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  1. 6 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    i think its an age old catch 22:


    if one person makes a stand they get squashed by the weight of the leviathan. To counter the strength of the leviathan you need lots of people to make a stand at the same time


    But the people are not coordinated and are afraid to make a stand in case no one else does and they are left exposed.....

    Sums it up. I remember on many occassions thinking about random stuff. I often wandered if it was just me thinking this way and how nice it was when someone else talked of similar thoughts.

    I think the one paycheck away from homelessness plays a big part as well. So many have, in their minds, so much to lose. To big a risk.

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  2. 9 minutes ago, Macnamara said:

    Pfizer to Cash In on Cardiovascular Treatments as Heart Attack Deaths Skyrocket

    Frank Bergman
    August 3, 2023

    Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is set to cash in on new cardiovascular treatments as heart failure cases and related deaths skyrocket around the world.

    Pfizer is now expanding into medications for heart inflammation by gaining dominant control of the cardiovascular treatments market.

    The company has completed its purchase of Arena Pharmaceuticals for $6.7 billion.

    Arena Pharma is a market leader in creating drugs to treat immuno-inflammatory diseases which are often caused by vaccine injuries.

    Aamir Malik, Pfizer’s chief business innovation officer, celebrated the news in a statement about the acquisition.

    “We believe this transaction represents the best next step for both patients and shareholders,” Malik said.

    The move is great news for Pfizer’s shareholders as investors will cash in on the vascular clotting cases that have been soaring in the past couple of years.

    Conveniently, immuno-inflammatory diseases are side effects of Pfizer’s Covid jabs.

    The company can capitalize on the treatment of those compounded health issues created in the vascular systems of millions of people around the world.

    A medication called Etrasimod, which treats inflammatory conditions, is at the epicenter of Pfizer’s acquisition of Arena Pharmaceuticals.

    A side effect of Pfizer’s Covid shot is spike protein syndrome, which causes chronic inflammation.

    Another of the company’s products is called Temanogrel, a drug used for treating microvascular obstruction.

    Microvascular obstruction is one of the main issues caused by the Pfizer shots as it causes myocarditis.

    Cases of myocarditis, a potentially fatal inflammation of the heart muscle, have soared all across the world since the rollout of the mRNA Covid shots.

    Myocarditis is listed by the CDC as a known side effect of the jabs.

    Again, it’s the epitome of the problem-reaction-solution business model.

    Temanogrel, also known as APD791, is used for the treatment of arterial thrombosis.


    Problem, reaction, solution big Pharma style

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  3. 3 hours ago, Macnamara said:


    if someone steps off a cliff they will fall and die. That's a natural law etched into the design of this place


    so now we have established that there are laws that govern this reality we can then contemplate if some human actions produce a negative result whilst others produce a positive result


    if we accept that some actions lead to good outcomes and some lead to bad outcomes then we can consider the behaviours of ourselves and others and whether or not those behaviours are having a positive or negative outcome


    if we look at it through the conspiracy lens we can even ask ourselves if people with malevolent designs are deliberately pushing certain behaviours that they know will have a negative outcome


    If it were not possible to impact people positively or negatively then why would books like machiavelli's 'the prince' or san shu's 'art of war' or saul alinsky's 'rules for radicals' continue to influence people?


    Clearly some people have sought to make these things into a science and art and once we realise that we can acknowledge that psychopaths can use such knowledge for their own gains and consider if their gains are actually in our best interests

    This is what i meant by the moral compass. If there is a God, in the Biblical sense and we have free will, then many people clearly see taking advantage of others as a good outcome. So many with bad intentions have contribted to creating a world where the innocent and uninterested are forced to suffer under their designs. There is so much good content on the forum and elsewhere discussing this but most dont seem to care.

    Most are only interested in themselves and their immediate gratification or the pursuit of the next. This is why I tend to keep to myself. At minimum, because of my interests, when I go out I tend to only meet like minded people.



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  4. 2 hours ago, Macnamara said:


    how to buffer myself from the retarded decisions of other people is a question that plagues me daily

    I have adopted the logic of a man I met only a few times before he passed. He was in his eightes and had the attitude that he would not waste a single second of his time with idiots. It serves me well.

