannot get away with posting anything they choose. That goes for yourself and @Maximus2403 as well as all other members. 

    We all have to follow forum rules and guidelines no matter how strongly we may diagree with them. These are rules endorsed by Admin etc.

  20. On 11/26/2023 at 12:57 AM, pi3141 said:


    That was 13 years ago, so if this Freeman stuff is so successful there must be quite a number of 'Free" children around by now.


    Does ANYBODY no of ANYONE who has successfully not registered a birth?


    I think I know the answer.


    Do you still believe this stuff then Mac?



    I actually do. Though obviously I can't name them. They have 3 children. None of who have a birth certificate. Ages between 3 and 14.

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