    The real issue, as you say, is how to defend yourself against the retarded decisions of others. Even though I live a very secluded life it doesnt stop whats going on around me. I know that if the council decided they wanted my land, there would be noting I could do about it. If your a parent it makes it many magnitudes harder, as im sure you are aware.

    My biggest issue is the same old problem. If I were to decide to try and change the system in non violent means. Lobbying or getting elected to some group or another. I think that all those who supported would disappear when the real changes needed to be fought for. Much like when you are with your mates as a kid and when shit hits the fan theyre all halfway up the road.


    I think we are in a very similar position in respect to how to resolve these issues. Living my current lifestyle iswonderful but feels like putting my head in the sand. Added to that is when I have tried to involve others in the pursuit of a better life, they almost certainly look to take advantage of me and my family. Ok, I have obviously chosen badly, but sometimes a persons true nature doesnt appear until they believe they are in a position to take advantage.

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  5. 12 minutes ago, Macnamara said:

    the point is: what is true?

    I took you for a serious researcher of all things on this Forum.

    Now I’m not so sure. Why? 

    Everybody knows that the BBC and tabloid news provide all the truth a good citizen needs! 🤣😂

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  6. 3 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    is it God's fault evil people are doing well?


    or is it peoples fault for not taking responsibility for upholding morality?

    Even questioning whether God does or doesn’t have responsibility is questionable imo. There is no absolute proof of any higher entity in the way the average human considers there to be.

    As far as I understand, all humans are born with a moral compass. Inheriting an ability to know right from wrong. Regardless of any third person interaction or indoctrination. Too many justify their actions by using a God or Gods. 
    Is there something which connects us all. Imo absolutely yes. What that is and how it interacts with us is beyond are ability to understand. Yes we can conceptualise a higher power, ( for want if a better way to describe it), but believing we can grasp its intentions, if any, is where we all go wrong.

    I guess it comes down to whether we believe this higher power has a plan involving us, or if we are treated with the same regard as any other thing in existence. 
    If we then add in the matrix and all the other beliefs members here have, about what is really going on, it multiples the possibilities endlessly.


    This isn't judging what you wrote. Just musings on the subject.

  7. 9 hours ago, TheConsultant said:


    Also note that due to this Trump case going to court a phrase to bare in mind "discovery". Lawyer term.



    Steps in a Trial


    To begin preparing for trial, both sides engage in discovery . This is the formal process of exchanging information between the parties about the witnesses and evidence they ll present at trial.

    Discovery enables the parties to know before the trial begins what evidence may be presented. It s designed to prevent "trial by ambush," where one side doesn t learn of the other side s evidence or witnesses until the trial, when there s no time to obtain answering evidence.

    One of the most common methods of discovery is to take depositions. A deposition is an out-of-court statement given under oath by any person involved in the case. It is to be used at trial or in preparation for trial. It may be in the form of a written transcript, a videotape, or both. In most states, either of the parties may take the deposition of the other party, or of any other witness. Both sides have the right to be present during oral depositions.

    Depositions enable a party to know in advance what a witness will say at the trial. Depositions can also be taken to obtain the testimony of important witnesses who can t appear during the trial. In that case, they re read into evidence at the trial.

    Often a witness's deposition will be taken by the opposing side and used to discredit the witness's testimony at trial if the trial testimony varies from the testimony taken during the deposition. (A lawyer might ask a witness at trial, Are you lying now or were you lying then? )

    Usually depositions consist of an oral examination, followed by cross-examination by the opposing side. In addition to taking depositions, either party may submit written questions, called interrogatories , to the other party and require that they be answered in writing under oath. If one party chooses to use an interrogatory, written questions are sent to the lawyer representing the other side, and that party has a period of time in which to answer.

    Other methods of discovery include

    • subpoenaing or requiring the other side to produce books, records or other documents for inspection (a subpoena is a written order issued by a court compelling a person to testify or produce certain physical evidence such as records);
    • having the other side submit to a physical examination; or
    • asking that a document be submitted for examination to determine if it is genuine.

    Go back and read above post regarding how you get the information they have had since at least 2016 public and legally doing so. 

    There are pertinent news articles everyday on Fox News. All discussing the criminality of the Bidens. Many discussing how far ahead in the polls Trump is over Ron Desantis of Florida. Trump was on 53 points and Desantis 19. Every new allegation or charge increases Trumps lead. 

    when I have more time I will post some links, though they are easy to find.

  8. 1 hour ago, Talorgan said:

    Sacred Soil ; Biochar And Regeneration of Earth 

    By Robert Tindall ,

    Frederique Apefel -Marglin and David Shearer.

    North Atlantic Books ,2017

    V Interesting book having read Robert Tindall 's previous book


     " Biochar ( or Yana Allpa,black earth). /terra preta agriculture is especially vital in this region (Amazon) because capable of transforming degraded and totally infertile lands as quickly as in one season"



    So even syncretistic new / old paradigm shift locally but globally ! 




    Great heads up. I was reading about this last week. At the time I knew I wanted to know more about this. Then as usual, I completely forgot.

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  9. 11 hours ago, KnightOfSwords said:

    Will David be recording "the Dream" as an audio book too?  Being on Audible is the only way that I was able to read The Trap.  I simply don't have time to sit and read.  After listening to it, I ended up buying several copies of the actual book to give to family members.


    Thanks in advance for the answer.

    Don’t know either. I’m the same and listen to audiobooks.

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  10. Nice to see some debate going on here.


    Is it not possible that returning here is necessary to change this reality. I am onboard with the ascension, progression etc but consider that reincarnation is not bad if you can break free of the forced reality on Earth. Maybe in its purest form reincarnation is waiting for an incarnation to break the chains. Otherwise the evil that controls will do so forever. 
    Im going on the basis that more are born than escape reincarnation. Imo. This way the powers controlling the Earth will always have a supply of new souls to abuse.

    It all depends on what awaits in the escaped to reality. In that reality is it possible to influence this one. For good or ill. Does it become irrelevant.

    Whatever happens, I can’t believe that even if we can transcend, that we should not fight to create a better potential here. 

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  11. 11 hours ago, Observations said:


    Thanks Bombadil, I know a little bit about that and find it interesting. That's the trouble with these one sided stories, they just don't give people a chance to take an interest and learn something new. I met two Australian ladies at the time of one of the big stories on the fires and I was so pleased when they told me their opinion / experience, which was far too logical 😉 I think that was Dec / Jan 2020. One more voice of reason. 


    Every 'little' voice of reason adds up. 


    I got chatting to a fella in the chippy, and he said early in the conversation; I blame the media.

    It doesn’t help that at all levels, no critical thinking is being taught. My daughter will spend the last year of secondary school doing only revision. No new teaching. Just reinforcing the indoctrination.

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  12. 3 hours ago, Observations said:

    I saw a fire in Rhodes. It was a bit dramatic and exciting, as well as daunting and of course sad because of the damage to the ground, and the sheer time and energy in their dealing with it. Many people helped to put it out, and the locals were mostly not too phased because it's so common. 


    As usual if there is no truth, balance, reassurance or historical / natural context in the news then how are we going to bother listening to them. Not we, but WE 😉 


    The 'terrified' tourists on tv had their camera phones out as they fled 😆 

    The Australian fires during Convid were partly due to the lack of maintenance on the land, but that was part of the start / push of the recent era of fire hysteria linked to the words climate change and climate crisis ... but not climate tax.


    It's all bloody crisis and limited subjects on repeat repeat on the news. 


    A caller on the radio asked is the government deliberately trying to destroy the country?


    Wild fires are natures revitalising method. Aborigines in Australia carry out controlled fire to spur new growth. I’m sure you know this already!


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  13. 1 hour ago, XelNaga said:

    They are all bad, they all play for the same team, and we are the enemy.


    But there is, in my opinion, one huge difference between east and west:


    -East brings harm to their own people, and perhaps a couple of neighbouring countries;


    -West brings harm to their own people and the whole fucking world. There is not a single place on this planet where western boot of evil hasn't stepped on.


    We in Serbia have experienced evil from the west in it's full form and power during the unjust bombing of Serbia, using prohibited weapons (with depleted uranium etc.) and targetting civilian targets (hospitals, schools, kindergartens, news stations etc.).


    They are all evil scumbags, but west is the lair of evil.


    Fuck US, fuck UK, fuck EU!

    I heard a lot about what went on from  a friend who was in what is now Croatia. The un sanitised version. He always insisted that KFOR was on its own side.

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  14. Just now, alexa said:


    The King James Bible is the only Bible that hasn't been messed around with & as for Lucifer/Satan he is the creation of God,

    I make peace, and create evil: Isaiah 45:7


    Lucifer used to be known as the morning star until God kicked him out of heaven.

    How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! Isaiah 14:12


    As for Jesus, he didn't descend to earth, he was born here & ascended to heaven.

    So the King James Bible is Identical to the original texts? 

  15. 4 hours ago, CitizenPower said:

    Notice how when Jones cut off David Icke when he was about to get into who the 95 Corporations are that own Twitter that has now been revealed in a court case?  It was obvious what he was doing and didn't want Icke to go there.  Jones schtick of being crazy, a little confusing/scatter brained and not going very deep, is getting old.  David later talks about how alternative isn't too revealing in most cases and that is concerning.

    Have you got a link to the discussion? Not much use without it.

  16. 5 hours ago, The All Eye said:

    I like the organization overall, but I do acknowledge there have been, and are, some issues, which is expected with any or group.  One thing I don't/kinda understand is their willingness to trust recent government UFO/UAP sightings, information, and whistleblowers.  I understand that they can't just discredit anything without thoroughly investigating, but after decades of lies and disinformation I just can't see the government or anyone associated with it as credible.

    I imagine, but don’t know, that somewhere in their research they liaise with government departments. At the very least with attempts to gain freedom of information documents. They probably have to toe a fine line so as not to upset them.


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  17. 5 hours ago, The All Eye said:

    The N.I.C.A.P. site is still stuck in the 90s and the N.U.F.O.R.C. is still stuck in the early 2000s.  

    Agreed. It’s off putting when a potential interesting site is badly presented. I don’t need bells and whistles but easy to the eye helps a lot.

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  18. 8 hours ago, RobinJ said:

    Well I dint know how you'll feel about this info... but here goes...

    The astrology, "channelers" and plenty of people who have had weird experiences on the spiritual side say that the moon was a hijacked object which, once taken over, changed frequencies here. Now, the moon is returning to its organic self and is mid change right now and will no longer be able to be used as before.

    I myself had a very significant dream about the moon about 2 years ago. I was shown that it will change. 

    Now I am much more sensitive to frequency changes and get symptoms when big stuff is about to occur. I'm going through it right now in fact.

    Based on my past experiences recently, something big is coming and I will more than likely have some kind of dream or premonition soon.

    Yup. Weird shit happens when you wake up to your spiritual side 😂

    I’m open to any possibilities whatever the situation that arises in our perceived reality. What ever way we view our existence there is an unfathomable amount we don’t understand. Ultimately it’s all potential.

    Frequencies are a major part of our reality without a doubt. @lake made a great topic about this. 

  19. 7 hours ago, RobinJ said:

    The moon is also changing... the poles are shifting again. Lots going on.

    This will sound daft. I observe the moon a lot compared to other solar objects. Mainly because there’s a lot to look at compared to deep sky objects. Plus it a lot cheaper on accessories.

    Over time it appears that I can see more at the edges of the moon. The areas where it fades to black. Now I know that is reasonable allowing for atmospheric conditions amongst other things. I feel it look like the curvature of the moon becoming more prominent. It could also be in relation to distances etc.

  20. 1 minute ago, Bombadil said:

    You can’t though, can you. Learn some trigonometry and basic precession. Precession is easily observable and recordable, It will not work in a firmament, unless of course the firmament is billions of light years in size and ever expanding.

    Plus movement of planets and stars and every other observable object in the night sky.

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